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Village idiot running the henhouse … After more than a year of living under illegal edicts issued by rogue governors around the country exercising “temporary powers,” most American citizens seem insistent on still wearing silly submission sacks covering their faces. Mandatory Mao masks used to be emblematic of the Chinese people, not the symbol of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Yes, it was the out of control American media enforcing the use of the anodyne “Covid 19 (TM)” label rather than the accurate description of what it was, the “China Flu.” Kowtowing to the “truth-to-power” establishment media proves the majority of the American citizenry fear real power with their media as acting “toadies-to-power.”

Seemingly, American “elites” are in thrall to the Chinese Way, chief among them our first community-organizer president, one OBO#44, who loves how Chairman Xi can “get things done” while the American president has his powers checked by a pesky legislature. In short, Chairman Xi has a tendency to run the bullet-trains on time. Emphasis on “bullets.”

Village idiot running the henhouse … UpChuck tumor and sidekick Pelosi dangerous power mongers…

The environment within which we currently find ourselves, seemingly breeds a contempt for America and its people. Our most successful business and financial enterprises, for example – those we refer to as ‘oligarchs’ – sold out their fellow Americans for a few dollars of excess profit. The oligarchs’ employees we refer to as ‘the deep state’ are incompetent at everything but stealing, and that they do obsequiously.

Congress is presently run by two senile old fools. One thinks she’s the cackling dowager empress of an American ice cream Empirical State, and the other is an American version of Schlock (look it up, it’s for real). As for the hacks that the oligarchs installed as President and VP, neither of them impress a bunch of third graders, much less China. They hardly even approach the low standard set by the aforementioned OBO#44 and that was abysmal at best.

Add to that the self-destructive Alaska Fiasco laid out for us in all its vainglory by China and its American academic idiots, declaring as they did that their totalitarianism was superior to any other anywhere, which basically threatened the whole civilized world and its freedoms. Get used to it as it’s the future of the whole world. For now anyway.

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘The Nature of Chinese Contempt for Us’ …

Last week in Anchorage, Alaska, Chinese diplomats dressed down Biden Administration Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Both seem stunned by the Chinese broadsides.

Apparently, as elite Americans readily confess to inherent white supremacy and racism—highlighting the complaints of BLM and Antifa—the Chinese are happy to agree that such admittedly toxic Americans should not dare to criticize China’s racist policies.

Not since newly elected President John Kennedy was humiliated at the Cold War Vienna summit in June 1961 by USSR strongman Nikita Khrushchev have American diplomats been so roughly manhandled by a Communist government.

China’s defiant provocations are not just verbal. Nor are they aimed only at our high officials.

New York University students, at an overseas satellite Shanghai China campus, were manhandled and jailed by Chinese authorities. Not long ago U.S. diplomats in China were subject to Chinese COVID-19 anal swab testing—supposedly “in error.” [-]

[+] … If China gives out money, it logically believes it owns the recipient. New York University in the last five years has received some $47 million in Communist Chinese-affiliated gifts. So Beijing apparently believes that it now “owns” NYU, and can send any message it likes to its clients.

Stanford University recently was cited by the U.S. Department of Education for failing to report over $64 million from Chinese sources since 2010. No surprise that China, in a demonstration of their contempt, recently sent a visiting researcher to Stanford, who turned out to be connected with the Chinese military. [-]

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Village idiot running the henhouse … Existential idiocy as dementia rules…

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist: The pandemic, by the way, still looms large in this crisis. Some of those now crossing the border are testing positive for COVID-19, and in the busiest stretches of the border, like the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, Border Patrol agents and CBP officers are not equipped to administer tests, and have been quickly releasing migrants into U.S. towns, sometimes without even issuing them orders to appear before an immigration judge at a later date.

All of this to say, yes, there is indeed a crisis at the border, and if it continues like this for another two or three months, as seems likely, it will the most severe border crisis in a century. We’re talking about a genuine humanitarian catastrophe with real human costs, an unprecedented boon to the cartels and smuggling networks that earn billions off migrant-trafficking, and political fallout that will reverberate for years, maybe decades, to come.

All of this will be largely the fault of President Biden, who right now is more interested in moral preening and attacking his predecessor than facing reality at the Rio Grande. [end]

Village idiot running the henhouse…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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