USA greatness to defeat 2020 steal

Go ahead, make my..

NOTE: The doddering old fool and his handlers traipsing around uncontrollably these days acting like, well, a doddering old fool – would be well-reminded of the complete greatness of America especially during the days when the doddering old fool with the likes of the Ted Kennedy’s, Chris Dodd’s, Dingy Harry Reid, Ed Meese, KKK Robert Byrd and a whole bunch of other anti-Americans, were actually of a nature to pull down the greatness of America for their own very selfish reasons. Kennedy for instance didn’t visit Moscow, Russia on vacation after all, he was looking for collusion!

While all that nonsense was continually going on, the Constitutional Republic of the United States had its eyes set on projects far, far, more favorable than the political grandstands of greedy anti-American politico’s. God’s messengers to the void of space wore the moniker USA greatness…


Five decades ago, the United States was made up of a nation of folks who believed that they could accomplish almost anything given enough funds, dedication, and the full support of We the People.

Governance of the nation with the largest economy on the planet was no ‘walk-in-the-park’ even back then, but there was an innate conviction that what the Founding Fathers delivered as “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” was a tenet of government not known, nor bequeathed, to any other nation on the planet.

Closest would likely have been Britain, and the enduring content of the Magna Carta, a charter of liberties to which the English barons forced King John to give his assent in June 1215 at Runnymede; a document constituting a fundamental guarantee of rights and privileges, which the Founding Fathers writ well into the Constitution.

Fast-forward to today and we now subsist with crybabies the likes of those listed above plus Schumer, Pelosi, Flake, Ryan, McConnell, MadMax Waters, Feinstein, Durbin, the insufferable Jimmy Kimmel’s of the world, and a deep state of big fake news media and bureaucratic swamp dwellers that demand money and position for free, while doing nothing but shredding the Constitutional Republic in return. Especially when there are crooks, thieves, and malcontents chomping at the bit to tear apart the greatest nation ever to have been set forth on planet Earth!

Forget for a short moment or two, the made up “pandemics of putrifaction” and cast your mind back (those of us old enough to remember at least) to the year 1968, truly an annus horibilis (a Year of Horrors), that, looking back in retrospect, seems almost unbelievable. As a matter of history, check this list of what occurred that year:

  • February: the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in February;
  • March: LBJ’s being driven from the Presidency in March;
  • April: the covert assassination of Martin Luther King;
  • May: the wave of revolutionary riots throughout Europe;
  • June: the assassination of Robert Kennedy;
  • July and on: the “long, hot summer” of race riots in US cities;
  • August: the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia;
  • Also in August: the street riot of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago;
  • November: the election of Richard Nixon as the reaction to all the other horrors.

And then, at the very end of the year, came Apollo 8. It was such a wonderful event, such an occasion for joy, it made up for the entire year’s previous chamber of horrors. USA greatness…

Check out this first video to see what I’m talking about…

During the era of American Greatness and ‘can-do’ mentality, Christmas Eve of 1968 stands out as a memory beacon of lasting endurance. Well, if not to today’s wild and carefree mental midgets, at least to we now-aging kids produced by the post WWII Greatest Generation who still harbored those special genes of unnerved excellence. It CAN be done – let’s GO!

Swing around the moon taking pics of an enthralling Earth-rise while spotting suitable landing sites on the Moon for future exploration? Piece o’cake. USA greatness…

Take a look at this…

The availability of pocket-size battery-powered transistor radios also helped, since most of us ‘scientists-to-be’ never left home for school without them. We could, after all (even in Britain) tune in to actual conversations between space ship and NASAs Houston command center, and listen-in in real time to what the brilliant astronauts were up to.

Even getting lessons from the (gulp) BIBLE, orchestrated by the astronauts themselves. Try getting away with this little gem today, and tell me that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have the best interests of We the People at heart. NOT!

You know, those millions of us who believe in our “Bibles, guns, and religion” – THAT bunch…

One thing seems certain: if we are to have another ‘Apollo 8’ for our time – for any time – we must continue to believe that we are capable of something magnificent, even something impossible. The kind of thing that can only happen if we are all in it together. Get it?

Schumer, are you even listening?  Pelosi, have you gone deaf? McConnell? Ryan?

One more time with feeling – THIS is what greatness looks like…

Something changed in America after Apollo 8 splashed down safely on December 27, 1968.

In a country so polarized about so much, it seemed no one disagreed about Apollo 8. Blacks and whites, hippies and octogenarians, rich and poor, urban and rural, Democrats and Republicans, all seemed to agree: Apollo 8 had done something important and profound, something mankind had yearned to do for millennia.

When people spoke about the mission, they didn’t say NASA did it or even that Borman, Lovell and Anders did it. Most often, they said, “We did it.”

Seems to me that We the People could sure use another Apollo 8 for our time and circumstance. After all, the current trust in government can be summed up by a single number – 18 – ie the percentage of Americans who approve of how Congress does its job.

While the scurrilous leftist demoMarxocrats and a mix of RINOs still seem hellbent on bringing both him and the nation down to their evil besotted failures, still-President Donald J Trump, currently God’s man in the breach, is working his butt off diligently to achieve America’s greatness once again. Don’t anyone assume he isn’t capable. He’s different!

With or without them, one way or another, We the People and our warrior-president WILL be successful. USA greatness…

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See Silvio Canto, Jr. Apollo 8 – Where did 50 years go?

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