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Not surprisingly, this breaking uranium Russia story has shown a lot of resilience over the past 24 hours or so since it appeared in The Hill on Tuesday, and dovetails very well with my yesterday post on the same topic. While there’s absolutely no credible evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, there is a mountain of evidence that Hillary Clinton and her criminal ‘husband’ did, along with Obama, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and McCabe, to say nothing of where Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros fits in all of this uranium mystery.

So which story gets the play on the Big Fake News MSM? The Trump collusion delusion of course. Plus, besides all that, We the People are being absolutely bombarded presently (with Jeff Sessions as the scapegoat) with a specious Congressional Committee hearing which is turning out to be nothing more than a DemoMarxist witch hunt on the unfounded claims of a Trump-Russia collusion delusion. So what gives?

As per usual with anything Daniel Greenfield publishes, you get as many insightful comments from the thread as you do from the body of the article, which is why I go to FrontPageMagazine on a regular basis. Thereby I recommend you go visit the comment thread after reading the body of Greenfield’s masterpiece. As a lead-in to what I’m describing, here’s a favorite commenter with the handle ‘NancyB’ to set the scene:

“Obama must not be thrilled that all of his criminal actions may not be protected and kept hidden should it turn out that we actually really do have a fully functional Dept. of Justice. I remain thoroughly disgusted that the FBI gave absolutely no attention to such deep malfeasance and corruption; that they didn’t give any of these scams the time of day.

“How such unequivocally illegal and completely wrongful actions weren’t directly exposed and prosecuted says a lot.

“The FBI must undergo a complete reorganization after many culpable people are exposed – 1) those worthy of being prosecuted, are; and 2) others that do not meet that level but are dirty, are terminated without their exit packages and pensions. Begin with Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Rosenstein. There are many dozens more.

“No wonder the FBI announces within less than 24 hours that no terrorism was involved with the Las Vegas massacre”. [end]

And with that, Daniel Greenfield and “From Russia to Hillary: Bribes, Extortion, Uranium, and Lies”:

Daniel Greenfield…

Hillary is demanding to know the truth about Trump and Russia. The truth is that every accusation about Russia ties that Hillary and her associates have hurled at President Trump is really true of the Clintons.

In ’14, Hillary Clinton made headlines by comparing Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Hitler. But if the Russian strongman really was ‘Hitler’, what did that make stooges like Hillary, Bill and Barack Obama?

Five years earlier, Hillary had been posing with a ‘Reset Button” with one of Putin’s henchmen. But Hillary was bringing a lot more to the meeting than a mislabeled button pilfered from a swimming pool. The ‘Reset’ had the same pattern as other Clinton scandal: a shadowy foreign financial pal with an agenda, the Clinton Foundation being used to launder money and a government cover-up.

Officially, the ‘Reset’ was pushing Obama’s nuclear arms reduction plan and a joint effort to address Iran’s nuclear program. But the nuclear materials that truly interested Hillary Clinton weren’t in Russian missiles or in Iranian reactors, but in the ground in Kazakhstan. By the time Hillary showed off the ‘Reset Button’, the Clintons had been enjoying a long relationship with Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining mogul. Giustra had moved tens of millions into Clintonworld and Bill built up his profile in Kazakhstan.

But by ’09, the Clintons had a lot more to trade on than a Senate seat and ex-presidential prestige.

When Secretary of State Clinton unveiled the ‘Reset’, the unspoken truths outnumbered the spoken platitudes. Some of the unspoken truths were obvious. Hillary Clinton and Obama would break with Bush’s criticisms of human rights in Russia. From now on, they would have nothing to say about it.

The man who allegedly agreed to that dirty deal was Michael McFaul who is currently bashing President Trump for being “soft” on Putin.

But the bigger unspoken truth was that Giustra’s company had been bought by Uranium One. And the Russians were sniffing around Kazakhstan. Either the Russians would get Uranium One. Or they would expose the dubious ways that Uranium One had gotten its Kazakhstan mining rights. But if Rosatom, a Russian government corporation, bought into Uranium One, it would need approval from State because such a deal would provide Russia with control over more than 20% of America’s Uranium supply.

Good thing, Uranium One and Putin had a friend in Hillary Clinton. And not just Hillary.

And then there’s we of the ‘Moses generation’, folks, who weren’t born here, but were gradually drawn to America purely because of its Godly affiliation (which most of us still have) carrying with us such a wide disparate vision and view of the greatness of America, that when we witness it being shredded layer by layer by ungodly and malicious enemies of the republic who are spurred on by the likes of Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his sorry band of Obama Clinton DemoMarxist apparatchiks and their Deep State collusionists the likes of Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and thousands of others, it really pierces the hearts of true patriotic Americans.

Where to go? How to react? Who to turn to? And then we take a quick glance at the DC Swamp and all hell breaks loose because one cannot separate Dems from RINOs(!) .. McCain, Graham, McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Murkowski, Collins, anyone?

The Senate is totally gridlocked today because Republicans assume Democrats’ resolve to prevail is greater than theirs without first requiring individual senators to expend the effort to obstruct. Such an assumption gives the minority more power than may be warranted.

And the end result is that God might well be testing We the People at this moment, but despite all the negatives, Trump is the Davidic vanguard man of the moment (warts and all – and I have many), so God willing, we’d better be supporting him to help us get out of this ungodly putrid mess before we all go down together.

Where is the justice here? Where is the honor here? Where is the truth here? Just where oh where is the ‘here’ here?

How can we Make America Great Again, with this constant corruption going on?

Well here’s an idea:

1. Know the enemy.
2. Find the enemy.
3. Kill the enemy.


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