Unfortunate arrogance of wannabe

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Nominating a political ‘escort’ as a potential VP only because she wasn’t white, reeks of the cynicism and the arrogance of those who control such things. OR – Kamala Harris: The only human being on Earth who can make Hillary Clinton seem warm and genuine.

Harris was chosen because her unfortunate arrogance of wannabe fit the intersectional boxes without having any record of accomplishment in public office other than being arm candy to those who advanced her career. If the demoMarxocrats go woke in the midterms and in 2024, they’ll for sure be in the political wilderness for a long, long time.

Which for some, sounds very much like a description for OBO#44, yet another egoist carrying his own unfortunate arrogance of wannabe, trundling along side by each with his demented village idiot SleepyJoeShmoe and severe cognitive dissonance be damned, with cohorts the likes of Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros along for good measure. Except of course that the “kinyun”, though not very much in the public eye these days, apppears to be one of the prime string-pullers and lever-yankers.


Unfortunate arrogance of wannabe. Biden’s dementia poke it or dump it. Existential idiocy as dementia rules…

Much of what cognitive demented SleepyJoeShmoe is up to these days reeks of the “kinyun’s” MO upon which he built his kingdom while masquerading as President (despite STILL not being eliglble), yet he continues to work it even today.

Just because he’s masquerading as a real, genuine, President of the United States, SleepyJoeShmoe isn’t your typical feeble-minded unthinking idiot; he actually believes what he’s being told and is therefore a very dangerous unthinking idiot. Good proof that SleepyJoeShmoe is what is claimed is that only a dangerous feeble-minded unthinking idiot would choose for his VP a narcissistic, selfish, self-serving, and obnoxious Communist, one Kamala Harris, with her own unfortunate arrogance of wannabe VP!

SleepyJoeShmoe dazedly wandering around the United States totally clueless, is a very bad meme. With Harris in the White House as President, things in the USA would not go from “bad to worse” but skip the word “worse’ and go from “Bad to the very worst possible”. Harris and her unfortunate arrogance of wannabe would be a complete catastrophe for America the great, and a total disaster for the American people. The only “good” thing that can be said about SleepyJoeShmoe is that when compared to Kamala Harris he’s the lesser of the two evils. But nevertheless, the lesser of two evils is still evil.

While we may have SEEN the last – or nearly so – of SleepyJoeShmoe, we have in no wise FELT the last vestiges of his control, nor any other type of intervention from one Kamala Harris.

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘The Decline and Fall of Kamala Harris’ …

She thought she was a queen, but she was only a pawn. The end of the Obama era renewed the civil war between the Democrat establishment and the Socialist insurgents. Hillary Clinton, the establishment woman whose loss to Obama had inaugurated 8 years of insurgent rule, faced down a new challenge from the Sanders insurgency … Biden was a useful compromise candidate because his age and mental condition made him a “one-and-done” politician whose administration would take the hit by implementing radical policies and coping with the political fallout from the pandemic and runaway inflation. Except that Biden, who keeps promising to run again, doesn’t seem to know it.

The only member of his administration who is even more clueless than Joe is Kamala. The compromise that put her in the White House was the most misguided one of them all. Biden had promised the Congressional Black Caucus a black female veep. [-]

[+] … On the political chessboard, Kamala functioned as Biden’s incompetent queen. Her unpopularity protected Biden from any political pressure to step down, but also blocked potential opponents from trying to replace him. When Buttigieg’s efforts to build a platform for a presidential run inside the White House became too public, Kamala brought out the race card. Kamala was too unpopular to run and too rich with identity politics to be cut out of the race.

Picking Kamala was a brilliant move for Biden. Not so much for Kamala. The mediocre political hack, rapidly elevated to the Senate and then the Veepdom, has little experience in D.C., few political skills, and is incapable of even running any kind of basic organization. The same qualities that wrecked her presidential campaign also devastated her vice presidency. [-]

[+] … Kamala Harris is far from the only Washington D.C. politician who doesn’t believe in anything, but it’s her inconsistency that makes her appear phony and insincere even to her own people. Her opportunism has always been too blatant to conceal under fake idealism, even more transparently artificial identity politics, or a truly implausible “ordinary woman” facade. That’s the Hillary problem. And the establishment already made two bad bets on Hillary.

In a party deeply divided between radicals and establishment types, Kamala tried and failed to win the support of both, but is coming away with the support of neither. No one likes her and no one trusts her. And the campaign to undermine her is being waged subtly, but effectively. [-]

[+] … Kamala’s problem is that her scam was uninspiring, her invocations of victimhood unconvincing, and her brand was inauthentic. Leftists hate her because she’s phony and the establishment doesn’t want another Hillary. The Congressional Black Caucus resents her because of her covert campaign against Rep. Karen Bass. Her only allies in D.C. are on her payroll. And that’s not a good place to be.

Kamala thought she was boarding an elevator to the White House, but instead she’s a puppet in the middle of a civil war that she is uniquely incapable of participating in, let alone winning. Kamala Harris thought she was a queen, now she’s realizing that she’s only a pawn. [end]

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Unfortunate arrogance of wannabe. JoeBamaHarris & ‘killing America’…

MLK’S “I have a dream” turned into his worst nightmare with the electing, appointing, and hiring of people based ONLY on the Color of their Skin and NOT the Content of their Character. The demoMarxocrat wail of “Biden must pick a ‘woman of color’ for Vice-President” became simply gender and skin racism to the effect that a dementia-riven idiot with cognitive dissonance was led with blind turpitude to utter the words: “I WILL PICK A WOMAN OF COLOR FOR THE SUPREME COURT” – ‘Nuff said, said the blind man!

Which remains the sum total of their skill set. Look throughout her time spent in front of a camera and you find simply a professional political token, just like Pete Buttigieg. People like Harris and Buttigieg were hired solely because of their identity, and that’s all they brought to their respective offices. No competence or leadership is evident in either of them. As for the dementia SleepyJoeShmoe catastrophe, say. no. more. The truism remains after all as an unfortunate arrogance of wannabe !!!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!