Tucker last night:true things prevail

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Millions of us – literally millions – proud of Tucker for finally red pilling because he HAD been controlled by the likes of Paul Ryan and the Murdoch’s since he took the top slot way back in 2017, while at the same time also great to see he and Pres Trump rekindle their friendship. Who knows Tucker could be Pres Trump’s VP choice, but the bigger issue right now is what he finally gets…the UNIPARTY.

To wax “lyrical” for the moment, the globalists evidently understand human psychology, the “plandemic” a perfect example of Lucifer’s power to deceive and exploit our very nature, including our herd mentality. God, the Creator of life, also understands human nature, thus fortunately, God provides the path to our salvation if we *choose* to follow Him and reject the father of lies. In order to do so, we must have faith in His Son, who has walked in our footsteps to remove our sin, in order that we may see the One, true path.

It is *only* through faith in His Word that it’s possible for human beings to overcome our own failed nature. Thereby, humanity stands at a crossroads, but do not be deceived. AI cannot make us whole, nor can supercomputers, new DNA or any other human endeavor, including Pharmacopeia’s “mark of the beast“.

Tucker Carlson breaks silence for FIRST time since break-up with Fox News

Tucker last night:true things prevail

So 1) way over half the country voted for our fearless president Trump in 2020; 2) we’ve been enduring the Biden coup d’etat for over 2 years; 3) the American people are seeing their lives and bank accounts upended; 4) woke BS is being pushed down their throats daily; 5) Blue State legislatures (and some red) are voting in communism to control the people; 6) people are leaving in droves said blue States; 7) the American people have learned that their US reps are, for the most part, traitors…and still 8) ONLY HALF of the country is unaware and don’t care? Really?

Something Tucker may want to toss around his brilliant brain for a wee while or so, is that on the highways and byways, in the little towns, in the bars, pizza parlors, breakfast cafes, out on the range, in the feed stores, and across the fence, We the (90 million+) People are speaking truth. And we too, think it’s all ridiculous and don’t buy into it – well, not theirs, anyway!

The “media”, along with our government, the globalists, big corporations, big pharma, etc., etc., etc., just talk to themselves about how they’re going to rule the world. We the (90 million+) People, talk about how they don’t and won’t. Sure, they’ve managed to scare a lot of people, but fear is a gift. The American resistance is massive, especially the Tucker Carlson version – THAT!.

We are strong, they are weak and God willing, we will prevail against the dark powers of evil. John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way and the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me … Philip saith unto him, Lord, show us the Father, and it sufficeth us”. THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Tucker Carlson Last night: “True Things Prevail” ….

Using his Twitter platform account, at 8:00pm tonight, Tucker Carlson sends a brief message, his first direct broadcast since the removal of his voice from Fox News.

Within the message you will note some common themes to our discussion of these events.  (1) Both parties in Washington DC are participating in the fraud and pretending, the UniParty is very real.  (2) The people in control of the communication apparatus “are afraid; they’ve given up persuasion, they are resorting to force.” And perhaps the most important message of all (3) “When honest people say what’s true … they become powerful. At the same time the liars that have been trying to silence them, shrink, they become weaker.  That’s the iron-law of the universe true things prevail.”

None of these things will come as a surprise to readers here. Indeed, we have talked about them frequently. There is no reason to give the manipulators any power over your peace of mind. Stay connected to the truth in things and accept things as they are, not as we would wish them to be.

There is great freedom in speaking the truth of the thing. The natural laws cannot be defeated by the schemes of men…. The Truth Has No Agenda and is very easy to notice. Thus, the final and larger point, trust your instincts. You know the truth of the thing when you see, hear and feel it. At this moment, 13.6 million people have watched this brief Tucker Carlson video on Twitter. 😁 [-]


For his daily podcast and discussion segment, UK pundit Neil Oliver puts the firing of Tucker Carlson into a unique context of human behavior. Tucker is taken down like a trophy in the psychology of those who weaponize power. Additionally, Oliver hits on a few points that are very accurate – albeit with some who would disagree – about the need for control being a reaction to fear.

The decisionmakers in the Carlson issue removed his voice from a position of weakness, not strength. The decisionmakers, namely the Rupert Murdoch team, fear Carlson. Lastly, as Oliver accurately notes, history is a wheel – and during travel there are times in the orbit of the wheel when the component part is traveling backwards.

As you listen to the outline, remember the position of Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, David Plouffe, “it is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.”…  There is a ring of historical human brutality to it. [-]

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Tucker last night:true things prevail

Just in case you missed it – We are at war! Our enemy has more control than we’re aware of. We don’t know the degree of controllable people in congress, courts, law enforcement, media. We have estimates, and experts have more accurate numbers. They have the knowledge base of the world, the cutting edge of science and technology at their disposal.

They have the cutting edge knowledge (which may or may not be accurate) of psyops at their disposal.

Neil Oliver’s take is, this is irrational behavior — and we are responding similarly in reaction. Cutting Tucker is like taking scalps, notches on a gun, cutting right hands off warriors. They need to intimidate to keep us in fear. We have everything we need  to intimidate back.  We have millions, we have Truth, we have right, we have Love, we have strength, we have a foundation of Hope/assurance all the way to the grave and beyond. We can intimidate not as a psychological measure, but because we ARE the American people. Tucker last night:true things prevail.

We must transform into a thousand messengers and warriors for MAGA, and the promise of our Republic.THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump (and likely his willing helpers!) MAGA! KAG!