Tucker emerges with ‘Twitter first’

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Tucker is important because nobody should be taken off this chess board via lawsuits and big money. Whether you agree with some, most, or all of what he says, you can listen or not listen. Your choice.

Yours truly for one, am just happy he’s out there again to express what most of us feel must now be thoroughly-unfettered thought, the incredibly high standard of which, people are imposing on him, whether he’s on the take, being influenced by Twitter, why he would mention a valid news story on UAPs, etc., which he clearly has a personal interest in, as do many of us.

Geez, folks, this was Episode 1, give the guy a chance to expand his wings and let’s see if being so unbridled brings a new kind of enlightenment. THAT!

Tucker emerges with “Twitter first’

Just in case some of you missed it, he was making the point that a story which, if true, would be a bombshell received surprisingly little coverage, using that point to support his largess that the mass media ignore lots and lots of important stories and instead run only pet stories and lots of them; giving as an example, that one paper had 5 stories on the Ukraine, with another 4 each on Trump, gender, and something else which slipped my mind, with nothing on the UFO whistleblower.

All in all, it’s perhaps mindful that Putin *is still a tyrant“, but our using Ukraine as a proxy state and a bottomless pit for our money, is simply unacceptable – as is for that matter – provoking this war with the thread of bringing Ukraine into NATO. This war could be over in one day (as PDJT continues to state) by simply revoking the NATO threat and getting to the table to negotiate peace.

On the other hand, perhaps Tucker’s not doing it for the money for the same reason Trump is not doing it for the money. WHY? Tucker wants to save his country just as Trump wants to save his country. This is what generates so much hatred. The wicked hate honest people exposing the truth.

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and he should lose his soul?” ~ Mark 8:36

Once upon a time, liberals were fond of the phrase “give peace a chance”. Now it appears they can’t find enough money and weapons to throw at a completely avoidable war. One, most greatly fear, which will lead us straight into the use of tactical nuclear weapons. THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Tucker monologue emerges on Twitter’ ….

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is locked in a contract dispute with his former network who took him off the air, but continues to enforce the contract he signed with them.  As the contract battle wages, and while litigation with the network continues, Carlson is limited in his options for platform broadcast.

As a result, Tucker Carlson’s personal Twitter account which existed prior to his Fox contract and is not subject to the terms and agreements, remains an outlet for him to use while not violating his non-compete clause.  Almost all other platforms represent what would be considered online competition to Fox Digital, so broadcasting a new show on any of those digital platforms would represent a potential legal issue and not an option. {Direct Rumble Link}

Tonight, Tucker Carlson aired a 10-minute monologue, what he calls “episode 1” from his Twitter account. While Tucker does not financially benefit from the Twitter platform, for the social media owner Elon Musk the broadcast represents much needed content oxygen. Tucker states at the end of his monologue that if Twitter suppresses or uses their internal fact-check mechanism known as ‘Community Notes‘ to control his content, he will exit the platform.

(Reuters) […] Ukraine and Russia blame each other for the collapse of the massive dam on Tuesday, which sent floodwaters across a swathe of the war zone and forced thousands to flee.  Ukraine said Russia committed a deliberate war crime in blowing up the Soviet-era Nova Kakhovka dam, which powered a hydroelectric station. The Kremlin blamed Ukraine, saying it was trying to distract from the launch of a major counteroffensive Moscow says is faltering. (more)

Elon Musk, who not coincidentally entered an ideological alignment with Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch on behalf of Ron DeSantis, has a vested financial interest in making sure his Community Notes police do not attach warnings and citations to the “controversial” dialogue of Carlson.  While there appears to be an ongoing CN notes war in the background, so far the Musk administrators have been able to keep the platform control agents from impeding the broadcast.

NOTE: CTH was tipped off last night that this broadcast by Tucker Carlson would likely take place today. As expected, the scraping of the Tucker video on to alternate distribution platforms took place. Hence, we are sharing the Rumble version of the Carlson broadcast.[end]

Full link below…

Tucker emerges with ‘Twitter first’

Just a thought, but what if Tucker being in the outs with Fox and doing his own thing is just a show? These people are smart and constantly think of how to control information so the people don’t awaken from their slumber. Alternative media has been growing quickly. People get their news from alternative websites, blogs, videos, etc. Tucker leaving may be a play for the people who have given up on the propaganda machine called “television“, with Tucker now looking like a rebel fighting for the people and telling it like it is – which definitely keeps people on the plantation.

Tucker did apply for a job at the CIA and “didn’t” get it. Or maybe he did get it? Either way, one can’t help but be skeptical of everything anymore. Everyone knows, don’t they, that none of this matters a smidgen of a diddlysquat unless Election Fraud Inc. is stopped. As things stand here in June 2023, it still looks like Election Fraud Inc. is being given the red carpet and keys to the city to do in 2024 what they did in 2020 and 2022. If the tyranny is being addressed in, at best, 2% of the counties, there are 98% where it still isn’t.

And it’s increasingly looking like this turning a blind eye to the crime of taking away our franchise is definitely on purpose and supported by even the highest courts, including SCOTUS. At least the French are out in the streets protesting for all they’re worth. Why aren’t Americans?  Tucker emerges with ‘Twitter first’. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his very, very, best to keep America strong and consistently to the topic at hand – MAGA! KAG!


* Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Tucker monologue emerges on Twitter