Trump up to par from forces of evil

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First up, despite all the rhetoric, chances are that fearless president Donald John Trump isn’t getting arrested on Tuesday since the Grand Jury has two more witnesses to interview and then they have to hold a vote to indict, this having been leaked this past weekend to distract America from the actual news that Treasury gave Congress the Currency Transaction Reports sent by banks showing that four Biden family members accepted Chinese Government money payoffs. And it worked – fancy THAT!

Trump started blathering about another MAGA protest, while any protests on Tuesday will continue to suck all the oxygen out of the actual news of the proof of the Biden family’s continuing corruption. Always watch for what the distractions attempt to attract. Even if they do arrest the real President Trump however, consider it like J6, which worked well, only this time it’s political Three Card Monte – ie the tail often wagging the dog. THAT!

Trump up to par from forces of evil. Supporting Turning Point USA and Charlie Kirk, young hope for the future…

Cast your mind back somewhat making it reasonably clear where this is going when domestic fascisti begin to gin up talk of military takeovers and impeachment even before Trump was inaugurated back in the heady days of 2016. Remember Pelosi and the entrenched mob of Mobs, tried the impeachment route twice including once AFTER he left office following a Soviet style “election”. Now they have a corrupt Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros buffoon attempting to indict and arrest him. A year from now, if it appears to them that he will be nominated and elected despite the Soviet-style election to be held, they will more than likely make an attempt on his life – as if they haven’t tried it already. THAT!

The histrionics have been getting a bit shrill over time, and should our fearless president somehow get arrested and  perp-walked in front of all the cameras of the world, it will be many things simultaneously; 1) likely the gravest miscarriage of justice since OJ Simpson walked free; 2) and not just because Trump was president – PRECISELY because he was President; 3) and the picayune details of federal election law are not only fairly unknowable, they are necessarily so, and change constantly. THAT! 4) every resident of the Oval Office can likely be similarly charged. 5) Heck: OBO#44 was receiving millions of dollars from overseas via Visa and Mastercard for his re-election effort, and none of us are 6) quite sure he was even fined, let alone arrested. THAT!

The demoMarxocrat leftist-idiots most certainly fear President Donald John Trump, being as it is, you don’t grab hold of a live grenade – which charging Trump with, will absolutely be – unless you think the alternative is worse. This is a throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink move to try and bog Trump down just long enough to keep him from the White House. The overall scenario here is laughable, since we’re basically talking about a paperwork error concerning how Trump spent his own money. THAT!

Dan Gelernter, American Greatness: ‘Donald Trump, First President of Florida’ …

Project Deep State needs to remember that it’s not going to be as easy to destroy Trump or to enslave America as it seems to think.

CNN writes that if Donald Trump is arrested this Tuesday it will mark “a dramatic escalation of his legal woes.” As though the arrest of Trump would be just a minor political inconvenience for him and his supporters. No mention of impending civil war, I see.

The rumors of arrest remind us the establishment still regards Trump as the greatest threat to their control of America. If they can get rid of Trump—by imprisoning him or at least indicting him—it will be smooth sailing for Project Deep State.

On January 6, according to the Left (and the complicit pseudo-Right) Trump managed to “incite” an “insurrection” without a single explicit order. They tell us Trump embedded his commands to riot in code in phrases like “let’s march peacefully down to the Capitol.” The same CNN article quoted above says Trump’s new call for protest “echoes his final days in office, when he repeatedly urged his supporters to reject the results of the 2020 presidential election, culminating in the deadly January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.”

But if, on January 6, Trump had been as reckless as the Left, or as bent on retaining power as they say he is, he might have started an actual riot by saying, “Riot.” He could have said, “Burn the Capitol.” He could have said, “Don’t let the forces of corruption steal the country from us. Come to Washington, D.C., bring your guns, and kill them all.”

Project Deep State doesn’t have a good explanation for why the world’s most dangerous man didn’t do any of these things. There was Trump, the leading “threat to world peace,” with the world’s greatest megaphone, the world’s undivided attention, the power to cause limitless destruction and at least attempt to hold onto his office by force, and he forgets to issue the order? How careless! What a disappointing super-villain.

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Trump up to par from forces of evil. Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

From “task” on the thread: We Americans are in a war against Federal tyranny, Washington DC and China. Peace will be negotiated with the USSR remnant simply by opening up the American energy spigots. The best solution will be a peaceful separation. Most of the Federal Constitution, with modifications, will be adopted by the new territory and every other Federal Law would cease to be applicable in the designated territory. Texas can already do this and nothing stops other states from joining Texas any more than the Ukraine and Eastern European nations can join NATO. We will still be united geographically despite being divided politically and probably get along far better. It puts a stake into Alinsky tactics while empowering Christianity, Constitutionality and the Lyceum teaching mechanisms within educational institutions. It bypasses the difficulties associated with amending the Constitution even using the Convention of the States. We don’t have such time. [end]

This is the type of out-of-the box thinking which should be welcome and admired. If President Trump wishes to initiate a peaceful succession for Florida, then so will Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Georgia and S. Carolina. In fact many more will rejoice and join the movement. That might represent a fiscal and monetary problem for the dollar unless it is given Euro type status which, interestingly, just might save the dollar for the rest of the divided nation. Florida banks will do just fine. It can be pulled off; Donald Trump has the intelligence, the temerity and the necessary popular support to do it. So do other governors. Energy is key to monetary strength and red states have it. Americans are very likely to dedicate themselves to abdication from Federal and CCP tyranny by peaceful means and will accept suffering any short term consequences to achieve it. Would not blue states also be happy? The idea is exciting! Trump up to par from forces of evil.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!