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Over this past weekend (Saturday to be exact) the third anniversary of Donald Trump’s serendipitous announcement of his presidential aspirations came and went with nary a congratulation in sight from anywhere – particularly from the Big Fake Deep State media and their minions. Cast your mind back to June 16, 2015, and remind yourself that the serendipitous savants in the news media weren’t just skeptical — they were openly and downright disdainful of the man who indeed got sworn in as America’s 45th President at noon on January  20, 2017 – some 18 months after announcing.

On their June 16 and June 17, 2015 shows, reporters sniffed that Trump’s campaign was a “carnival show” which threatened to turn the GOP primary race into “a joke.” CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin called Trump a “fool,” NBC’s Chuck Todd blasted him as “a political streaker,” and pundit after pundit insisted the real estate mogul had absolutely no chance of winning.

Turned out to be a serendipitous ‘some neck, some chicken’, to coin Sir Winston Churchill’s famously-sneering response to Hitler’s threat in WWII that he would defeat and wring Britain’s neck like a chicken by the time he was done. In this particular case, President Trump has already (in Day #515 of his presidency) proved himself as one, if not THE, ‘some neck, some chicken’ greatest president of all time, never mind just in the modern era!

Take a look and listen as to who the real cluck, cluck, chickens were / are…

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi. The serendipitous ‘tomfoolery’ of every liberal elitist DemoMarxist that We the People all know, are exactly like these talking heads; so absolutely convinced  of their own genius, that no one should gainsay them.

Arguably, The Bushes were all stick and no carrot. They were status quo in grey suits. My favorite up until Trump, Ronald Reagan was great during his first four, but his presidency tended to peter out in the last two years, and Bush One with his ‘read my lips’ got blown apart by Ross Perot and the corrupt Clintons. Trump is the guy we’ve been looking for, a deal maker with vision; absence of procrastination and shooting from the hip. A lover of We the American People with all his heart and faith in his gut reaction. It took Obama nearly nine months to pull the trigger on Osama; with Trump the same analysis would have taken three days.

Regardless, though, of his other obvious successes, President Trump has peeled away the hiding places of the elites who would become our tyrants; left and right. These people – Bill Kristol, McConnell, Sessions, Cornyn, Paul Ryan and other globalists on the leftist media – can never again hide. We know they exist. We know their works for the past half century. And our president is chipping away at their foundations every hour of every day.

Doesn’t get any better than ‘Morning Joe’ and his adulteress eating crow with MessNBCs talking heads as to what exactly went wrong. No, guys and gals, everything went absolutely right, according to plan…

He beat 16 other Republicans, ended the Bush Dynasty, severely set back the Clintonistas, and battled both the 17 intelligence agencies (really 3) and 90% of the Big Deep State Fake News media working against him. Trump learned early on in the business world that nothing succeeds like success, and he has taken those well learned lessons and applied them to his work as arguably the best president the United States has ever had.

Well done Mr. President – Semper Fi – MAGA!


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