Trump no-no to China USA attempt

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Make absolutely no mistake about it folks, We the (90 million+) American People have Marxists in our midst actively attempting to bring down the country and our systems. China after all, is a good model for capitalism, slave ownership, and scores of anti-Americans the likes of the FJBiden, OBO#44, Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros machinations to the same extent that it’s a wonder “we’re still standing better than we’ve ever been” (one of Elton John’s Best!)

To that bunch, The Constitution appears as a dead document which must be destroyed, using hysteria to accomplish fraudulent propagandizing of the “sheeple”, working as it does through any little millennial girls say, at a BLM march through troublesome American cities.

Funny how the afore-mentioned FJBiden’s documents were found at U-PENN where the Chinese appear to have a drive thru for stolen documents, the best part of whom are those who are most involved. Consider Tony Blinken Sec of State for goodness’ sake, who was in charge there and the head guy which needs to be yelled out so all can hear; but there are so many more.. Fact is it appears we’re being conquered and the GOP is a-bed snoozing.

Trump no-no to USA China attempt. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy .. Freedom!!

Enter the fray, President Donald John Trump, who definitely “gets it”. Not to get too “over the top” about things, but as yours truly mentioned in yesterday’s post (linked below) the current United States appears to be owned by the CCP, having installed their sock puppet aka FJBiden in 2020, with the same following in 2022.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the CIA, FBI, and DOJ all work at, and for, “them”, even when FJBiden has classified documents in a box – multiple! – in his garage and elsewhere yet still they do nothing about it. But you’d better look out before getting raided by paramilitary goons who ransack your entire home and hold political hostages in their prisons. The question everyone should be asking is who owns the CCP and other “goonish” empires elsewhere?

China doesn’t appear to be the only threat, taking over as they are in Central and South America and elsewhere, sending tons of drugs and unsavory people into this country to collapse it. You see recent events in CA how they mark people they consider enemies. Cartel guys are everywhere flush with cash and super violent. Even Hispanics easily bribed or intimidated if they have family still in Mexico, the cartels can own them very easily. Keep an eye on that. In the meantime –

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘President Trump calls for Ban on China Acquisition of American Infrastructure’ …

On Wednesday President Trump released a new policy video {Direct Rumble link} highlighting “China’s intrusive actions to own America’s infrastructure and vital industries.”
Within the policy, the Trump campaign pledges to enact aggressive regulations to prevent China from influencing American sovereignty. According to the proposal, “the United States will also pressure the Chinese to sell off any current holdings that threaten the country’s national and economic security.”

President Trump was the largest voice amid U.S. politicians to call out the economic threat represented by China back in 2015, an extension of criticism and warnings he carried for more than a decade before entering the world of politics. Transcript Below:

[Transcript] – “China is buying up our country. While corrupt Democrats and RINO-type politicians in Washington have been spending trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal nonsense, foolish foreign wars, and providing lavish benefits to illegal aliens from all over the planet, China has been spending trillions of dollars to take over the crown jewels of the United States economy. And they are doing that.

China is buying up our technology. They’re buying up food supplies. They’re buying up our farmland. They’re buying up our minerals and natural resources. They’re buying up our ports and shipping terminals. And with the help of corrupt influence peddlers like the Biden Crime Family, China is even trying to buy up the pillars of the U.S. energy industry. Because frankly, Biden and the group don’t care about real energy. They only care about nonsense energy, energy that doesn’t work, and it never will.

While some are focused on China’s purchases near power plants and military bases, the fact is we should be very concerned about all Chinese Communist activity in the United States. As I’ve long said, economic security is national security. China does not allow American companies to take over their critical infrastructure. And America should not allow China to take over our critical infrastructure. I didn’t allow it when I was president, and I won’t allow it when we become president again.

To protect our country, we need to enact aggressive new restrictions on Chinese ownership of any vital infrastructure in the United States, including energy, technology, telecommunications, farmland, natural resources, medical supplies, and other strategic national assets. We should stop all future Chinese purchases in these essential industries, and we should begin the process of forcing the Chinese to sell any current holdings that put our national security at risk.

If we don’t do this, the United States will be owned by China which would make them very happy. When I’m president, I will ensure that America’s future remains firmly in American hands just as I did when I was president before. It’ll happen again, and our country will be stronger than ever. Thank you.” [end]

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Trump no-no to China USA attempt

It’s bizarre the juxtaposition our corrupt govt/tied with multinationals has created. While we sanction Russia – a nation which we should be working with, which we have racial and religious similarities to – we enable communist China, an always foreign and alien territory with practically zero historical connections to Western culture. One can even go further and say that Communist China has no interest in sustaining the USA modern historical success in global geopolitics. It is actively working, slowly but surely, to usurp the USA as the global hegemony.

One has to be aware that everyone in the treehouse would prefer that WE, the USA  would be top dog, despite the effects it has on the world. Admittedly, we haven’t exactly been the “force for good” that’s advertised. But the alternative is communist China. That’s always been an easy choice. President Donald John Trump is correct. Trump no-no to China USA attempt. As usual!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!