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The marketing ‘savviness’ of ‘The Art of the Deal’ entrepreneurial magician, Donald J. Trump, comes fully to the fore in the finally-unearthed video that he mentioned in his presser yesterday. Perhaps the most genius of the subtle things he did was to select Singapore as the meeting place, a small prosperous Asian country with no nukes, yet not threatened by anyone; indeed a wealthy country by any standard.

In other words, the message ringing very loud and clearly through the video (a picture is worth a thousand words), is that Singapore today is an art model for what North Korea can become tomorrow. Kim dutifully toured some of the fabulous sights for which Singapore is renowned, and had hours to let it sink in – ‘Why NOT North Korea?’

With a brilliant eye for the future of not only North Korea, the President is unerringly connecting with other nations around the globe with a simple message of ‘yes, you can change and be successful’; to overcome faults/wars/killings, etc. and to move on to better lives, standards of living, and success. Take hope, folks. This ‘scripted art’ event should give everyone hope. There is no doubt that it is a rare and strange historical timeline we are presently on, and to my way of thinking, it definitely hasn’t occurred by accident.

After witnessing the pillars of globalism constructed over the last few decades to the detriment of freedom-loving people and the American way of ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’, it seemed at one point futile to fight it, since it appeared to be politically overwhelming. Then along came ‘Mr. Everyman’ Donald J. Trump to overturn the entire globalist cattle-cart, and open up the doors of freedom to anyone and everyone on the planet. A true “Art of the Deal’ endeavor.

I want to show you first, the theater-style version that was played to the assembled world newshounds to give you a sense of the impact it was having, but I have also linked you down below to the original ‘personal’ version for your archives. Take a look and listen…

Not surprisingly after watching this video, one can just imagine the deep state liberals’ tears falling like Niagara Falls. The very fact that the specious leftist enemies of the state are savaging the video (hiding under the pretense of ‘news media organizations’) tells me it’s absolutely perfect. As I mentioned up above, President Trump after all, is a marketing genius, driving the leftist fruit nuts absolutely crazy.

It becomes evident day after day, that President Trump has some very special things happening on a very different plane from the Marxist Obarrack and the Socialist Hillary Rob’em, both of whom obviously hate America, and in the eight miserable years they had, did all they could to bring it down.

A future prescience of Make America Great Again .. The baton was passed!

President Trump on the contrary, seems to have a vision of how he wants to be remembered in the future, not unlike the other great president of the same stature, Ronald Wilson Reagan. It’s a picture of two great Presidents who were desperately needed at separate crossroads in American and world history, both of whom accomplished great and mighty things in the service of all.

Blessings, President Trump, for your willingness to sacrifice all for the common good. Semper Fi – MAGA! … From the World.

For original, non-theater style video simply click on pic…

Big H/T to ‘sundance’ at Conservative Treehouse


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