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What a way to end what has been a most interesting week in the annals of the United States, by signing off with yet another incisive political gem from the brainiacs over at The Conservative Treehouse / The Last Refuge, led by ‘sundance.’ As a short intro, I quote ‘peter rabbit’ from the comments thread:

‘Sundance never sleeps. Thank you. Now POTUS and White Hats need to fully prosecute all the Black Hats. Let no one escape.’

Pique your interest a bit? Thought so, although most of you will be well aware of my own admiration for the skilled investigative journalists inhabiting the ‘Treehouse’ and the dedication they have towards unraveling and bringing to light the manifest and manifold evil and corruption that has so easily been allowed to infest the heart and soul of the American government cabal. Otherwise known as the Big Fake News Deep State.

The Clintons as Bonnie & Clyde, and look at ’em now with their own Clinton Crime Syndicate, erm Foundation… No Treehouse for them.

As another Treehouse commenter, with the handle ‘TDU_Weight’ expresses it (you get the most informed, educated, and well-equipped folks supporting the Treehouse!): “The original spinning of the web of lies and corruption goes way back to the advent of the Clintons. What we see now is ‘sundance’, among others, removing all the obstructions to perceiving the size and scope of that web, with the sunlight exposing all the useful idiots who have gotten swept up into the mess and are now firmly enmeshed in it. Whether willingly, through omission, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time (and not having the sense to avoid the web) they are trapped, one and all.”

“The corrupt Clintons laid the original strands, and wove a substantial portion of it. Then along came Obama, co-opted it for a time, added to it, then gave it a dose of his own special spin (pun intended). Then, surprise, surprise, it all started fraying and coming undone in the scramble for the Clintons to reclaim all the strands back from the resisting Obama coalition, suddenly torn apart and scattered from the hurricane winds of candidate (now President) Donald J. Trump.”[end]

As many of us learned at a young age, decisions have consequences. All acceptable standards of integrity were violated with impunity during the Clinton email cover-up scandal and subsequent sham investigation of the President.

Donald Trump was not supposed to win, yet he did. Like many of you, I would have paid good money to be a fly on the wall in many election night viewing rooms. That sinking feeling that must have overcome the conspirators as they realized their crimes would become public knowledge must have been excruciating. It was only a matter of time before the lies, corruption and outright treason would be exposed. That time is now.

Take a look at ‘sundance’ and his opener in Conservative Treehouse …

With Inspector General Michael Horowitz now submitting a criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; and with knowledge of federal prosecutor John Huber paralleling Horowitz for months within the investigation; it might be worthwhile going through the names of some officials likely to surface in the next few days/weeks.

The most interesting people in the ongoing investigation are those principals who clearly were in/around the center of 2015/2016 activity; were caught in 2017, yet remain inside the FBI and DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) ie. Main Justice.

♦James Baker – The former FBI chief legal counsel and close adviser to FBI Director James Comey.  In addition to coordinating the “small group” activity to exonerate Hillary Clinton, Baker was also a recipient for some of the Comey Memos of recent release. This puts Baker in a position to understand the “insurance policy” described by FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Counsel Lisa Page. Additionally, Baker would be able to identify the level of knowledge and participation of Director Comey, and is therefore perhaps the biggest risk to Comey specifically.  December 21st, 2017, Baker was removed from any responsibility but remains inside the FBI in some capacity; he is therefore considered a cooperating co-conspirator for the FBI Inspection Division (INSD), IG Horowitz and likely prosecutor Huber.

♦Lisa Page – The former designated counsel from Main Justice assigned to assist Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  We know from open-sourced information; from her own released text messages; and from congressional releases, that Lisa Page was the person who provided the text messages to INSD and the Inspector General. Page’s account of the media leak instructions she received from McCabe conflicted with her boss, and ultimately led to the proof of McCabe’s false statements.  Lisa Page was the connective bridge within the team joining the DOJ-NSD to the FBI operation.  Obviously Page and FBI Agent Peter Strzok were working closely at the heart of the “small group” activity.  They were the footsoldiers carrying out the orders passed down from Lynch/Yates (DOJ) and Comey/McCabe (FBI).

After cooperating with the INSD and IG investigation, Page quit the Mueller team mid-summer 2017.  Lisa Page is still employed within the DOJ.

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As commenter with the handle ‘Ben’ concludes: “The irony of ironies in this whole sordid episode of extreme malfeasance is the fact that the accusations that were made regarding the President were in fact being carried out by those same depraved individuals who were making the accusations.”

Comey, Brennan, and Clapper … A triunity of DC sewer swamp dwellers… No Treehouse for them .. All black hats?

What he’s referring to is this …

First, Comey’s statement that the President was ‘morally unfit’. In reality, it was Comey who was morally unfit to be director of the FBI, as proven by his self-serving memos. He had no issues working for ‘morally unfit’ Trump, as long as he held onto power. If he had any character, he would have immediately resigned if he truly believed that Trump was morally unfit. He is loyal to no one, not even his own pathetic self. He betrayed the country, the President, and himself. I ALMOST feel bad for the man. Having no supporters left, he helped Hillary avoid being indicted while she was a candidate but since then, even she and her supporters have nothing but disdain for him.

The second is the tweet by Brennan where he complains about Trump’s moral turpitude and political corruption. He states that the President is scapegoating McCabe and that, ‘America will triumph over you.’ This is so ass-backwards it’s almost incomprehensible. What America should triumph over is the embedded political corruption which infested our Justice, Intelligence and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. We the People can’t help but think that these political actors who masquerade as non-partisans are the ones who will truly be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Now we just need proof of Obama’s awareness and involvement in this mess and his communication with Hillary Rob’em Clinton on her basement bathroom server. What a fantastic ‘bring to judgment moment’ that would be!

In the meantime, thank God for President Donald J. Trump – May he continue boldly on his mission to MAGA!


H/T: Conservative Treehouse / The Last Refuge 

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  1. Remember after the townhall debates (when Hillary had been given the questions AND never told anyone) She was overheard saying… ” If that asshole wins, we’ll all hang from a long rope”. WHY would anyone say such a thing? UNLESS they knew they were guilty of some pretty bad crimes. Not to mention WOULD a decent person have taken the questions and not told anyone ? I know I would NOT.

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