To mask or muzzle is the question…

En Garde in the bunker…

To mask or muzzle is the question … Masks (aka muzzles) are forcing some districts of the nation into a dystopian nightmare in which we can’t even see each other smile. ‘They’ are dehumanizing us, lulling us into deep, deep psychological and social damage and setting us up to leap at each others’ throats. The fact is after all, that the mask muzzles are useless against viruses measured in nanometers. Even Fauci the Fraud has determined that masks are no good for COVID-19; apparently he doesn’t wear one on either of his two faces.

The cult of the Branch Covidians will not be opposed! They have deemed muzzle-masks a requirement and come hell or high water, they will portend ‘their will be done’.

I’ve witnessed the priestesses of the cult tell the non-believers that the non-wearer will die without a mask. This seems to be a win for them, but still they persist. If the mask-muzzle can protect the wearer and results in the death of the heretic, what exactly is the issue?

To mask or muzzle is the question…

Mask and muzzle-wearing can be compared to the jihad against those who smoke and vape. Once the nanny-wads (and really, aren’t the Branch Covidians just the latest iteration in a never-ending succession of nannies?) succeeded in vilifying smoking and vaping, no way were they going to let a person do something that actually looks like smoking (but isn’t) regardless of whether or not health-related benefits accrue. Same with muzzle-masks – you will wear one because we told you to wear one.

Pandemic? or just another Flu Virus? It’s all about the rates related to numbers of tests conducted, veracity of the test used and criteria used to declare a case exists or a Wuhan Virus-cased action occurred. Number of tests administered per data-set reported or causal report broadcast? (never provided). Accuracy of tests? (never provided). Criteria used to declare a case or cause? (never provided). Date of data collection? (never provided).

Yet whenever they ARE provided, the information is completely ignored. Remember when they said the virus will not survive in warmer temperatures? That is so true. Yet why is there such a viral increase here in Texas and also Florida occurring during the hottest months of the year? [a sunny 101 degrees F outside as I sit in my air-conditioned chamber pounding away]

Think you’re being played? Yes, you definitely are.

The question is not masks. The operative word is ‘mandatory’, it is a question of control. Do people actually believe by any stretch of the imagination the federal government, or even the state and local ones, have somehow the authority to require how people must be clothed while going about their daily business?

Even if somehow the COVID-19 mandate were to be lifted, what is to prevent a similar response next flu season? What about the next SARs event? Once a power is surrendered to a government bureaucracy instead of being retained by the citizens, chances are it never ever recovers itself. Ever.

Further by limiting public gatherings it becomes ever more difficult for the public to peaceably assemble – as is their right – let alone enjoy simple family events like reunions or weddings, and community events such as local holiday parades of school sports events or whatever. The freedom of action we citizens enjoy gets taken away in the name of public health, while control over the daily activity of the population increases exponentially. Every. Single. Time.

To mask or muzzle is the question…

Factual observation over almost 80 years of living confirms that rebreathed carbon dioxide will addle the brain and send you into instant spasms of QuidProQuoJoeShmoBidenism. Illiterate at best; completely demented at worst. ‘Onest!

An important rule in seeking medical advice is to never accept anything from an illiterate self-confessed hypochondriac.

I’ve worn a mask once or twice or three times, and only when legally required to do so (and may become a scofflaw if I find the rules to be unduly onerous). Masks make a little sense at a medical office but elsewhere they’re mainly a means of social control by people who’ve been talked into a state of unreasoning fear by the mainstream media’s continuous barrage of panic porn.

Yours truly could get behind muzzle-mask wearing if the only issue driving it was serious health concerns. This isn’t the case however. The COVID-19 kabuki dance is now 100% political and has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with health concerns. If a person can’t see that, then I suspect they’re members of the BC cult.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump masking his way to MAGA! and KAG!


R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator: To Mask or not to Mask

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