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Thomas Lifson, founder/editor of American Thinker, opens up the latest FISA Memo blockbuster today with: “Tick, tick, tick… we’re getting closer and closer to the “What did the president know and when did he know it?” moment in the biggest political scandal in American history. What looks like a sitting president authorizing the use of the vast spy apparatus of the federal government on the opposing party candidate for president would, if proven, be far bigger than Watergate – a mere burglary intended to spy on the opposition. Pay attention because you may want to tell your children or grandchildren what it was like watching this all unfold in 2018.”

Let’s dig a little deeper (Hah! … Shades of Watergates’ ‘Deep Throat’ echoing through the gloom of the past few decades) with more of the Thomas Lifson opener…

284px-American_Thinker_logoUp until the present moment, Barack Obama has been missing in all the discussions of surveillance misbehavior. And most curiously, Obama has been almost invisible, staying quiet, and not using his expensive Washington, DC mansion (shared with Valeire Jarrett) as a base for leading the opposition to President Trump, as many of us expected him to do. He is the only president I can remember who didn’t get out of DC when his term in office expired, yet he has been as invisible as if he were Truman retired to Independence or Eisenhower retired to Gettysburg. He hasn’t even spoken out about the opposition to his presidential monument planned for public park land in Chicago, My optimistic guess is that he realizes his peril and is dummying up.

In a move calculated to infuriate the Democrats, the latest batch of text messages between senior FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page was leaked to Fox News first, and there are some striking revelations.

Officially embargoed until 6 AM Eastern Time today, FNC was ready with the first item to reach the nation, followed minutes later by an AP dispatch, which headlined that the lovebirds admired James Comey. The Washington Post and other outlets saw fit to go with the innocuous emphasis. No kidding!

In a follow-up post (and on air segments), Fox News analyzed the key takeaways from the latest lovebird texts, and there are several, aside from the startling information that the two senior FBI executives believed that the President of the United States was following their work closely.  On its own, that does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt his culpability in any crime, but there is a lot of information yet to be seen by the public. [emphasis mine]

Picking up on the Thomas Lifson trail, thread commenter with the handle ‘andrewfalcon’ opined: On its own, that does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt his [Obama’s] culpability in any crime … Continuing on:

“If Strzok and Page were aware that Obama wanted to be kept apprised of their activity, it is ridiculous to think he wasn’t aware of their activity. Whatever Barack wants, Barack gets. If he was aware of their ILLEGAL activity, then as the boss, he was guilty as well. Nixon didn’t show up at the Watergate on the night in question, but he was guilty of a cover-up because he found out about it later and did nothing. My guess is that Obama took a more proactive role in this caper than Nixon did in 1972.[end]

Did Obama order people to do this? Likely no, he didn’t have to. They came to the job predisposed to “do whatever it takes.” But make no mistake; Obama absolutely knew there was illegal activity going on and he was fine with it. The evidence, your ‘Onor, is incontrovertible.

Somebody go get handcuffs. Or a rope. Watch. Listen. Learn.

Last, can we stop with the comparison of this situation with Watergate? Watergate was a bunch of guys working for the Republican nominee who tried to pick up opposition research on McGovern. Yeah, it’s bad, but not even on the same planet as using the FBI and DOJ to swear out warrants using opposition research to gain access to the Trump team before, during, and after the election.

Leave it to the nasty DemoMarxists to make the Republicans look like bush-league amateurs in the arena of dirty politics. After all, the DemoMarxists are decades-long past masters at it.

Go ahead, Lisa Page, and read your copy of “All the President’s Men.” If you’re smarter than you look, and can actually comprehend what you read, you’ll notice there is no mention of FBI/DOJ involvement in the Watergate mess. You and your horizontal mambo partner deserve the ‘cuffs and rope too.

In the immortal words of Marcus Aurelius: When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil. ~ Meditations, Book II

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