They want you dead – truly

They want you dead – truly. Lydia reminds of our former “glory” disappearing long, long ago.

Lydia the gracious one who never ever disappoints, reminds of our former “glory” disappearing long, long ago. We haven’t been glorious as a nation for over 100 years, and some will dispute that it’s longer than that.

What was once a dirty underbelly has morphed into a full blown beast with a long list of regime changes and color revolutions around the world instigated by the US. We have at least 750 military bases in 80 countries. Let that settle in for a while!

Recent foreign adventures haven’t ended well, and all we need to do is look at places like Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Iran, and many more to see the destruction that has been wrought.

We allow megalomaniac Oligarchs like Bill Gates to wreak havoc in Africa through experimental vaccine programs and forcing Big Food chemical agricultural practices on farmers.

The list of interference is nearly endless, and getting worse with “Climate Change” imperatives and LGBTQXYZ agendas being forced on countries against the will of their citizens.

We are now learning what tyranny looks like as it is turned on American citizens. The “elite” ruling class is only interested in power, being as they are, cheats, and racketeers that have graduated to mass murder with experimental vaccines and withholding common essential medications. The current year-long shortage of the antibiotic Amoxicillin, supposedly due to supply chain issues, is a case in point. But guess what, there’s a vaccine for that. Same story with Ivermectin and Covid treatment.

The most important role Trump could play (if miraculously reelected) would be the prosecution of all those who have colluded to destroy our lives physically and psychologically. Yet Trump still believes the jab was a success. So forget fixing the medical-industrial complex, their toxic drugs, vaccines, and biolabs. At least half the country and the swamp will do everything they can to impede the reversal of their dystopian hell. Who in the DC underbelly, including the military, will obey his orders when they didn’t during his first term? Will the Rino’s in House and the Senate do anything other than stymie reforms as they did before?

The President is only a third of the equation and two thirds are compromised. He would only have two years at most to accomplish anything before the next election campaign begins. Who will lock up the Antifa and BLM radicals that will be intent on burning the country to the ground? Trump was powerless to do anything the first time around. Declaring martial law without backing to do so would incite more anarchy and another round of impeachment. Tell me I’m wrong. Yours, Lydia.


They want you dead – truly. In the grand scheme of things they don’t care!

Coming on the heels of Lydia, we live in a civil society where the Rule of Law was to be our universal bedrock guarantee even as it dissolves right before our eyes through government actions and inactions. Thousands are dying in the streets through unrestrained violence and drug use. In Chicago, they’re even trying to schedule gang wars and shootouts at a specific time of day!

Politicians’ mouths move, words come out, but their actions reflect their partisanship, not their citizenship. Too few see the venom of the Left as revealing their real endgame. President Trump wasn’t responsible for any of this. Trump was like a truth elixir that revealed what was always there for others to see. The Left was/is working like subterranean termites eating away at our foundations.

The progressives want to end anyone and anything that stands in their way of a re-imagined America as an example for the rest of the world. They hope other countries will copy or be forced to adopt their ideas for a New Utopia, which is much more malign: 1984 made real. The reinvention of America is a necessary step toward one world government run by elites, all while wearing the trappings of the ‘caring’ Left. Their policies are designed to carry the votes of women, minorities, and especially the idealistic or disenfranchised young who seek security and free stuff above all else. Trump must select a running mate competent to finish the job. Who will that be? God Bless America. THAT! [sic]

They want you dead – truly … In the grand scheme of things everything else is simply mind control…

Want even more proof? CNN endlessly reports on the danger of the MAGA agenda, according to their god, President Biden. They say that people who espouse these lies are “extreme” or “out of touch.” It is not difficult to understand that MAGA is Biden’s way of saying ‘dangerous’ or ‘subversive.’ What does the government do about dangerous and subversive elements? It targets, hinders, prosecutes, and incarcerates them when possible. Sometimes, the outliers don’t go down quietly, as 75-year-old Craig Robertson found out over death threats allegedly made against the president and other Democrat political figures as published on social media. Expect more of these tragic incidents as worker bees stand up against a government that attempts to strip away our rights and traditions. They want you dead – truly. Trump must select a running mate competent to finish the job. Who will that be?

The way forward is to organize and coalesce around the best leader with the strength and vision to return us to our former glory. Trump is the imperfect person I dare not try to change. What I admire about Trump is that his rudder is true, and his motives and actions mirror my desire to see our country saved from those seeking its destruction. There may never be another candidate that is crazy enough, strong enough, or harder to intimidate than Trump.

These qualities, almost above all else, are why I think it is inevitable that we must return Trump to power. Four years is not enough to defeat the forces against us. They want you dead – truly. Trump must select a running mate competent to finish the job. Who will that be? That might be the best question of all. God Bless America. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG! They want you dead – truly


Allan J. Feifer, American Thinker: They want you dead – truly.