The Tales Of ‘Arry, Larry, & Barry

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

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Battered Harry...

So now comes Thomas Lifson, editor and publisher of American Thinker with his in-depth report on the Reid family squabble … A sort of “Hatfield and McCoy” feud but in the same family! It’s not so much a question of whether Dingie ‘Arry Reid is lying about his injuries. He, along with Barry Soetoro, the rogue fraud “president”, are both known liars, by their own admission. The only question that remains is what are they trying to conceal with the lies?

On a more sober level looking at the bigger picture, this incident like so many others, always reminds us of the need for freedom of information, and should remind people why the civil rights and protections in the Constitution are so necessary and so valuable. So very many of our elected officials and their administrative minions in the bureaucracy are obviously not serving the best interests of the citizenry, but rather are looking out more for themselves, and to heck with the rest of us. Our Founders recognized the faults of people and endeavored to set up a system of government which had defined limits on what people could or couldn’t do; how much power they could/couldn’t get over their fellow citizens, and what they could/couldn’t do with that power. In the intervening years since 1789, we have allowed politicians to strip away the restraints of the Constitution so we could do what? Ultimately, to destroy ourselves.

284px-American_Thinker_logoThe story told by Harry Reid to explain the serious injuries he received on New Year’s Day does not stand up to scrutiny. And now, the Capitol Police, which had a security team on duty with him in his Henderson, Nevada home, is refusing to release the internal reports it has on the timing of his treatment for injuries. Reid claims that the broken ribs and facial injuries were the result of an exercise band snapping back at him during a workout, in which case he would have been admitted to the hospital at a reasonable hour of the daytime, post-workout. However, if he was beaten by someone, those injuries could well have occurred in the late night hours.

John Hinderaker of Powerline has been calling BS on Reid’s story, and in the latest chapter of his investigation provides a theory that it was Reid’s troubled brother Larry who may have beaten up the former Majority Leader in the late hours of New Year’s Eve.. To me, the weak point of that theory is that it relies on eyewitness accounts from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that Larry Reid supposedly attended.  AA has strict secrecy around what happens at meetings.

Nonetheless, it is a plausible theory, made all the more so by the report in the UK Daily Mail (via Gateway Pundit) that:

Senator Harry Reid’s 73-year-old brother has been arrested and charged with driving drunk and hitting a police officer. Larry Reid was arrested for DUI about 12:40 p.m. between Boulder City and Searchlight in Nevada. Mr. Reid was also charged with battery of a police officer, driving across a median, resisting arrest, not wearing a seat belt and possession of a gun while under the influence of alcohol.

A trooper saw Larry Reid’s Lexus SUV in the dirt median with the engine still running, Patrol spokesman Trooper Loy Hixson said. The Nevada Senator’s office released a statement confirming that Larry Reid is the Democrat’s brother, saying only that it is ‘a private matter.’

Breitbart has also been investigating, and got ahold of a floor plan of a house identical to Reid’s and discovered that the layout of the shower door was such that the story Reid told of the exercise band attached to it  is not plausible:

1. The shower door in his master bathroom, as well as two of the other three sides of the shower itself, consists of a glass panel that extends from floor to ceiling and is not sturdy enough to be used as the anchor for an exercise band.

2. The distance from the shower door to the cabinets in the bathroom is at best a mere 3 feet, an insufficient width to conduct the type of resistance band exercises Reid says he was performing when one of the bands broke and he hit his head on the cabinet.

3. Even if Reid had attempted to conduct his exercises in this very narrow 3 feet passage, the force of the exercise would not have been sufficient to “spin him around” and crash him into the cabinets of the master bathroom, as he claims.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Reid and his wife moved into their newly purchased “Cantata Model” home in the Anthem Country Club gated community of Henderson, Nevada, in the summer of 2014.

Breitbart News has confirmed through publicly available documents at the Clark County Assessor’s Office and publicly available documents from the real estate agent who handled the transaction that Senator Reid and his wife purchased a 3,571 square foot house built on the Cantata model floor plan in the Anthem Country Club gated community in Henderson, Nevada for $769,000 on July 11, 2014.

Wow, 3500 square feet is a lot of space for an elderly couple. Odd that with all that space Reid would be doping exercise on a cramped 3 foot area of the bathroom.

And now, Brietbart is pressing the Capitol Police, which has been involved in a number of questionable incidents, for release of its reports on the incident in Henderson, and Reid’s transport to the two hospitals to which he was taken for treatment:

It insists the senator’s Capitol Police security detail was with him at his Henderson, Nevada home when the injuries occurred on New Year’s Day and transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson for treatment.

Breitbart News has repeatedly asked the Capitol Police to verify this claim, and to provide a copy of the incident report filed by the security detail describing the events of that day. Breitbart News has also requested the Capitol Hill Police specifically detail the date and time of day the incident took place in Reid’s home, and the date and time of day Reid’s security detail transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital.

Despite sending numerous phone and email requests for this information to the Capitol Police over the last several days, no such information has been provided.

On Friday, Breitbart News spoke on the phone with Capitol Police Public Information Officer Kim Schneider, who promised to provide that information to us shortly.

As of Monday, we have received no further response and have been provided with none of the requested information.

As Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart notes, the hospitals themselves are covered by medical confidentiality, but the Capitol Police are not. And the timing of Reid’s treatment is particularly important to establish. There may, in fact, be a crime that is being covered up:

1. If it was an accident, what are the details of that accident?

2. If it was not an accident, was it an assault?

3. If the possibility of assault on a member of Congress, a federal crime, has not been ruled out, why is the FBI, which has jurisdiction over such matters, not currently investigating?

4. If it is a possible assault and the Capitol Police have not reported it as such to the FBI, would such a failure to report constitute obstruction of justice?

It is now established that Harry Reid is a liar with no shame. It is therefore quite reasonable to question his account of his injuries and to seek documentary evidence from a police agency that was present at the time of his injuries.

The mainstream media will continue to ignore the story, precisely because it makes Reid look bad. But fortunately, the blogosphere is not in the tank.