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Talk about the rock and a hard place! Now that we’ve taken the turn around the old Father Time corner and emerged into the sunshine of a brand new year (metaphorically-speaking, that is), those darned holdovers like political cans being repeatedly kicked down the road for some reason, just won’t go away. Another metaphorical example could well be laundry-like – ‘wash, rinse, repeat; wash, rinse, repeat,’ over and over again and again.

Welcome to the rock and hard place, messrs Horowitz, Barr, and Durham, aka ‘Political Double Jeopardy Train’ – PDJT for short. Mmmmmm. Throw a little Mike Pompeo in there whose wrists PDJT had to slap a little bit the other day re. Ukraine vs Iraq and the importance thereof.

Lesson – you start a fire, you damn well better put it out before it escalates into something else.

The party of deadbeats and Joe (quid pro quo 30330) BiteMe, aka demoMarxocrats, are not only calling for Barr to recuse himself, but now they’ve ramped it up to trying to get rid of Durham. Both men no doubt, are fully aware of the rock of Pandora’s box they’re opening and what’s at stake. If they didn’t intend to get this done, and done right, they wouldn’t have signed up for the job. Mmmmmm.

These are not Mueller types, doddering around and being used by shadowy puppeteers along the lines of ‘save the country from becoming a banana republic’ by advocating actions that will ensure the country becomes a banana republic! That bunch. The very same who ought to be behind bars already.

Unfortunately, as it now stands, ‘justice’ is simply a word in the wind. It isn’t the courts after all who are dishing out due punishment, but the media mainstream lamestreams deciding who to punish, besmirch and revile. We the (63 million) People want justice, and for that unfortunately, you have to dismantle the MSM.

How that is to be done requires something like the rock and a hard place, that probably doesn’t exist at the moment. Yet the reality does.

The sewer swamp seems to be way too deep and one could seriously doubt if anyone could find 10 elected and / or agency heads today that are not completely swamp-indoctrinated. Heck, just throw in Horowitz (made obvious) and Sessions (made obvious) John Roberts (obvious) the FISA judges (obvious), and (gulp!) Barr and Durham. The rock and the hard place?

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

Michael E. Young, American Thinker: ‘Does William Barr Have the Guts?’…

When asked if William Barr has the guts to do what needs to be done, a semi-famous conservative Twitter pundit answered that Barr has the guts, but what he lacks is prosecutable crimes.

Wait, what?

If this seems like utter nonsense to you, you are not alone. It is nonsense until you consider that successful prosecution also requires an unbiased jury willing to convict. The point might have been that Barr lacks a D.C. jury pool that would be eager to impugn swamp creatures with the same zeal demonstrated for the prosecution of Roger Stone. This is a particularly tough pill to swallow for the sober masses who are watching our nation be systematically imperiled by Democrats and the media.

The recent I.G. report on FISA abuse was just another in a very long line of disappointing indicators that equal justice may never be restored to our nation. But just when you are ready to sell the house and move to mountains of Utah, William Barr makes bold public statements that stop the music like the scratch of a needle on an L.P. record. Is this guy Barr for real? [-]

[+] … Ultimately, justice needs to be done, so a compromise must be made. The most prudent course would be to prosecute up to a high enough level that sends a clear message to the subordinates of future leaders: follow corrupt orders at your own peril. This is likely the best way to disarm and deter the next corrupt administration without creating a constitutional crisis. The likes of Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Power, and so on understand this. There’s no doubt they are living in fear and uncertainty. Law-abiding Americans should take minor solace in the notion that they are suffering with fear right now as a result of their crimes.[-]

[+] … We should never lose sight of the fact that one of the worst dangers America faces is the political corruption of the mainstream media. They provided the necessary cover for everything we’ve suffered through for the last three years.

Full link below…

The return of the Moron Vote…

Acknowledging that the demoMarxocrat Media Complex is powerful, is a practical observance; admitting that it can’t be overcome is willful acceptance. Consider that our fearless president has basically destroyed CNN’s viewership. Other sycophantic alphabet-soups are feeling the pain.

Granted, those who choose to get their information from these dutiful progressive sources will not be impacted by the growing populist economic nationalism that is rising and their minds will be harder to change, if not downright impossible. Despite that, the conservative media is growing and tens of millions of people (U.S. Citizen Voters) are listening and plugging-in. This is no time for fatalism. Or as Maggie Thatcher once famously said to G.H.W. Bush – ‘Remember George, this is no time to go wobbly.

On a broader scale, the good thing about having a Donald J. Trump in the White House is that there’s nothing more that the fake news media can say that they haven’t already said. As Durham’s Grand Jury hands down indictments Barr would follow through with prosecutions. Fake news, after all, has spent 3+ years between the rock and hard place accusing Trump of crimes, so nothing they say at this point is going to change anyone’s vote. Durham, Barr and Trump are the right people in the right places at the right time for America.

Let the chips fall as they may, We the (63 million) People are prepared for the demoMarxocrats to go absolutely insane.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full Michael E. Young, American Thinker: Does William Barr Have the Guts?

One thought on “The rock and hardplace tight option

  1. Hopefully you are correct and we see these people
    who think they are above the law go to jail . As far
    As the top like Obama and the Clintons I doubt it
    But they should be behind bars. Hopefully the Swamp will be drained enough to restore justice
    To The USA and get more conservative judges
    On the bench to insure justice will survive in this country

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