The eyes of Texas are upon you, all..

Go ahead, make my..

.… the livelong day; the eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away … Do not think you can escape them, by rising so early in the morn; the eyes of Texas are upon you, ’til Gabriel blows his horn!

30 million residents, one of the wealthiest states in the country, and the federal government treats Texas like it’s still some kind of frontier territory. The decrepit old pervert trampling around forever lost has done nothing but inflict punishment on the state since he was illegally installed in the oval office. While secession seems to forever linger in the background, it’s probably time for Texas and other states similarly situated to begin looking at other options, because the current fraudulent demoMarxocrat governing arrangement isn’t working out for anyone. Nada!

As a point of interest in the topic at hand, the 2020 election had 41% of Texas Latinos (Tejanos) voting for President Trump, a significant increase from 2016. When the Tejano vote is split, demoMarxocrats have no chance since Tejanos move to the GOP because they’re family-centric free market capitalists, in addition to having many problems with today’s demoMarxocrat party.

The eyes of Texas are upon you. We say Welcome to Texas!

Example: • They don’t like socialism. That’s why they moved to America…for freedom and opportunity. • They don’t like demoMarxocrat covid lockdowns. These guys are independent businessmen. • They don’t like green energy. The Texas oil patch is serviced by Tejano-owned companies. • They don’t like illegal immigrants. Illegals are bringing gangs, drugs, murder to the Texas border. • They don’t like Central American caravans. Tejanos are Mexicans. Big difference. • They don’t like monthly checks for not working. These guys love to work. • They don’t consider themselves an oppressed minority. They identify as white. They don’t identify as “people of color.”

The Leftist creation of the term “Hispanic” for instance, designed to create big numbers really masks a lot of difference. Mexicans are different than Cubans who are different from Puerto Ricans who are different than Central Americans who are different from South Americans. And as we are learning Tejanos are different than other Mexicans. They have a very long history in that region predating the US and some fought on the Texas side in the war of independence.

In travels along the Rio Grande, it becomes obvious that everyone-Anglo and Tejano alike have relatives and friends on both sides of the river, in addition to scores and scores of people having fled north to friends and relatives to escape cartel violence. Very different situation from the border crossers from deeper in Mexico or Central America.

Brian Lonergan, American Greatness: ‘Texas, the Indispensable State’ …

If America survives the Biden assault on our borders and restores the stability it once had, we will owe Texas a debt of gratitude for leading the charge.

Throughout its history there have been several points when America appeared to reach its nadir, only to be saved by the leadership of uncommon, indispensable men. Against all odds, George Washington saw his Continental Army and a nascent America through the brutal winter at Valley Forge. With the nation’s future very much in doubt, Lincoln bore the burden and preserved the Union. In October 1962, Kennedy’s resolve prevailed and the world was spared a global nuclear conflict.

In this same tradition, as America faces a crisis over the integrity of our sovereign borders, Texas emerges as the uncommon, indispensable state.

While New York, California, and other states have proven to be modern-day quislings for the anti-borders Left, Texas has been Churchillian. How appropriate that the former independent nation with the big-thinking, maverick spirit is leading the charge in the courts, at the border, and in the halls of Congress.

In the courtroom battle, Texas’ victories are piling up. Shortly after Joe Biden was inaugurated, Texas and its Attorney General Ken Paxton won an injunction against the administration’s 100-day ban on most deportations. The Lone Star State has also thwarted the White House’s attempts to end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy.

The most recent victory happened last week, when a Texas federal judge ordered the Biden Administration to resume a Trump policy for the removal of unaccompanied alien children who come from countries such as Mexico where COVID is prevalent. [-]

[+] … Further agitating the Biden White House has been Texas Governor Greg Abbott. After witnessing the waste and damage caused by Biden’s abandonment of the already purchased border wall project, Abbott has cobbled together the resources to resume construction of the wall where needed in his state. So chagrined was the federal government by Abbott’s actions that it donated more than $6 million worth of idle wall components to the Texas project.

The Texan defiance of the anti-borders movement has encouraged others to join the fight. In January, Paxton hosted a summit of 12 other state attorneys general to see the crisis at the Texas border first-hand and strategize against the Biden immigration agenda.

With just under three years remaining in the Biden Administration’s term, the fight over America’s borders and immigration policy will remain hot. If our nation survives this calamitous time and restores the stability it once had, we will owe Texas a debt of gratitude for leading the charge. [end]

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The eyes of Texas are upon you

In closing, there’s a reason why right-leaning people are abandoning blue states in droves, and one can be assured it’s not because there’s too much freedom. Authoritarianism is the standard imposed by one in Canada with the last name of Trudeau who fully supported his own crackdown. What a surprise, eh?

If allowing people to exercise their rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment is authoritarian; if respecting their 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof is authoritarian; if allowing parents the ability to look at the school curriculum and keep their kids away from groomers and people who foment race-hatred is authoritarian; then yours truly goes for bringing on authoritarianism.

Of course, it’s insane, but there are too many of us in the mix to whom “authoritarian” seems to be anything not explicitly left wing or anything the left doesn’t like. The right to bear arms for instance, the free exercise of religion, and the right to keep ones kids away from pedophile groomers isn’t revenge that we seek, we simply desire you left wingers to go to your blue states and live happily ever after.

You can after all, implement your own left-wing utopian policies there while we on the right can live in our country as we please according to our values. Win-win, and nobody has to get shot. How ’bout them apples? The eyes of Texas are upon you!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!