Terrorist attacks thwart the unwary

En Garde in the bunker…

Terrorist attacks thwart the unwary. Meanwhile, sliding away from the Mueller Russia-collusion witch-hunt for a day or so, back in the land of Jihad (which seems to be any place on the planet these days) the Left has blood on its hands in Manhattan, or at least that’s the premise coming up from Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMagazine, who goes on: “Leftists who refuse to stop Islamic terrorism want people to die.”

Mmmmm .. When you think about it, Western Civilization is like a herd of sheep under attack by ravenous wolves. But instead of warning us to be on guard and protect ourselves, our shepherds keep telling us to pretend it’s not happening. So as one sheep after another is slaughtered and carried away, we put a smile on our face and keep acting like everything is fine.

You can almost imagine a De Blasio/Cuomo presser running along the lines of: “other than the truck that was rammed into innocent bystanders killing 8 and wounding countless others, how was everyone’s Halloween?” with nary a hint of “Allahu Akbar” anywhere to be detected.

Terrorist fighting terrorist…

Yet reality reared its ugly head again with further slaughter of the innocents from the murderous cult of yet another delusional soldier of Islam yelling that horrendous cultist chant. And right on cue came Cuomo and De Blasio trotting out as they did following the Chelsea Dumpster bombing which injured 29, where Gov. Cuomo said, “We’re not gonna let them win.”

Yesterday he dusted off his favorite platitudes once again to say, “We go forward stronger than ever. We are not gonna let them win. Our thoughts and prayers are blah, blah, blah” … Unfortunately, his ‘thoughts and prayers’ don’t even reach the ceiling.

As for his partner in crime De Blasio, he intoned, “a cowardly act of terror on innocent civilians.” Or should We the People term it a cowardly act of governance to continue the emphasis on a lone wolf narrative, the sanctuary city, and the religion of peace? The mayor is a coward who is attempting to spin away any consideration that he is in fact, culpable and accountable. His insouciance knows no bounds.

Unlike Daniel Greenfield who always seems to have it together…

Daniel Greenfield…

Earlier this year, a final settlement was reached in the war on the NYPD’s counterterrorist Islamic surveillance. The Manhattan courtroom where the lawfare effort to dismantle the NYPD’s ability to stop terrorist attacks was heard is blocks away from the site of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in New York.

Walk two blocks down to City Hall. And then head down Chambers to the West Side Highway. That’s where the terrorist attack that killed eight people ended when an NYPD officer shot the terrorist. If he had kept going down the West Side Highway, instead of crashing into a school bus, he would have eventually been within attack range of the 9/11 Memorial. And maybe that was his original plan.

But his message was very clear. He shouted it as he left the truck with which he murdered 8 people.

“Allahu Akbar”. These were the last words on the Flight 93 flight recorder. Mohamed Atta had advised his fellow 9/11 hijackers to, “Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because it strikes fear in the hearts of the infidels.”

Sayfullo Saipov, the Muslim terrorist who carried out the latest attack, was just listening to Atta’s advice. The 16thanniversary of the attacks has passed, but the hatred of Allah’s killers burns as hot as ever.

And the attack carried clear echoes of 9/11.

Saipov had listed an address in Paterson, NJ. Paterson, known to the locals as ‘Paterstine’ for its sizable Islamic community, is where the PLO terror flag flies over City Hall and where Islamic terrorist sympathizers celebrated after their compatriots murdered thousands on 9/11.

Paterson is also where 6 of the 9/11 hijackers lived.

The terrorist reportedly rented the truck used in the attack in Jersey City. That’s where the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center rented the van they used in the attack. And Jersey City was where some of the terrorists lived. And it’s where Muslims were caught celebrating the September 11 attacks.

The attack by the Muslim settler from Uzbekistan was almost identical to previous Car Jihad attacks in Europe. Right down to using a fake firearm. But New York City had avoided the non-stop terror wave that engulfed Paris and other European cities thanks to the hard work of the NYPD.

But every time the NYPD broke up an Islamic terror plot, the media and its leftist allies would howl that the racist police had entrapped another innocent mentally ill Muslim. When the Newburgh Four plotted to bomb synagogues in the Bronx, the media was in their corner. HBO even aired The Newburgh Sting, a piece of propaganda whitewashing the terrorists. The revisionist documentary played at the Tribeca Film Festival. And Tribeca is the site of the latest Islamic terrorist attack.

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Insanity from David Cameron a few years ago … London now has a Muslim Mayor. Still doesn’t prevent terrorist truck attacks nor Muslim grooming of young girls…

Only when a Muslim backlash begins becoming the norm and the general public starts explicitly naming the culprit as “Muslim”, only then a true solution to the Muslim problem will begin to become a reality. The pattern is there, always repeating itself, time after time after time.

The “allahu-akbar” stamp, the disgruntled Muslim disdaining life, mad at the world, in love with his murderous “prophet”, sick with blood-lust, his heart full of unresolved rage against everybody who’s not a Muslim.

It is beyond pathetic to watch open border DemoMarxists feign compassion following these tragic events. Bodyguarded limousine liberals certainly don’t want their citizens using any Second Amendment protection to save themselves.

Liberals in tough guy Halloween costumes are in fact letting the terrorists win, over and over again. Instead of a vacant platitude like “We’re not gonna let them win” we should have a policy to protect our citizens.

As in .. We’re not gonna let them in.

Period. Over. Out.