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Since people in their ’60s these days are no longer the worn-out husks they used to be, many of them are taking early retirement from which surely the salvation of America must / could come. The elderly and retired after all, definitely have lots of time on their hands so rather than asking a Donald Trump to venture into Washington and perform miracles, a local leader who organized a juggernaut of retired people to save the country would be more than welcome.

Mentally ill leftists are currently spotlighted by the corrupt media to “immanentize to eschaton” – hurry the end times. Portland’s anarchists are the nadir of the nihilism that has gripped the modern demoMarxocrat Left.

Were America’s elderly (of which yours truly is one) to recognize the enormous looming threat to Social Security presented by demoMarxocrat madness, the adults might finally take charge of the playpen.

Southlake Texas restoration center, town square fountain

The power of the left is massively boosted by none-involvement from normal people. Normal people have lives and interests and are not obsessed with controlling their neighbors. This makes it easy for leftists backed by funding from the long established billionaire foundations and interest groups to get control even with a tiny approval fraction of the population.

When normal people are faced with existential threats to their existence, they then get motivated and show their strength. The trick is how to maintain this. The normal course of events is to declare victory and go back to your normal life. It’s hard to avoid this so any long term solution must be systemic and structural.

The Government elites think ‘We the (80 million+) People’ are too stupid to be able to take care of ourselves and our families! This has been the ‘modus operandi’ common tool used throughout history to remove the rights and freedoms from we citizens and give all the power to the out of control tyrants increasingly drunk on the very power they grant themselves. Of course the new rules only apply to the little people while they do what ever they want.

The choice is clear! Worship God, freedom and the unalienable rights that He and only He granted to us to be free to live life as WE choose OR give up everything and be told how to live by a few elites corrupted by greed and power. Slightly over to the southwest of yours truly lies the wonderful Texas community of Southlake which encapsulates everything good about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness … Now where have you heard that sentiment before?! Read on to the Southlake Texas restoration center…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Restoration of Our Republic – Southlake Texas Shows the Way’ …

Many people have come to the realization the best line of defense against an out of control and corrupt federal government is to drop back to the state and local level, harden the local politics to push-back against federal intervention, and demand local and state officials fight against the dangerous leftist agenda.

Governors like Ron DeSantis in Florida are leading the way with proactive state legislation and direct confrontation against the collectivist leftist effort. The state confrontation includes state laws against efforts by federal intrusion (COVID mandates, passports, etc) and simultaneously creating state laws that will allow Big Tech (censorship) and the multinational corporations (discrimination) to be sued in state court.  Additionally, following the Tea Party organized model, local pragmatic patriots are also doing their part.

The latest story of effective organization at the local level comes from a group of families in a mid-sized town of Southlake, Texas; a town northwest of Dallas with a population of 31,000. The school board was about to initiate the indoctrination program of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the region. The parents said “no more” leftist bullshit, organized an effective political action committee pooled their financial resources, selected candidates and launched a full-frontal assault in the next local election.

The results were stunningly successful as the pragmatic patriots crushed the leftist effort with a turnout three times greater than the previous election, and an overwhelming seventy percent level of voting support for their candidates. Their opposition barely scraped 30% for their side. This is how it is done; smile as you read the details below:

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Nine months after officials in the affluent Carroll Independent School District introduced a proposal to combat racial and cultural intolerance in schools, voters delivered a resounding victory Saturday to a slate of school board and City Council candidates who opposed the plan.

In an unusually bitter campaign that echoed a growing national divide over how to address issues of race, gender and sexuality in schools, candidates in the city of Southlake were split between two camps: those who supported new diversity and inclusion training requirements for Carroll students and teachers and those backed by a political action committee that was formed last year to defeat the plan. [-]

[+] … In the end, the contest was not close. Candidates backed by the conservative Southlake Families PAC, which has raised more than $200,000 since last summer, won every race by about 70 percent to 30 percent, including those for two school board positions, two City Council seats and mayor. More than 9,000 voters cast ballots, three times as many as in similar contests in the past.  (read more)

May their tribe increase and may this result spur other local groups to organize and take back control over their local government. [end]

Full link below…

Southlake Texas restoration center in demoMarxocrat crosshairs…

Southlake; Flower Mound; Lewisville, and literally scores of other cities, towns and villages somehow always show up in one magazine survey or another as best places to live. This here is the bible belt, the boundaries within which We the People “don’t cotton” to being told we’re racist, bigoted, or any other progressive label. There are a couple of bunches of “purple people eaters” in the likes of Houston, San Antonio, Austin of course and Dallas proper but generally they’re few and far between. Out in all the outlying areas, most think these SJW’s are a waste of space; “don’t California my Texas” is a popular T-shirt.

The Texas story is well worth repeating – the first truly hopeful story most have heard in a long, long time. We Texans (both ‘birthed’ and immigrants) pray millions more wake up and fight back against the lies and insanity of the forces of evil and darkness attempting to replace what the Founding Fathers left for our posterity.

God Bless Southlake Texas restoration center!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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