Snooping informants everywhere….

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Some three years ago the outright fact of the matter is that nearly two million Patriots gathered in Washington D.C. over two days, January 5th and 6th, for the Stop the Steal Rally. They listened to brilliant and impassioned speakers from all over the country, and they wanted to hear some of the “evidence that doesn’t exist” read-out publicly. President Trump, the final speaker at the rally, did just that, presenting a tiny bit of the “evidence that doesn’t exist.

Much more was to come during the hearings at the Capitol as representatives of state after state were to speak about the matter, some declaring the election “the most honest and open in our history,” others, like the representatives of Arizona and Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Georgia and Nevada about to publicly present a little more of the massive pile of “evidence that doesn’t exist” in a hearing that would be impossible for the “mainstream media” to cover up.

The Patriots attempted to Stop the Steal. Chuck Schumer’s Six Ways from Sunday gang attempted to Complete the Steal. The Six Ways from Sunday gang won and the rest is non-history, now permanently buried in the archives under seal. And with that said, as Attorney General Barr would put it, “nothing to see here folks, move along.

Snooping informants everywhere

Which to all intents and purposes as everything seems to be “up and at ’em”, the one positive thing to come from this new informant revelation is that it has been picked up by the MSM as well. The bigger the spotlight, the better the chance that public disgust with these kangaroo court trials are recognized for what they are. The government just had another setback this week with two of the Oath Keepers being acquitted of several conspiracy charges. There is a growing awareness about the political prisoners still in the gulag and the dirty tactics used by the prosecutors.

One thing is certain, if you belong to any group that criticizes the regime, you probably have an informant or more in your midst. This country is now like any Communist dictatorship where anti-regime protests are prohibited by law. The FJBidung regime has essentially made this the law of the land by default, towards which we should all take a lesson from the people imprisoned in East Germany back in 1989 and how they peacefully brought the wall down. THAT!

A new Civil Rights movement is needed to restore impartial justice and freedom in this country. The GDR fell when the country was in a severe political and economic crisis with the people having their fill of totalitarian authority, particularly as white supremacist groups wouldn’t be able to brew a pot of coffee in their meetings were the FBI not buying it for them.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Informants Everywhere’ …

The shroud of secrecy surrounding the FBI’s foreknowledge and engagement in the events of January 6 is disintegrating, no matter how hard Beltway lifers try to keep it intact.

After nine weeks of testimony from multiple government witnesses, including FBI agents, the Justice Department finally concluded its case-in-chief in the Proud Boys’ seditious conspiracy trial on Monday.

Five Proud Boys, including the group’s leader, Enrique Tarrio, are accused of conspiring to “oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force” on January 6, 2021. It is Attorney General Merrick Garland’s most consequential case related to January 6; convictions will help build a similar case against Donald Trump largely based on his infamous “stand back and stand by” remark to the Proud Boys during an October 2020 presidential debate.

Most of the evidence is nothing more than inflammatory, braggadocious chatter in group texts; Tarrio wasn’t even present at the Capitol on January 6. Another defendant, Ethan Nordean, can be seen on surveillance video walking through an open door as Capitol police stood nearby.

Similar to other so-called “militia” groups tied to January 6, no one brought weapons to the Capitol that day; no one was charged with assaulting police officers or lawmakers. A key piece of evidence that prosecutors claimed was a road map for the “attack” on the Capitol wasn’t produced by any Proud Boy but by a former intelligence asset who himself sent the plan to Tarrio through a third party.

The document represented just one more instance of how a government agent helped shape the government’s narrative that the Proud Boys plotted in advance to carry out an “insurrection” on January 6. In fact, much like the FBI-engineered plan to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020, court proceedings confirm that FBI assets might outnumber criminal defendants.

At least 10 and possibly up to 15 FBI informants were embedded in the group months before and continuing after the events of January 6. Informants participated in numerous group chats, cozied up to leadership, and even accompanied the Proud Boys to Washington.

One known informant, according to a September 2021 New York Times report, was involved in the first breach of Capitol grounds and entered the building that afternoon. [-]

[+] … Lizardo warned he would invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege to avoid potential criminal charges himself for his involvement with the Proud Boys and presence at the Capitol on January 6. So Kelly let him off the hook while noting Lizardo “has had a reporting relationship with the FBI.” That’s one way to put it.

FBI officials to this day refuse to answer questions about the bureau’s foreknowledge and engagement in the events of January 6. The January 6 committee did not bother to interview FBI Director Christopher Wray or then-head of the Washington FBI field office, Steven D’Antuono, who also ran the Whitmer fednapping hoax.

But the shroud of secrecy is gradually disintegrating no matter how hard Beltway lifers like Judge Kelly attempt to keep it intact. Recent polls indicate a solid majority of Americans believe federal assets provoked the Capitol protest; revelations emerging from the Justice Department’s biggest case will only bolster those justified suspicions. [end]

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Snooping informants everywhere

Tony_Petroski, comments thread: Today Julie Kelly, America’s finest journalist, reports that the FBI has informants, informants, everywhere, and where they go, Garland does not care. Heck, they even have spies amongst the defense counsel. In a grudging way, we must give the Attorney General of the United States his due: When he announced so long ago his Stalinesque plan to Shock-and-Awe the American people, I assumed that, like Stalin’s show trials, the whole business would be over in a matter of weeks. But shockingly, Garland has kept Shock-and-Awe going for more than two years.

He first announced an arrest quota of five hundred Patriots. The FBI, eager beavers all, quickly met the quota and more. The Justice Department struck out against more than a thousand Americans with charges ranging from seditious conspiracy to parading to obstructing an official proceeding…heck, an old grannie from Cincinnati was charged with conspiracy because she had a partially-constructed jigsaw puzzle of the Capitol building in her home. THAT!

The “rabbits,” of course, are of little consequence. But the message sent to the public by the regime is, well…shocking and awe-ing. “We will brook no dissent. We will suffer no protest. We know where you live. We know where your bank account is. We know where your children go to school. And once and for all, no more wild talk about a “President” Trump or we will jail him too.” This is how a once-great nation is “fundamentally transformed.” [end]

Snooping informants everywhere.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!