Sinister nature of Jan 6 show trial…

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There’s an oldie but goodie that runs “You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time” – the problem for evil leftist groomer demoMarxocrat terrorists being that only their base is fooled. Anyone with half a brain can see through their lies, yet that having been said, the Republican side of the equation isn’t much better.

Had the Republicans had some cojones in 2012, the country might well have been spared another four years of the traitors in the White House, the ones who tried to overthrow the government after the 2016 election. And who knows, our fearless Trump may not have decided to run in 2016 had the GOP taken out those traitors in 2012. One of those deep mysteries we’ll never know the outcome of!

Time will tell of course if McCarthy is a return to a form of “Boehner/Ryan/Pedo guy” but don’t hold your breath. As far as it presently looks the only way the D party returns to power is if the R party blows it and goes all “bipartisan” on We the (90 million+) People. And by the word “bipartisan”, I don’t mean enacting popular legislation, I mean enacting demoMarxocrat legislation. Like legalizing the millions of illegals who have crossed our border in the last 10 years, never mind the swarms of illegals adding to the enormous numbers just this past 18 months alone!

Sinister nature of Jan 6 show trial. President Trump with his Mom’s Bible

Does May 20th 2020 ring a bell for anyone – especially demoMarxorats? The day all your commie storm troopers tried to breach 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and burn down the church at Lafayette Park? Crickets huh? along with the whole summer long series of destructive and violent riots by the demoMarxocrat ground-hog troops aka Harris and Biden thought it was necessary and that it shouldn’t stop – even creating a fund to bail all the violent criminals out .

Fact is there’s currently a non-existent leadership on our side of the aisle. If someone, anyone, with an R after their name stood up and pointed out that election integrity is important no matter what party you vote for because otherwise you get 80 year old corruptocrats the likes of FJB and the fetid Harris getting elected, we would get at least the swing voters.

The only real winners out of this election are the big blue cities which had their pension deficits paid off when Congress stole a trillion dollars from the treasury under the guise of ‘Covid relief’. They needed to do that as it was the Gov. Unions who helped steal the election. None of that money is going to be helping the regular folks who live in the cities.

Now we have a bunch of the same animals blatantly violating the law by trying to intimidate Supreme Court Justices – even on one case attempting to assassinate one … Crickets … The demoMarxocrat selective outrage over Patriots objecting to a stolen election puts you all into a category of shame and ignominy.

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘January 6 Show Trials Expose Biden Democrats at a Low Ebb’ …

A political party that treats unhappy citizens like nuisances can’t expect to stay in power long, at least not by legitimate means.

Throughout the Biden era, Democrats have been preoccupied with painting their political opponents as enemies of the state beyond the pale of Our Democracy™. As the midterm elections draw closer, the limits of this approach are becoming clear. The polls reflect what voters can feel: Democrats are due for a spanking in November.

They have failed to deliver what they promised. The country isn’t calmer or more unified. The Biden Administration is not only reckless and incompetent but often appears indifferent to the problems facing the middle-class. Cost of living is skyrocketing with no end in sight, and basic products are becoming scarce, but Biden’s attention is absorbed by tasks like ensuring “trans youth” have uninhibited access to puberty blockers. The electorate is justifiably depressed and pessimistic about the future.

Voting for new leaders is the essence of democracy. How will Democrats respond when voters reject them in a few months? The story they have told themselves and their base cannot explain the coming rejection. Republicans, instead, must be viewed as an insurrectionist faction. How could Americans willingly vote for the people who tried to disrupt the “peaceful transfer of power?” It must be because the public hasn’t heard enough about January 6 from Democrats and cable news talking heads. Perhaps a televised show trial will wake Americans up to the urgency of excluding Republicans from the political process once and for all.

The January 6 show trials have captivated Biden’s liberal base, which has unabashedly embraced banana republic-style persecution of the Right. But the Democratic party’s fixation with January 6 and their sharply partisan distortion of the events of that day are out of step with the wider population. Less than half of Americans now hold Donald Trump responsible for the riot, and Trump has become more, not less popular, since the “insurrection.” If a Trump-Biden election were held today, Trump would win. It seems increasingly possible, even likely, that Trump will be the first president since Grover Cleveland to serve two nonconsecutive terms. [-]

[+] … Those more concerned with their declining standard of living than seeing Trump and his allies punished are being told, “You may think you’re having a hard time, but do you know who’s really struggling? Joe Biden. Dear Leader has delivered great prosperity for the people, but you are too dumb, misguided, or ungrateful to acknowledge that the economy is actually booming. And even if it isn’t booming, that’s not Biden’s fault. Don’t even think about voting for the opposition, or else.”

The January 6 committee hearings are the deeply un-American culmination of an effort to delegitimize political opposition to the most obviously fake presidency in American history. The spectacle shows Democrats at a sad ebb. They have become a faction of emotionally overwrought Stalinists, whose views are overrepresented in the rantings of former g-men on MSNBC and grandstanding, lying demagogues like Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.). A political party that treats unhappy citizens like nuisances can’t expect to stay in power long, at least not by legitimate means. [end]

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Sinister nature of Jan 6 show trial. Sayonara up yours uniparty eunuchs…

The demoMarxocrat mob consisted of former President OBO#44, former VP LGB, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s National Security Division, former Acting AG Rod Rosenstein, former special counsel Bob Mueller, Mueller’s goons … get the point? The mob was the government.

They didn’t storm the Capitol because they didn’t have to. They undermined President Donald John Trump and his administration before and after he was sworn in. They lied to Trump. They lied to Pence. They lied to Flynn. They lied to the FISA court. They lied to Acting AG Dana Boente. They lied to the IG. They lied to Congress. This went on for nearly 3 years. Again, all based on a lie that all of these pieces of schiffty-Schiff knew was a lie, plus Hillary’s Trump/Russia “collusion” lie.

When all of that nonsense failed to get Trump out, they worked on new plans, including the theft of an entire election. Saying there was a “peaceful transfer of power” from the OBO#44 regime to the Trump administration is akin to describing Adolf Hitler as a very nice gentleman – just another lie – Sinister nature of Jan 6 show trial.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!