Showdown for forced vax mandates

Go ahead, make my…

Patriotic Americans are finally waking up to the threat posed on our liberty and freedoms. The vaccine mandate has become a symbolic reference point — do we obey in spite of our deep feelings and convictions that we shouldn’t take the vaccine? Ultimately, this is the political break-point. The emerging corporate-Fascist state will demand obedience as a way of reassuring itself that it’s in control. Stand your ground!

There are darned good reasons why people don’t want the vaccine and they should be able to make their choices not to get vaxxed. This whole mess of messes is all about our liberty and freedom with nothing whatsoever having anything much to do with Covid at all.

This is the moment sacrifice comes knocking at your door. Answer it with courage knowing this too shall pass and they won’t take America away from us. True Americans have something bred into them like no other – incredible inner strength and the will to survive anything come what may.

Showdown for forced vax mandates. When tyrants align to rule the roost…

“Not constitutional.” So who enforces the Constitution when the Rogue Government shreds it? The Constitution was born in blood, was predicated on the belief that Government “of” the people, from Honest elections, would never have to fear the people. But that assumption never predicted the Dirty Control of Media, infiltration, and the Internet.

Simmering frogs don’t always notice their situation. But boiling frogs that jump out of that pot are a whole different story. We get boiling mad! ENRAGED even! Resistance isn’t defined by violence in the streets, however – that only reinforces the “anarchy” narrative to polarize We the (90 million+) People. Consider they planned Jan 6 to stigmatize we Patriots as the violent insurrectionists, but be sure to note that smart people have already figured out it was a false flag carried out by Fib FBI. We have therefore resisted their exhortations for revenge!

*Passive* resistance, however, is SO difficult to counter. MLK got that one right, and what we’re witnessing now is that selfsame “passive resistance.” And folks like us are seeing it everywhere.

As always – God bless America and doom those trying to let evil rule the earth. There are good reasons why other people don’t want the vaccine. Just as people make their own choice, so should they also be able to make their choice not to get vaxxed. This is about our life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness – it doesn’t have all that much to do with Covid at all. It does however expose the showdown for forced vax mandates…

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Great National Showdown re Worker Mandates for Covid Vaccine: Don’t Flinch’ …

Before getting into the weeds on a CBS article warning of a “Looming Showdown” amid large numbers of critical workers who are refusing the mandated vaccination, it is worth setting up the accurate context for the details inside the discussion.

There are 205 million legally eligible U.S. workers between 15 and 74-years-old (census figures) with a workforce participation rate of 61% (BLS figures) which would equal 125 million legally eligible workers.   However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the number of working Americans at 161 million workers (BLS figures).  The majority of the difference between the two figures are most likely illegal alien workers (yeah, lots of them).

Approximately 40 percent of the eligible population are not working.  Some people are single family income (wives or husbands who don’t work), and some are just people who choose not to work, cannot work or have not yet started to work (college etc).  With somewhere between 125 million and 161 million workers doing the jobs that keep the country functioning, there are also approximately 10 million unfilled job openings.

According to the most recent statement from Joe Biden on October 14th: “We’re down to 66 million — it’s still an unacceptably high number — of unvaccinated people from almost 100 million in July.”  Approximately 60 million of those are within the current U.S. workforce.

If we split the difference (census -vs- BLS) and take the mid-point at 140 million workers, then 60 million workers refusing the vaccine mandate represents about 40 percent of the entire population of eligible workers.  Put another way, in the best case scenario, if 60 million people quit working or were fired, the national unemployment rate would be at least 35% ! [-]

[+] … Pontificating leftists and academics, without a bit of sense for what actually happens in the Main Street economy, have no concept of what it looks like if ten million people quit or are fired from working next month…. let alone five times that many. Bottom line: THIS IS A NON-ENFORCEABLE MANDATE, even if they wanted to do it.

The power of the American workforce is in the scale of dependency each person brings to the system when they are united.  It might seem like a few thousand here/there, because that’s the way the media are framing it. However, if you add up all those few thousands together you end up with millions. [-]

[+] … The system will not function if 50+ million American workers stand united against the vaccine mandate.  It really is that simple.

From a commonsense and logistical perspective, regardless of the federal outlook, there’s no way they can pull it off.  We are the quiet, and according to those who look down their noses – the “invisible” unwashed masses.  However, when it comes to keeping the gears turning, we are the majority.  We keep their shit working and just want to be left alone….

…. This is The Hill

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Showdown for forced vax mandates. Biggest presidential fraud in history…

When you look back at President Trump’s administration, what is clear is that he exposed the deep state for all to see but was unable to defeat it. Then came the stolen election and the Covid lockdowns, scams, forced and mandated clot-shots, and every manner of lies and gaslighting from our faux government. Now we have people losing jobs and parents terrified of what may happen to their children.

History reminds us that the man or woman who has nothing left to lose is a dangerous entity. So Trump’s Presidency exposed the deep state and what is occurring thereafter is the impetus for us to destroy it. Totally. Completely. In Detail!

There would be no Christianity without the crucifixtion; following which there could be no renewal in America without a stolen election and the Covid madness. God, the universe, and the minds of men and women work in amazing ways to fulfill the Divine Mandate!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!