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Following up from my Monday piece on the Parkland shooting, Daniel John Sobieski lets loose in today’s American Thinker with his own take, focusing on the antics of rogue Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. As described by yours truly in the Monday piece, Israel and his entire force it seems, are denizens of a Lefty swamp that along with a corrupt and dysfunctional school system refuses to confront law breaking that threatens PC rules of conduct.

Sheriff Scott Israel…

As duly illustrated through his revealing interview with Jake Tapper, Israel and his department were originally corrupted and politicized to carry out mandates dictated by Obama and Holder under the cover of the so-called “PROMISE Program” which, when implemented, basically ordered that if the Broward County School Board wanted to keep federal money flowing into their district they needed to stop reporting incidents of law-breaking that made their community look bad in the national statistics.

Sheriff Israel’s so-called ‘law enforcement officers’ were not there to enforce the law, and they certainly were not there to put their lives on the line to protect the students. It isn’t just a mistake, it’s an egregious misrepresentation to portray the sheriff as an overly-inflated political buffoon. He’s a hard core Leftist carrying out a hard core agenda, that leaves no room for the protection of students; which after all, must be the overriding responsibility of law and order. Seems like he was more concerned with advertising himself on a fleet of cop cars, than getting to the root of school safety and preventing the mass shooting of Valentines Day, 2018.

And with that, on to Daniel John Sobieski’s opener…

The photo car says it all about Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel: his self-serving vanity, his shallow and blatant political ambitions, and his insensitive self-absorption visible in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that left 17 dead. Police cars are for patrolling the community, not for the political self-promotion perpetrated by Sheriff Israel in 2015:

A Broward County sheriff’s spokeswoman confirmed vehicle wraps featuring a large image of Sheriff Scott Israel, which cost taxpayers $12,500 in total to cover five Ford Focus vehicles, have been removed.

The move came days after a Local 10 News report on the cars in which one of Israel’s opponents, retired Broward Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Willie Jones, condemned them as a campaign ploy financed by the public[.] …

Broward Collision was paid $2,500 per car for wrapping the vehicles.  Elections office records show that just days before the work had begun Israel accepted $2,000 in campaign contributions tied to Broward Collision, including $1,000 from the business and another $1,000 in the name of a relative of owner Keith Petron.

It was the same kind of bloviating vanity that led Sheriff Israel to appear on CNN’s gun control town hall, in the full knowledge that his deputies showed cowardice by not entering the Parkland high school, where an armed killer would eventually leave 17 dead.  He blamed the NRA and browbeat NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch for pointing out that gun ownership is a constitutional right and that it was law enforcement and not the NRA that failed to heed the scores of warning signs about what was to happen:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, a big fan of gun control, sensed an opportunity to pile on and deflect a little attention from his own agency’s failings. After survivor and student organizer Emma Gonzalez confronted Loesch with a nonsensical question about making it harder to obtain automatic weapons and Loesch shut it down, Israel stepped in:

“I understand you’re standing up for the NRA and I understand that’s what you’re supposed to do.  But you just told this group of people that you’re standing up for them, you’re not standing up for them until you say I want less weapons.”

Unfortunately, Sheriff Israel never understood what he was supposed to do, which was to show the leadership necessary to protect his citizens – and particularly their children – from armed predators.  Instead of doing his job or finding out what went wrong at Parkland, he pointed fingers at everyone but himself, taking the time to bask in the light of a CNN town hall, soaking up the free publicity for his ego as the citizens he failed were burying their dead children.

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Obama and Holder were always in it for the money … Sheriff Scott Israel and the PROMISE Program … ‘blood money’…

One could opine I suppose, that the whole Parkland debacle was the most cowardly action ever witnessed of a so-called living, breathing, active Police Department pledged to cover the safety of their home turf, especially school protection. Those officers were not at the school to protect against crime, but rather were there to ‘cover it up’.

Scott Israel is hardly a police officer, but more of a liberal politician who knowingly allowed minority students and the crimes they committed not to be reported nor charged under the “PROMISE” program so that he could continue to receive federal funding for himself and his officers. He is the worst kind of law enforcement officer for he makes up the law to suit “his” will and uses the law to effect his will upon those in his jurisdiction.

Seems to me that Sheriff Israel is exhibit A for the reason why this country will never give up its firearms in the grossly misbegotten thought that government will provide security for its citizens.  As the saying goes ‘when seconds count the police are only minutes away’. In the case of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department a grossly incompetent police force is only minutes away and then only after the sound of gun fire has stopped.

Simply stated, the sheriff is a corrupt tool of the DemoMarxist stripe, robotically utilizing Democrat talking points to deflect all investigations of his suspicious fiefdom.

If anyone doubts the pure raw racism of Obama and Holder, here it is right here with that ‘PROMISE program’ that was racially motivated and was a way to defraud the American taxpayers of millions of dollars.

Our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of this threat. A real threat that we ignore at our peril.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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