Senate Civics Lesson And How To Speak Leftist

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Senate civics lesson and how to speak leftist. Let’s begin with H.L.Mencken: “Progressive nightmare: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may escape being told what to do.” Thank you, Mr. Whittle for the great civics and history lesson! Oh how I wish schools still taught true civics, so that more people would go to the polls educated about what they stand for instead of voting for the manufactured crisis of the moment. There are way too many adults of legal age voting ignorantly for what progressives have told them they want. The mass rejection of totalitarianism which occurred this past Tuesday has renewed my faith in American greatness. I was becoming somewhat concerned regarding the future of humanity, considering the buffoons on the Left were going to drag us back a thousand years chasing their known false Utopia. Now, hope springs eternal once again. The following is a great lesson on civics and the Constitution, and all in under six minutes…

Mark Levin has spoken about repealing the 17th Amendment for quite some time, not only because it makes sense, but also because it returns the Senate to its intended purpose of representing the States.  We can see how the Senate through a Democrat majority was used as a political weapon by the Obama/Harry Reid collaboration basically erecting a firewall against the will of the people and holding up over 300+ bills passed in the House of Representatives (the will of the people).  It has taken 2 elections and 4 years to get out of this quagmire. This is also why the president is not elected by popular vote but by the Electoral College, which is charged with checking the votes of the people to help guide them in who they would vote for so that the president would represent the nation as a whole; We The People are represented by the House, the States by the Senate, and the Nation by the President.

Now on to “How To Speak Leftist” with Andrew Klavan… 

Senate civics lesson and how to speak leftist. Bravo, Andrew! Funny as ever and brilliant. We should start a leftist translation dictionary. Let’s give it a whirl…

1) Racist: conservative or libertarian Caucasian; 2) Sexist: conservative or libertarian man; 3) Greedy Capitalist corporations: well-run, profitable businesses; 4) Investments: wasteful government spending; 5) Tax Revenue: money squeezed out of citizens to pay for wasteful government spending (see “investments”); 6) Spending Cuts: massive increases in government spending; 7) Draconian Spending Cuts: less massive increases in government spending; 8) Genderqueer: no known translation; etc. etc.

But if progress doesn’t come and the 21st century turns out not to be the 21st century, a leftist can always respond by being “smart.” For instance, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton used “smart power” to transform Libya from an oppressive dictatorship to a blood-soaked hellhole.  President Obama used “smart diplomacy” to change Iraq from a shaky democracy to a bloodsoaked hellhole.  In leftese, the word “smart,” means ineffectual, or unrealistic.  Or stupid.

Or progressive.

Source … Truth Revolt; and personal archives…

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