Scandal fatigue & how to defeat it….

En Garde in the bunker…

Anyone having followed the scandal-driven progressive liberal Left during the period from 1965 to today can surely see the obvious decline in factual truth, comity and rational goals, while witnessing an alarming rise in intolerance and the use of courts (as opposed to Congress) to advance their political agenda/s.

All one has to do is to view the scandal Miner’s Canary of Liberalism (ie the inner cities) to truly see the human price of progressive political rule. The Democrat Party (what an oxymoronic name) has purged itself of all moderates while attracting ever more strident leftists in their place. Plus, neither do they negotiate nor debate in good faith with the opposition party. Scandal maybe; good faith? Nyet, comrade.

Unless the absolutely unforeseen occurs, the eventual outcome will be a 21st-century variant on the last civil war. The only reason the Left has been ascendant is their stranglehold over Academia, the News, and the Entertainment industry. Their scandal-ridden socialist ideas and political ideology have never worked, and even those which appear to have persevered do so on a mountain of enormous debt.

From voter fraud through lies and fake news of the media, to the street thugs consistently silencing all but their own, it is seemingly highly unlikely that this scandal will end peacefully.

As discussed yesterday, Power without accountability always ends in disaster, and that’s a thing we’re going to need to address if we’re going to get this scandal ship righted. We need a series of reforms to shore up the checks and balances that once existed, to prevent such unhealthy concentrations of power, as well as the creation of new ones to ensure that power without accountability doesn’t exist anywhere.

In recent years, that lack of accountability has spread like a cancer throughout the bureaucracy. Thanks to their unions, workers are not accountable for their actions, agency heads are seldom held to task for gross violations of the law, and they have usurped the power of the legislature through their issue of regulations backed with fines and prison time; which pretend at being law without ever having been voted upon. Scandal.

Real scandals like what the nation went through for the past 8 years is ignored.

Now the Left has to invent scandals because their candidate didn’t win. It’s like the Leftist’s and radicals that call everything racist. They throw the word racist out so often it has lost its meaning.

Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMagazine had a few words – “Scandal Fatigue” – to describe how he views the situation…

We get it. The media has enlisted in the “Resistance”. That means anything President Trump does having two scoops of ice cream to firing the guy that the left wanted fired is a scandal.

But when everything is a scandal, nothing is a scandal.

The left has found meaning in a constant war on Trump. But the effectiveness of that strategy has been widely overestimated. The media’s constant tidal flood of negative stories has made it impossible to achieve its goal of creating an actual scandal. Most people have long since been numbed to Trump scandalmania. Give it another year and no amount of accusations will get any attention.

The media’s radicalization, part of the larger radicalization of the left, has destroyed the existing liberal consensus. That was the one in which the media could pretend it was fair. Before opening fire. Now the pretense is gone and the news is just a bunch of North Korean anchors from Vassar screaming hate at the President of the United States.

The scandals are forgettable. They exist as bait for the left. And no one else really cares.

It’s amazing how some people need this explanation pointed out when all along it is so obvious. It really has become white noise!

Since the very first day when the “Resistance” tried to push a removed Martin Luther King bust from the Oval Office, the Fake News has continued at such a pace, they’ve lost all credibility. In less than a year, the MSM has reduced itself to nothing more than scandal-ridden tabloid trash.

This whole idea that “Change” is an unalloyed good is pure hucksterism. The same applies to “Progress” as good, unrelated to what is progressed from or to. It can be invigorating but that is not always a good outcome.

But notice that their skills and muscles to wield deception have atrophied from the self-congratulation elevated to levels of self-gratification rarely seen. The dialog has become other-worldly as they reach for new talismans to entice the people to follow. That is already the previous battle. New shamans are arising under a new flag with battle-trained muscles to wield these tools of misrule. Just as soon as your adversary has fallen, switch your gaze to your victor. We have always been the prize. No-one is on “Our side”.

I get so tired of hearing people I respect talk about Washington being broken and that they cannot do anything. Yes, it is working as designed. It was meant to be the committed-care ward for tyrants and not the seat of our salvation.

Yet we can still inspire to the destruction of the liberal progressive Left, and to the “Make America Great Again” acclamation of our newest Mr. Everyman President.

Scandal fatigue or no.


H/T Daniel Greenfield and FrontPageMagazine

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