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Leave it up to the acerbic, well-intended David Horowitz himself to expose the root cause of the entire eight years of the Obama regime as an absolute disaster when it comes to foreign policy. Not simply in terms of the dismantling and ruination of the entire Middle East, but in the tragic loss of life within the Christian community that falls squarely at the feet of Obama, Clinton, Kerry and others.

As is usually the case, Mr. Horowitz puts forth a cogent argument that makes crystal clear what a foreign policy disaster Obama gave to the world. And what a crying shame this man is not standing in the dock in front of the World Court defending himself as the root cause of the Middle East disasters, and the subsequent charge of crimes against humanity.

The Horowitz latest piece is very persuasive – setting out in detail how Obama failed, and what a bad president he was for America and the world. So bad, in fact, that like millions of others, I wonder if the root cause of the Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t an overt or subliminal attempt by the progressive Left to focus on Trump as a means of avoiding any scrutiny of Obama.

The Left knows that Obama was a truly awful President and way, way out of his depth, but by demonizing Trump it hopes to skip that bit of history by focusing minds on how equally bad Trump is. It doesn’t matter to the Left that Trump is in fact vastly superior to Obama in every policy sphere, so long as he is perceived as evil incarnate and takes the attention of people now away from attention then, when America elected a President who hates the USA.

No historian will ever do a root cause anatomy of Obama’s treason better. The malignancy of Obama’s purpose cannot be overstated. How can one overstate the consequences of Iran getting nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them? Obama has at least 500,000 deaths on his head already, but that number will explode with the evil he has unleashed in the Middle East.

Obama’s name will live in infamy.

David Horowitz…

During the eight years of the Obama administration, half a million Christians, Yazidis and Muslims were slaughtered in the Middle East by ISIS and other Islamic jihadists, in a genocidal campaign waged in the name of Islam and its God. Twenty million others were driven into exile by these same jihadist forces. Libya and Yemen became terrorist states. America – once the dominant foreign power and anti-jihadist presence in the region – was replaced by Russia, an ally of the monster regimes in Syria and Iran, and their terrorist proxies. Under the patronage of the Obama administration, Iran – the largest and most dangerous terrorist state, with the blood of thousands of Americans on its hands – emerged from its isolation as a pariah state to re-enter the community of nations and become the region’s dominant power, arming and directing its terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Yemen.

These disasters are a direct consequence of the policies of appeasement and retreat of the Obama administration. Beyond that, they are a predictable result of the Democratic Party’s long-standing resistance to the so-called war on terror, and its sabotage of George Bush’s  efforts to enforce 17 UN Security Council resolutions in Iraq, aimed at maintaining international order and peace in the Middle East.

In fact, the primary cause of the disasters in the Middle East is the Democratic Party’s sabotage of the War in Iraq. Democrats first voted to authorize the armed overthrow of Iraq’s terror regime but within three months of its inception reversed their position 180 degrees and declared the war “immoral, illegal & unnecessary.” The reason for the Democrats’ reversal on the war had nothing to do with the war itself or the so-called absence of weapons of mass destruction, but was rather a political response to the fact that an anti-war Democrat, Howard Dean, was running away with their presidential nomination. It was this that caused John Kerry and his party to forget that the war was about Saddam’s defiance of 17 UN Security Council resolutions, and refusal to allow the UN inspectors to carry out their efforts to ascertain whether he had destroyed his nuclear and chemical arsenals.

One only had to listen to the commie rants of reverend Wright to understand who Bathhouse Barry was. He, like the rest of the radical Left, hated traditional America and was (is) completely devoted to bringing down the root cause of patriotic, religious, and traditional values.

The den of thieves and corruption .. The tri-headed monster of deceit..

Obama worked tirelessly for eight years to remove America as a force in the world; a force he saw as malignant. The vacuum created by the American withdrawal, and the commie-inspired retreat from responsibility has been filled, as vacuums inevitably are, by the thugs and bad actors of the planet.

This is the challenge that confronts us. Half of the country is befuddled by a commie-dominated Big Fake Media that adheres to this “bring down traditional America” ideology. Trump is the last gasp of traditional America trying to set things right, and it’s a long shot at best. Where will you say you were, and what will you say you were doing, when patriots sought the root cause to bringing America back, and making it great again?

If you share my root cause, I truly hope Barry-whatever-his-name-is, is enjoying his eight years of crap getting flushed down the proverbial toilet with the rest of the Washington D.C. swamp-dwellers.


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