Return of Trump era Golden Age?

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Maximus-Cassius from the thread: “As much as one is tempted to blame the “elites”—and they are truly contemptible—the American people share responsibility for failing to rebuke the yoke of this new world order. In the immediate days and weeks after the stolen election of 2020, I naively hoped that a brave and noble band of warrior-patriots would rise up and put down the leftist Marxists, including the inscrutable Deep State orcs. Oh, how naïve I was”.

Truly, we all thought, surely patriots would rise up and take back our country, yet what we discovered is that men like Dan Crenshaw were not like Audie Murphy, but much more like Mitch McConnell. And then of course, we have the infiltration of the Oath Keepers and similar such groups by the Stasi FBI. It does appear – as Mr. Boose alludes – that this coup had been planned for quite some time and that all potential resistance had been anticipated before it ever became a thought.

Return of Trump era Golden Age? Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

Plain fact is that the demoMarxocrat Left began planning to oust fearless president Trump the moment he won the nomination. So did the Never Trumpers harassing and obstructing President Trump for his entire 4 years. By the end, they were threatening military action to remove him from the White House, for goodness’ sake. One wouldn’t describe the political climate as a “Golden Age“, being as it was, more of a time of outrage after outrage, from Russia, Russia, Russia to two false impeachments.

While Americans were doing better economically, divisions were being ramped up by the demoMarxocrat Left. The 1619 Project was launched in August 2019, paving the way for CRT in classrooms by 2020. One does not view the deliberate turmoil created by the Left during Trump’s administration as a Golden Age. One must view it as the beginning of the Left’s insurrection, capped with a coup ‘d etat, the result of which has gone downhill mightily from there into fascist tyranny.

One wondered at the end of it that maybe gas was cheaper, the supply lines functioned, people were employed and earned more money, but other things were beginning to go sour. Four months following the inauguration, Mueller was appointed. Then in June, the Republican baseball team was targeted for assassination. In August, the violence in Charlottesville took place, attributed to “white nationalists.” In October, 58 country music fans were murdered in Las Vegas by a gunman whose motive has never been explained.

2018 begat school shootings, Stormy Daniel’s, vilification of Trump for separating children at the border, the Kavanaugh hearings, and major wildfires. And the demoMarxocrats took the House, setting the stage for the vendettas of 2019. And so it went.

Matthew Boose, American Greatness: ‘Compared to the Present, Trump Era Was a Golden Age’ ….

As much as one is tempted to blame the “elites,” and they are truly contemptible, the American people share responsibility for failing to rebuke the yoke of this new world order.

Excusing his tendency to hyperbole, one finds it hard to disagree when Donald Trump talks about how much better things were before the “China virus” ruined his reelection effort and set the country on a path of decline. The America that existed before COVID, the George Floyd revolution, and the rigged 2020 election is not so far in the past, but it was a completely different world.

Gas was cheap, crime was down, the border was secure, and the country was a lot freer. Words like “misinformation” were seldom heard on the lips of bureaucrats or neighbors deputized by them, and one didn’t fear losing employment or the right to travel for refusing an experimental drug. Believe it or not, before those momentous, nightmarish months of violence and upheaval that changed everything, Trump was on a glide path to victory, having been cleared of impeachment over a long-forgotten “perfect phone call” with Ukraine.

The televised drama of the Trump years has proven fairly benign compared to what followed. Consider the events of just the past week. Thousands of U.S. flights were grounded, an increasingly regular occurrence, after a “computer glitch” at the Federal Aviation Administration. Joe Biden made his long-awaited trip to the southern border, where he spent a few hours taking pictures in a Potemkin village on the frontier of what can only be described as an invasion, one which Biden has treacherously encouraged. Amidst all of this pretense and dysfunction, the administration floated a nationwide ban on a common household appliance. Biden’s gas stove ban, the progressive midwits shouted, was both a very good thing and also the latest bugbear crawling in the imaginations of delusional conservatives. [-]

[+] … Meanwhile, America continues to unravel before our very eyes. Mass immigration under Trump received loads of morally charged media coverage but was nowhere close to the scale of Biden’s silent invasion. How many Americans are aware that more than 4 million have flooded our borders in only the past two years? A Third World country wouldn’t tolerate what Biden has unleashed, but the administration has no intention to stop it, and they don’t care who knows it.

As much as one is tempted to blame the “elites”—and they are truly contemptible—the American people share responsibility for failing to rebuke the yoke of this new world order. Our acquiescence has cost us much in a short span of time. Of course, nostalgia can distort even the recent past. America was in dire shape when Trump entered politics promising to make the country “great again.” The best efforts of the most determined patriots would not have been enough to fulfill that pledge in a few years. But compared to the present, 2019 was a golden age, the loss of which it is hard not to mourn. [end]

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Return of Trump era Golden Age? Devin Nunes always up for the challenge…

President Donald John Trump was and is the Great Reveal-er, taking on all that was necessary in God’s providence to expose and reveal the commie left for what they are, and the Uniparty globalist elites for what they are, not to mention all of Con Inc. Too many of us didn’t grasp the true nature and depth of the rot, but now it can’t be hidden. We will NOT be fooled again. Even “normies” get it, and once we secure our elections, the Uniparty globalist elites are going down.

The Constitution establishes Election Day as the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November. The demoMarxocrats who unilaterally changed this into voting months and mail-in ballots have never been seriously challenged or sued. Until then, and until hand counting is reinstated, there isn’t a chance elections can be trusted as free and fair.

It will be impossible to secure the elections when you have Republicans and supposed conservative mouthpieces advocating for playing by the demoMarxocrat Left’s re-written rule book. We won’t beat them at their own game. And they will change the rules when it suits. As Bannon always says, it just takes action, action, action. Return of Trump era Golden Age? Onward!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!