Republican alert to shape midterms

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God forbid that right up-front McConnell wants to lose yet again, being as he is far happier in a sinecure job as minority leader with no accountability to govern. Which of course means that he must depart as leader whether the GOP takes the Senate or not. Once again just what the heck is wrong on God’s green earth with KY that they continue to keep sending him back when he’s an obvious problem? Just who keeps making the case for McConnell’s re-election? Same with Lindsey Graham, Murkowski, et al. At some point, the states who keep electing these garbage politicio’s have to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for the dysfunctional state of the GOP. That bunch – that much!

Rumor swirls that Mitch – add his sidekick Kevin McCarthy – doesn’t want MAGA candidates to win in the Senate because he figures that would quickly threaten his / their position with other establishment GOP politicians causing their game of getting rich via a lifetime of elected corruption to be over and done in an instant. So, he would seemingly prefer to scuttle the midterms and keep establishment demoMarxocrats in power to keep things on an even keel. Both men could be regarded as traitors with absolutely no business being in any sort of government leadership position at all. It isn’t exactly a secret after all, that he doesn’t like our fearless president Trump. That one!

Republican alert to shape midterms

If Biden’s utter incompetence simply doesn’t sweep demoMarxocrats from office, then there are 3 other possible explanations, 1) widespread voter fraud, 2) Republicans throwing the election or 3) America as we knew it is over.

Not to get too, too, embroiled in the conversation, Ditch-the-Mitch should resign due to his age and the statements he has made in the last two weeks that he wants the status quo over the Constitution and rule of law. The GOPe is the problem. Grassley is the master of sternly-worded letters which makes the other side laugh. 89 years of age after all is too old to be in Congress. Real leaders in their 40s, 50s and 60s are needed to stop the Communist revolution by the other side.

Since this is The Most Important Election Ever*, it is essential that we all go out and vote for the RINOs on our ballots. That ensures we get more of the same, after all. Which is what we, and Mitch, want. (Remember, turtles are swamp creatures.) *Something I’ve never heard any other election described as. That one!

Jeffrey H. Anderson, American Greatness: ‘Are Republicans Blowing the Midterms?’ …

Americans don’t like the Biden Administration and are ready to hear the Republicans’ case. But do they have one?

“Candidate quality” is the term of the moment. The prevailing explanation for Democrats’ relative success in recent Senate-race polling, advanced last week by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), is that Republican voters have nominated too many Trump-backed outsider candidates who simply aren’t up to McConnell’s establishment standards. It’s true that inexperienced candidates have additional challenges—although Republican Glenn Youngkin, who’d never held elected office of any sort, prevailed over Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the former governor, in blue-hued Virginia just last year.

But is that really all that’s going on here or is something else in play?

An article published in the Journal of Politics a little over a decade ago noted, “Polls early in the midterm year project a normal vote result in November. But as the campaign progresses, vote preferences almost always move toward the out party.” Why? The authors write, “The shift accords with ‘balance’ theory, where the midterm campaign motivates some to vote against the party of the president in order to achieve policy moderation.”

According to this explanation, voters will move toward Republicans as the year progresses in hopes of checking Joe Biden. This bodes well for the GOP. It doesn’t really explain, however, why Republicans are doing poorly in the polling right now. It appears that at least two other important factors might be in play.

First, Republicans haven’t provided much of a check on Biden this summer, and voters seem to have noticed.

On July 25, the website FiveThirtyEight was giving Republicans a slight edge (51 percent to 49 percent) in its forecast as to which party will control the Senate next year. Four weeks later, it now gives Democrats almost a two-to-one edge (63 percent to 37 percent). In between, 17 mostly establishment Republicans (including McConnell) voted for the $280 billion crony capitalism bill called the CHIPS Act—which even Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) voted against and labeled “corporate welfare.”

Republicans’ unforced error then paved the way for Democrats to pass the half-trillion-dollar gift to eco-billionaires and IRS agents that is the Inflation Reduction Act (which was apparently named on Opposite Day).

So, if McConnell wants to look for a culprit for current GOP woes, he and his establishment allies might want to look in the mirror. [-]

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Republican alert to shape midterms. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

How do we know the demoMarxocrats have gained in the polls of late? Because our trusted media say it’s so that’s why! For my money, manipulated polls and manipulated media opinion are all part of making the coming heist of the midterms more plausible, and I’m sure the American people are just thrilled about those 87,000-armed IRS agents, totally making sense that their star would be rising in the wake of such a move. Lol!

It might well sound crazy but that’s what I believe is going on and have for a long time although I used to term the intent of their propaganda somewhat differently as “front loading the air of inevitability=see the polls all said we would win and now we have so what’s to be suspicious about ?” McConnel wants a victory for the Uniparty because actual accountability might take a second look at his wife’s interests and the obvious China conflicts. The Swamp has been very good for the turkey gobbler and his family indeed.

Bottom line is that McCarthy & McConnell (M&M) would rather be the ‘minority’ where they can claim “victimhood”; which in the MAJORITY they have to perform, but if they do, they lose their donor support. Thereby “THE PEOPLE” be damned, it’s all about $$$ and power; and apparently the RINOs will take $$$ every time. Republican alert to shape midterms. That Bunch!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!