Religion as an excuse for vile terror

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Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a perverse and wide-ranging legal system, an oppressive ideology, a totalitarian project and a prison for 1.6 billion human beings.

In Western Constitutions we honor the freedom of religion and if we desire to keep freedom of religion in our nations, we should really stop considering Islam a religion. We can tolerate many diversities, except the fact that the intolerant stranglehold within which Islam bounds its hapless adherents amounts to nothing more than committing political and spiritual suicide. Also, we need to fully remove ourselves from the notion that Allah and the Trinitarian God of Christianity are the same entity. Apart from both being attributed with omniscience and omnipotence, they could hardly be more different.

Today, we even witness Church leaders who insist that the Judeo-Christian God and the Islamic deity are equal, one and the same; that from Abraham three forms of religion were born; that Shari’ah and the Ten Commandments are correspondent; that Jesus is shared by both the biblical Gospel and the Qur’an; that the Qur’an is sacred like the Bible, and if the Qur’an carries some violent verses, so does the Bible. This globalist Leftist relativistic narrative is false, and needs to be fiercely and consistently countered.

Which is a good lead-in to Benny Huang in FrontPageMagazine comparing Islamic terrorism against the religion of others:

Two horrific suicide bombings, in two different cities, two hours apart—this is how Egyptian Christians began Holy Week.

In the cities of Tawra and Alexandria, Muslim terrorists stormed Coptic churches where they proceeded to blow themselves to a fine pink mist while taking 44 worshippers with them. These two attacks followed last December’s horrific suicide bombing at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Cairo that killed 29.

Does Egypt have a problem with Islamic violence? Not according to Egypt’s most prominent clergyman, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, who holds the prestigious title of Grand Imam of al-Azhar. At a conference in Cairo last month, al-Tayeb said that the incidence of Muslim violence around the world is rather unremarkable: “There is an obvious double standard in the world’s judgment of Islam on the one hand, and [its judgment of] Christianity and Judaism on the other, despite the fact that all are guilty of one and the same thing, that is, religious violence and terrorism.”

The point al-Tayeb is trying to make is pretty straightforward: that people are quick to chide Muslims for terrorism when in fact the terror problem cuts across religious lines. Clearly all of this talk about terrorism must be a cloak for bigotry. If people were truly concerned with eradicating terrorism they would condemn it wherever it’s found. The fact that they don’t exposes their hypocrisy.

He continued: “Christian and Jewish violence is a cool and casual matter for the West, which never besmirches the image of these two religions.  Only their third brother [Islam] stands trial alone on the dock, where his image is constantly marred.”

Here the imam skillfully employs the language of familial ties, comparing the Abrahamic religions to three brothers. One of these brothers is singled out for scorn although he is no more guilty than the others. Clearly, that brother has been unjustly maligned.

Unfortunately, al-Tayeb is not easily dismissed as a crank. As the Grand Imam of al-Azhar he commands respect in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world. When he speaks, people listen.

Terrorist bomb blast in Coptic Church Egypt, Palm Sunday April 9 2017…

Sometimes, (very “sometimes”) followers of Islam are instructed to respect the people of the book – that would be Christians and Jews. But they are also instructed to slay the infidels, so it is evident that different groups are interpreting their  religion and “holy scriptures” differently.

Some perhaps, are personally taught to embrace their “Christian and Jewish brothers”, others are taught to murder them, burn them alive, run them down with cars/trucks, blow them up with bombs, stab them, behead them, etc., etc.

How on earth is an outsider to tell the difference between a “good” Muslim and what is lodged in someone else’s heart that leads them willingly into the atrocities of death just mentioned?

Even more to the point, Islam encourages its followers to lie when need be about their goals and true feelings and outlook. Again, how can anyone begin to know the difference?

As an example the single largest group of victims of Islamic violence are other Muslims that are deemed the “wrong kind” of Muslim or not Muslim enough. So if this how Islam behaves towards its own co-religionists then what are we mere “infidels” to think?

Benny Huang goes on…

In the past thirty days a Muslim attacked the Palace of Westminster in London with his car and a knife, killing four and wounding 50. A Muslim blew himself up in the St. Petersburg metro, killing himself and 14 others. A Muslim stole a beer truck in Stockholm and plowed through the downtown area, killing four. Finally, two suspected Muslims planted roadside bombs in Dortmund, Germany in an attempt to murder members of a Borussia Dortmund soccer team. Thankfully, no one was killed.

Presumably all of these attacks have proportional counterparts committed in the name of other faiths, right? No, they don’t. Though Lutherans represent the largest religious group in Sweden, there has never to my knowledge been a Lutheran terrorist attack in that country or any other. Likewise there are no Russian Orthodox suicide bombers. There is no Anglican approximation of ISIS. If the Muslims don’t have a complete monopoly on religious terror, they’re pretty darned close.

Yet terror-deniers never tire of trying to draw some kind of false equivalence between Muslim terrorism and other kinds, no matter how much of a stretch it is. They often deny or downplay Muslim terrorism, or they assume that every white terrorist is both Christian and religiously motivated, or they blame Christians for Muslim terrorism.

This strategy of drawing equivalence where none exists seems to be having some success. A recent CBS News poll found that a full 66% of registered Democrats believed that Islam was no more prone to violence than other religions. Nine percent believed it was actually less prone to violence! These people must believe that every incident of Muslim violence has an equivalent counterpart out there somewhere. The media (which they control, by the way) must be creating misperceptions in the public’s mind by covering up all the violence committed by non-Muslims.

In closing, I would remind you of the more than 300 terrorist attacks imposed on Israel in the last 30 days as a more strident measure of what the real threat to the world is. How long do you suppose it would take before that level of deranged insanity makes its way fearfully into the very heart, neighborhoods and streets of the United States?

More to the point – Is anybody doing anything about it other than opening the floodgates and letting them all in?

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