Rats! Hollywood gets dose of snow!

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Rats! Hollywood gets dose of snow! Believe it or not there are those of us still around who well remember in the late 1980’s (and perhaps even well beyond that) being lectured on something termed the “greenhouse effect” which was otherwise rebranded some 5 or so years later into “global warming”.

When further dire predictions of Florida being well under water by 2007 never materialized, it was then re-branded to “climate change”. They’ll still use “global warming” during warm spells in the winter and hot spells in the summer but for everything else like the snowfall in southern California it becomes “man-made climate change”.

They’ve also been known to blame “climate change” on racism, terrorism and for (gulp!) Kaitlyn Jenner not being selected for Dancing With the Stars. Mmmm….

One must concede that these Climate Change Gurus get proven wrong continually by (gulp!) God. Daniel 2:21 tells us that He changes Times and Seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in the darkness, and light dwells with him.

Rats! Hollywood gets dose of snow! FJB Snake of evil intent slowly eats self and others…

One could write a book on hysterical leftist predictions that always go bust, as there are so many. Daniel knew and proclaimed that God “deposes” kings and raises up others, that he controls everything that happens. God governs the world according to his purposes.

To that end, Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 alarmist book “The Population Bomb” is a famous prediction that bombed BIG TIME. Its date for calamity 1978, came and went a long time ago, and the cosseted professor isn’t even embarrassed. Being a leftist fool means never having to say you’re sorry, yet the disgraced professor still teaches new crops of idiots.

Further research shows he actually bumped it up to 1992 after that, but it was just as wrong. So-called “experts” generally never factor in irrigation, technological advancements, nor other factors that increase production, distribution, and longevity. Perhaps that’s why they’re now so bent on eliminating fertilizers, restricting water, and reducing cultivated and grazing land; ie creating a crisis so they can use it!

In closing this segment, the Viking Space Missions were to search for Extraterrestrial life, but no unequivocal evidence of biological activity was ever found. Mariner 9 was placed on Mars in November of 1971 until October of 1972 which covered a wide range of missions, gathering photo, spectroscopic and radio-propagation data.

The liberal leftist forever-demoMarxocrats live in a fantasy world indeed!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Snow falls on Hollywood: Global warming gets snowed under’ ….

Snow was supposed to disappear. Instead it’s falling on Hollywood.

Two years after the Los Angeles Times predicted the end of snow in California, I stood outside in a hailstorm as my daughter giggled and tasted the little pieces of ice falling on her pink jacket.

We were not up north, but in Los Angeles where colorful trumpet vines drape across walls all through the winter and jackets normally might as well be fossils. But on Friday, snow had fallen on the Hollywood sign and dusted homes in the Hollywood Hills. On Saturday, hail was falling not all that far from the ocean so that my daughter got her first taste of the real thing.

Higher up, California children who had never seen snow were building their first snowmen.

“A ‘no snow’ California could come sooner than you think,” the Los Angeles Times warned in 2021. That fall, it reported that, “Tahoe ski resort opens early after massive snowstorm.”

Now it’s struggling to describe how “snow in L.A. feels like an amazing reprieve from climate change” and whining that, “California needs rain and snow — but can we handle this?”

California can handle it, the LA Times and climate change chicken littles may not be able to. [-]

[+] … “Can climate change affect Utah’s chance for Winter Games return?” the media asked last month. That question has been answered, but ‘warmunists’ never take yes for an answer.

Protect Our Winters is busy fighting Project Willow, an Alaska drilling project backed by local Eskimo tribes, that would create thousands of jobs and make it more affordable for those tens of millions of Americans who aren’t champion skiers or own ski resorts to afford to fill their cars.

The snow, which like the polar bears, the land, the rivers, and all the things that ecohoaxers claim are in short supply, is plentiful. And there’s even hail falling on Los Angeles. But no amount of inconvenient truths will ever deter the special interests who claim to want to save the planet, but only intend to make themselves wealthy by taking away everything we have.

The same G-d who can make hail fall in Southern California has blessed us with an enormous bounty and has a knack for making a mockery of those who think they can control the weather.

Last year, Hollywood spent over $100 million on ‘Don’t Look Up’, a hamfisted satire starring Leonardo DiCaprio, the prince of private jets, about a society that is so apathetic that it refuses to see the climate disaster right overhead. The movie failed badly. But on Friday, the industry’s principal talent could look up and watch as snow fell on their roofs and on the Hollywood sign. [end]

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Rats! Hollywood gets dose of snow! FJB Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

Kind of reminds yours truly of when that ship-of-fools sailed to the arctic in order to record the melting ice caps. The idiots’ ship got trapped in ice and had to be freed. Oops!

As for California, one feels sure another wildfire will melt any leftover snow. Leftist policy prevents any clearing of undergrowth or fallen trees that turn into kindling. Pacific Gas & Electric are too busy going “green” to update their old power lines. They snap and ignite the tinder brush – and California burns once again. It’s worth noting that these fires stop at the forest area owned by Boise Cascade, all of whom are quick to clear underbrush, thin their forests, and clear huge swaths adjacent to the public forest area controlled by KenDoll Newsom.

All this left-wing frantic “chicken little” hysteria about environmental “climate change” of alarm is absurd. The subject of “climate change” is a topic that is used by the FJB crew to distract the American people away for the harm done by President pretender FJB of the United States with his terribly flawed fool Socialist economic policies that are wrecking the US economy. Rats! Hollywood gets dose of snow!

FJB and his bunch is a catastrophic calamity for America, a disaster, and a tragedy for the American people. President impostor FJB isn’t just a sinister feeble – minded idiot. Worse .yet, he’s a dangerous sinister feeble minded idiot. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!