Progressive Left insane architects…

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The authorities running the anti-West yellow-tinctured Progressive Left believe it is in their ideological best interest to look the other way as Muslims wreak havoc around Europe. They can’t admit their pro-Muslim immigration policy has been disastrous, because that would refute and debunk their fraudulent narrative and deeply held Leftist ideology of multiculturalism.

A prime example would be the case from a couple or more years ago when hundreds of underage British girls in Rotherham were thrown under the bus of Muslim rape gangs in the service of the Progressive Left, which must be defended at all cost to protect multiculturalism.

The same yellow-tinctured authorities suddenly develop cojones when throwing the book at their compatriots for daring to criticize the hostile non-assimilating Muhammadans. Apparently they would rather have their compatriots killed than admit the obvious, as Western lives seemingly don’t matter and are indeed expendable in the blind pursuit of Leftist multicultural politically-correct dystopia.

I don’t know how much longer they can hope to stay in power when their societies are imploding before their very eyes. It will be interesting to see if the citizens of these countries – which for decades grew fat, lazy and complacent (not to mention smug and self-righteous) in the shade of the nuclear umbrella furnished by the United States – will rise up and fight, or simply allow themselves to be slaughtered without a whimper.

A cornerstone of the Progressive Left, multiculturalism must be defended at all cost. There is reason in the minds of Leftists, yet it is the reason of madness and evil. They hate truth, attack what is good, and, in their highest act of devotion, sacrifice innocent lives on the altar of their god. Preaching the religion of diversity and tolerance – always, always preaching – as they try their darnedest to take the rest of us down to the abyss with them.

A month or two ago, Pat Condell had more than a few words to say on the topic…

As for Europe, it really is hard to believe how complacent they are in allowing this madness to continue. These attacks are an everyday occurrence, yet they appear to want more illegals flooding into their countries. Seems like we just have to let Western Europe implode as the majority of people don’t care. If they don’t care why should we? We must face the facts that Europeans could care less. Let’s give them five years and they will realize what they did.

The irony in the United States with a new president in charge, is the fact that the black-robed executioners of American judiciary, particularly the ones from the US Circuit Court of appeals, drew the line on the presidential Executive Order banning from America, those very same antagonists who are wreaking havoc in Europe. Insanity as they say, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Like all government apologists the Progressive Left know they are lying, but it is a good idea to cast them as mental cases. Their goals are stark raving insane. Now let’s see if their pride will override their insanity.


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