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Continuing the theme from yesterday on the covert collaboration between the power-rich Republicans (hint – currently controlling all three branches of government) doing all they can to side with the devoid, decrepit, and corrupt DemoMarxists in scuppering the efforts of a Constitutionally-elected president from going forth in ‘Making America Great Again’, there’s a great piece today from Joseph Smith in American Thinker which he titles (correctly, I might add) “Voters tasting betrayal by swamp-dwelling Republicans” .. How scathing is THAT then?!

Like millions of others, I used to get the constant dreaded requests from the National Republican Committee and their scattered GOP organizations and individuals for contributions to increase their power to fight the DemoMarxists and their insane agenda, but in the past couple of cycles I have simply refused to be taken in anymore. Seems like I’ve been right on too. Frankly, their power to influence seems to be dissipating fast.

The den of thieves and corruption .. The tri-headed monster of deceit … and still ongoing.

The turncoat Republicans who have literally turned their backs on supporting We the People’s popular choice for president are now realizing that when We the People vote for something that they run on and embrace to get themselves elected, we don’t look too kindly on those who literally thumb their noses at us and start making whoopee with the enemy as soon as they get elected. A bunch of them were named yesterday, and you know exactly who they are.

Since riding that escalator in his landmark building when he announced his candidacy in June of 2015, everything that president Trump has accomplished, he’s done by the power of himself. Most of the Republicans in Congress have done nothing, because they never intended to do anything anyway. There are exceptions like my own Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess, but generally they are not for looking out after the general welfare of the nation. They are for looking after their own gravy train, part and parcel of the corruption that is murdering and burying this nation in the swamp that is Washington DC.

Joseph Smith and his opener…

Republican voters are “tasting betrayal” at the hands of swamp-dwelling Republicans who are failing to act on the Trump agenda – and their own promises.

In a scathing column at breitbart.com, Brent Bozell contends that the Republican party is “systematically committing suicide”:

They were given everything.

In January of this year, they formally controlled both houses of Congress and the executive branch. Every single thing they’d ever promised was now possible. …

Repeal Obamacare? Check. End illegal immigration? Check. Build the wall? Check.

Crush the Deep State? Done, by God, done!

There was not a damn thing the Democrats could do to stop them from draining the swamp.

Except the Republican leadership didn’t mean it. With the exception of the Freedom Caucus in the House, and literally a handful in the Senate, the rank-and-file didn’t either. Not one word of it.

In fairness to Republicans, it takes only a handful of McCains and Murkowskis in the Senate, siding with obstructionist Democrats, to betray the party’s promises, but Republicans were elected to get results, not to find excuses.

Citing the Obamacare repeal fiasco and the false starts on tax reform, Bozell contends that the Republicans have accomplished “absolutely nothing” on either front:

There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Put them together. They are the swamp.

Bozell adds that, just as the Republicans were given the “power to enact the agenda” they have promised for eight years, they also “now own the federal government, in toto.”  Obamacare, spending, taxes, “all the graft, all the waste” – it’s all theirs.

Whether through political weakness or their own never-Trump inclinations, the swamp-dwelling Republicans are aiding and abetting the Democrat resistance to President Trump and his agenda.

And by defying the president’s voters, Republicans are turning their backs on the movement that elected Trump as their messenger.

Consider that for eight years the current spineless RINOs walked in utter fear of a presidential veto, now they have the power of the Executive branch and both houses and yet they are afraid to put legislation before the president, unable to muster the courage to go against the unhinged DemoMarxists. What gives?

We the People are presently faced with a once in a lifetime (or two lifetimes) opportunity with a fighter in the White House who stands no nonsense with great ideas to ‘MAGA’ and yet his own party leaders are frittering it all away by slow walking his agenda and appointments. The conspiracist in me believes it’s on purpose and that the Republicans seem OK with losing control of the Senate in 2018, which means Trump’s entire agenda and appointment of conservative judges can be stopped and they won’t have to take the blame.

It really is time to drain the swamp, albeit, it won’t be easy. President Trump desperately needs the help of We the People. 2018 will be a major challenge in filtering the good from the bad.

Problem is, are we all prepared?

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