Potential terrorists beget terrorism

En Garde in the bunker…

Two weeks ago today in Manchester (as with the Westminster attack in March) a potential terrorist attack was about to unfold conducted by potential terrorists. Following the potential terrorist attack it was back to balloons, flowers, teddy bears, candles and “kum by yah”. Yeah, that would frighten the Islamic Soldiers of Allah. Except it doesn’t appear to have worked, does it. When all the same potential stuff is done ad nauseam simply with a change of venue, just maybe the jihadi’s will comply and surrender; but no, they expect to go down all guns blazing and 10-inch knives flailing. Not to forget the vest-bombs as well, of course.

When a potential Muslim terrorist can behead an English soldier (RIP Lee Rigby) on the street, in the middle of the day, in broad daylight, that is war, not murder. For that matter, so is driving a truck as a 60-mile-an-hour mobile weapon to mow down as many victims as possible. The terrorists deserve no quarter and anyone killing them in self-defense is not committing a crime, but is engaging in war.

Of course, it always helps more if you actually carry a weapon just in case.

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – RIP Lee Rigby.

Believe it or not, there are actual pictures from this past Saturday of British citizens being “shepherded” away by police with hands on heads “for their own safety”. Yup – The British people being instructed to “RUN & HIDE”, the official statement of the British government to their people. Can you believe that Churchill’s England has come to this?

Which brings to mind a Rudyard Kipling masterpiece:

“When the Shariah measures were forming, they promised perpetual peace. They swore if we turned in our weapons, the murdering Muslims would cease. But when we disarmed they delivered us, bound to our Islamic foe. And the Gods of the Copybook Headings declared “Hang all EU devils you know.” ~ (with an apologetic nod to Rudyard Kipling)

Daren Jonescu from American Thinker…

There has been a “potential act of terrorism” in London, in which potential terrorists potentially ran over potential infidels with a potential van, and apparently also stabbed potential victims and slashed some people’s potential throats.

In response to this potential act, the London police “shepherded” (the word repeated through the British news reports) hundreds of people through the streets with their hands over their heads.  No, those being forced to surrender were not the potential terrorists, but the potential victims.

For their own safety, you understand, the innocent citizens of one of history’s greatest nations, fountainhead of Western liberty, having been disarmed by their government, and while being continuously surveilled in all their daily activities by government cameras on every street corner, are now being murdered at will, and in quantity, by bloodthirsty peace-loving potential Muslims who have been allowed to occupy their country and live off their welfare state without limits – and the nanny state’s response is to demand that all those who haven’t yet been run over or slashed walk slowly where police can keep a close eye on them.

The most telling part is one report, on Sky News, explaining the video footage of people walking with their hands over their heads.  Asked by the reporter whether the police had demanded this, they say no, they simply thought that would be the “safest” posture.  And so hundreds of innocent people, knowing that killers were in the area, and not knowing whence the next attack might occur, were voluntarily assuming a posture of surrender.  That, in a nutshell, is the product of a generation of progressive propaganda, nanny-statism, and political correctness.  That’s the mindset of a people who have been trained to believe that their souls – not their physical survival, but their dignity – have no ultimate value.  Welcome to the brave new world.

Over the decades, the British have been sold down the river by their feckless leaders and willingly gave up their weapons years and years ago upon being promised protection by their government. Looking back through the lens of history, we can see how well that is working out for them; which is not very well at all.

The current crop of Brits are no longer made of the same grit as the people who were willing to fight to the death to beat back the forces of Hitler and his Nazism. The incessant inter-mingling of disparate immigrants unwilling to assimilate into British custom, has become an almost unbearable conflict between home-grown enemies, the worst of which hide themselves in big-city “no-go zones” protected by their own Shari’ah Law. A dangerous separation of unshared values.

As for most Americans that I have become acquainted with over the past 40 years, they would rather die on their feet than live on their knees. I think the time is coming when we will have to make that actual choice.

More Daren Jonescu:

The next step has already begun, [with the state] issuing harsh warnings against any sort of “Islamophobic” backlash, such as feeling a little nervous when a group of Muslim men enters the restaurant where you are eating dinner or taking a “racist” second glance at a Muslim man behind the wheel of a van.

London is reputed to be the most surveilled city on Earth.  And of course, British progressives are just appalled by America’s backwardness in continuing to allow private citizens to own firearms.  The result of all that state-imposed safety-first paternalism is just what you see: Britons terrorized by religious fanatics with their own less “progressive” notions of paternalism and left with no means, whether moral or physical, of self-defense precisely when their government has ceased to care about defending them.

Oh, and all those liberty-crushing surveillance cameras?  They provide wonderful TV footage of mass murder for the six o’clock news, don’t they?

Hands on heads in surrender mode as police shepherd them away… London June 3 2017

Witnessing sheeplike crowds with hands on their heads in an abject pose of surrender; staring in disbelief at dronelike infidels yelling and screaming about some god or other while slaughtering the innocents with 10-inch knives and body bombs of nails. Seeing  governments lavish welfare on these mindless haters while shooing their own people away reinforces just how disgusting humanity can be.

Then along comes a Donald Trump to sway the system and he gets excoriated in the process. Something’s wrong with this equilibrium.

At some point you can’t keep chalking this up to Western elitist ignorance. You must consider the horrifying thought that the elites approve of Islamic terrorism. The day will come when we have to view Islamic jihadists and their ruling class enablers in the same light and apply the same remedy to both.

There is no other logical explanation. Globalist government leaders are not on the side of their people, in fact, quite the opposite. PC doesn’t work, mindless faith doesn’t work and governments always evolve into corruption.

I think I’m getting the message. President Donald J. Trump MAGA.

Semper fidelis!


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