Political cell-dwellers out-Trumped

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Let’s face it up front folks, most political cell-dwellers in the sewer that is Washington, D.C. (ie those ensconced for years and years in Congress, lifetimes even) are too isolated from real life. They live in a world designed in a way to validate their own assumptions and prejudices, meaning the outcome of a project is already predetermined before they even debate upon it.

Practitioners like the Trumpit on the other hand, do not predetermine an outcome. They attempt to achieve the results they desire by constantly adjusting the process to the benefit of everyone involved. After all, real life is not a controlled environment, since there are too many variables which can’t be duplicated in a laboratory like the political environment on Capitol Hill. This recent election showed once and for all that political theories are not worth the paper they are written on, or spoken about on TV, nor debated upon in panel-table discussions.

Sometimes in the bubble of human experience, a person comes along that is blessed with an intellect that is above and beyond the average elitist; which drives the left nuts. Seems to me that in this latest itteration, the Trumpit always seems to be several steps ahead of the GOP leadership, the leftist politicians and the political press. He is a master chessman and will use that skill to advance America back to the position where We the People have been destined to uphold and keep in balance the effectiveness of world leadership.

The Trumpit is relishing what We The People (“deplorables” in the immortal words of Hillary) are enjoying; watching liberal-progressive leftist heads explode and rocking their world. One only has to consider the fact that Screechie Pelosi (as unhinged as she is) was given a 70% approval rating by her devilish Democrat sycophants, to remain as Minority Leader of the House. Say no more; Democrat political deathwish.

Since the days of LBJ (and more particularly since the elevation of one, William Jefferson Clinton and his wayward accomplice Hillary) the government of the United States has been run by nothing more than a fully-organized Mafia crime machine, the current Godfather of whom is one Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros.

President-elect Trump at the Carrier Plant, Indianapolis, Dec 1 2016...

President-elect Trump at the Carrier Plant, Indianapolis, Dec 1 2016…

As for Donald Trump, he has captured that same exciting, hopeful feeling that Obama created with his followers in early 2009. The trouble with Obama is that everything he said then and ever since was a political lie, and the feeling faded.

Obama promised “shovel ready jobs.” Trump is delivering jobs. Obama promised “affordable health care and you can keep your doctor.” Trump will erase that egregious law, save Medicare, and put some sanity and competition back into the healthcare system. Obama promised he supported traditional marriage, then insulted God by spraying transgender/homosexual colors all over the White House. Obama started out enforcing our immigration laws with Secure Communities, then did a U-Turn when the La Raza bigots protested and even encouraged illegal aliens to vote. Obama promised a post-racial America and then set political race relations back 50 years with bigots like Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder; all lies, all stabs in the back, all failure. Trump will be so much better than Obama, having already accomplished more positive political economic negotiations than Obama did in his entire presidency; and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

Bottom line is that Donald Trump has changed the game in DC, and all to the betterment of We The People

Thomas Lifson, Founder, Editor, Publisher of American Thinker…

284px-American_Thinker_logoSome really smart people absolutely cannot grasp what Donald Trump is up to.  Perhaps it is that his business background has taught him lessons that punditry, or any profession that depends on well-crafted use of abstract symbols like words and numbers, cannot teach. Perhaps it is because he seems vulgar in the eyes of many people who pride themselves on their sophistication and intelligence.

Whatever the cause we are hearing that Trump is “irrational” and making it up as he goes along with no plan, just “improv” — in the words of highly intelligent writers I have long respected.

If you don’t see a pattern to the actions of a highly successful person, I suggest you consider the possibility that your framework is too limited.

Donald Trump is conducting his transition and will conduct his presidency in part as a reality television show, dramas that he concocts and executes. Among the many disciplines that he mastered in the course of his career, reality show TV producer and host is among the more recent, and for politics the most valuable.

That tweet he sent about flag burning was deliberate bait, as Charles Krauhammer, Ann Althouse and Jazz Shaw, among others, recognized. And Trump got images that will only drive support his way and identify Trump hatred with crazy leftists: “Revolution Nothing Less!”

Or take the saga of saving the Carrier jobs. The man is delivering on a campaign promise before he even takes office. He traveled to Indianapolis yesterday and got more great visuals.  I agree with S.R. Lenzkes on these pages today that this is somewhat dangerous, and could lead to bad things.  But this is one case, and is serving a good function. It has been bandied about that Indiana is forking over $700,000 a year in tax benefits, or $700 per employee per year. That has to be much less than the cost to the state of unemployment benefits and the whole panoply of expenses that come with mass layoffs. I suspect that Indiana under Mike Pence already had in place a program to use the tax system to reward employers who bring in or keep jobs in-state.

Trump’s advisors like Wilbur Ross understand the life cycle of industries and the role of foreign capital. I don’t think they want to go down the path that worries purist critics of the Carrier deal.

But the sheer drama of Trump the master persuader saving a thousand families from losing their jobs, with their grateful faces and voices expressing thanks is nothing less than masterful propaganda, delivered at Christmas time. There is a brand being built, called “President Trump.”  In the world of business few if any regard Trump as less than the master of branding.

This isn’t random and it isn’t insane. It is operating in an important realm, one where lots of people see politics as a drama. This may elude most intellectuals who never have watched reality TV, anyway.

Three clips on this video: Donald Trump’s famous declaration he’d bring back Carrier’s jobs to Indiana, Barack Obama mocking this promise, then Trump’s famous speech at Carrier Corp. announcing the deal he negotiated to keep those jobs for the employees and their families.


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