Pence/Hawley shape Trump future

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What the Constitutional Republic of the United States ended up with on November 3rd/4th was a fake election – not a real election according to the laws of each state. President Trump, first and foremost, has a duty to protect the nation, yet it is up to VP Pence to do the right thing on Wednesday, by exercising the duty he has as VP and to which he is Constitutionally bound.

Question at hand is even if Pence exercises his duty, will the demoMarxocrats accept his decision? The stakes are simply too high it would appear, for the traitors to admit defeat; which portends somewhat, that even as We the (74 million+) People prepare for the correct result, the leftists are working on some new “rule” or “precedent” they’ve dug up to get around whatever Pence does.

On the broader scope of course, it won’t be Pence, nor the Republicans, nor even the demoMarxocrats who decide this issue, but the aforementioned We the (74 million+) People. By deciding to retain a duly elected President Trump in office, and be rid of the demoMarxocrat fake power of professional politicians, no force on earth can stop us, being as it is, well past time for Thomas Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty to be refreshed!

Let us take stock as to how we got here.

Pence/Hawley shape Trump future…

Apparently in the America of today, you can 1) burn the American flag with impunity; 2) occupy sectors of a city; 3) burn out the police precinct and claim there are now autonomous zones; 4) throw commercial grade explosives at police; 5) use commercial grade lasers to blind law enforcement officers; 6) steal MAGA hats off people’s heads; 7) attack people whose political opinions you disagree with; 8) weaponize skateboards, pipes, frozen bottles of water and other improvised weapons; 9) spray people with mace and stab them; 10) surround cars in the street at random and pummel them with fists and bicycles; 11) kick in their windshields, flatten their tires and attack people attending a Back the Blue rally; and 12) expect the presumed Vice President Elect to help bail you out of jail and likely have all the charges dropped, while drawing the line if you burn a BLM sign or deface a BLM street banner…

Welcome to the planet of the pavement apes.

Carol Brown, American Thinker: ‘One Day from Now’…

Things are heating up. Josh Hawley’s family was targeted at home, the National Guard has been called out, the leader of Proud Boys was arrested, several state legislatures want Pence to delay counting the votes, among several other updates that unfolded yesterday.

Yesterday’s news pertaining to January 6 listed below as follows:

•       Modern day brownshirts threaten Senator Hawley and his family

•       Mayor Bowser called in the National Guard

•       The leader of the Proud Boys was arrested

•       Georgia State legislators (and those from other states in question) want Pence to delay the vote count

•       Mark Levin and Ted Cruz discuss what’s possible under the Constitution regarding the vote count

•       Congress approves the rules for the count, more members of the GOP will object

•       Trump responds to Tom Cotton

•       Jon Ossoff is a dangerous fool

•       Prayers

Modern day brownshirts threaten Senator Hawley and his family

Antifa showed up at Josh Hawley’s home in Washington D.C., pounding on the door and terrorizing his wife and newborn baby who were inside. They demanded that he not object to any votes. Hawley was in Missouri at the time and sent out the following message:

Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence.

I’ve yet to read about a single arrest.

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From the Lynne Lechter post, American Thinker: ‘Pence’s Appointment with Destiny’…

Vice President Pence is a conservative’s conservative, sort of. He will not have lunch alone with a woman not his wife (smart). He is religious, well spoken, and endlessly well mannered and seemingly decent. But he is also a seasoned, experienced politician and faithful sidekick whose boss is a behavioral and verbal extreme opposite. Pence has steadfastly maintained that Trump has the inalienable right to investigate election fraud. Pence has yet to maintain what he has the right to do or is willing to do.

What Pence decides to do, or not do, will outline America’s next four years and potentially her long-term future.

Not only this presidency may be in his hands.

Violence aside, if Pence is the ultimate decider, his political future is also on the line. Ted Cruz has previously run for president. He is bold, brilliant, and outspoken. And he has helped define this judicial fight, as well as lent credibility to the upcoming battle of electors. Surely, Pence feels not only the momentous pressure of battle, but also the pressure of political competition.

Should Pence, if needed, cave, his presidential political future is over. If he wages war, even if defeated, the 2024 candidacy is probably his. [end]

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Pence/Hawley shape Trump future…

On January 6, 2021 (ie tomorrow) those upon and around Capitol Hill will have a real clear understanding of who won this election. There will be millions surrounding the place – a sea of red hats and Trump flags. Guaranteed those Patriots will not be leaving until justice gets served, and the election rightfully docketed. That, or the political careers and livelihoods of every person in that building who allows this to stand, will be laid to waste while Trump will be seated for his second term.

The evidence is very clear and easily available for review – We the (74 million+) People won fairly and squarely by keeping President Trump in the White House, and the aforementioned millions will be showing up Wednesday to confirm that. NOW is the time that it MUST be if it is to survive. President Trump as leader of the nation has to decide whether he is going to cross the Rubicon and use ALL the measures at his disposal to save America. Whatever Pence does. And so he will.

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And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!