Pelosi potluck shenanigans:Jan6fail

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Cut to the chase and J6 was a “Fed-surrection”, with the real insurrection doubled-up with demoMarxocrats stealing two straight elections. Meanwhile they blame us for things like cold weather.

Going back an eon or two (that’s a l-o-n-g way back(!), Watergate – upon which this whole circus was modeled – at least had the patina of investigating a possible crime, however low-level it might have been. John Dean, at the very least, knew the extent of what was occurring, and was devising machinations to deflect from his misdeeds, so the theater at least had performance value. When Alexander Butterfield revealed Richard Nixon was recording Oval Office chit-chat, it was genuinely News-worthy.

Pelosi potluck shenanigans:Jan6fail and poisoned pens of impeachment…

This current snooze-fest? No one cared, no news was ever revealed because the whole world knew what happened: we watched it, heard it, live on our phones. We knew the chain of events, we knew there was no attempt to overthrow a thing. And everyone knew the whole darned thing was fake. Fake, fake, fake. Which leads us to this performance theater known as the “January 6th Committee” entirely emblematic of modern Washington DC: A fake committee, filled with fake representatives, calling fake witnesses, investigating a fake crime, following fake returns of a fake election. Not one aspect of the entire thing was real – and worse? Everyone knows it, but no one dare speak it. Mmmm….

Fact is, Watergate was a trumped-up Chinese Fire Drill, too. The one dinky thing Richard Nixon did (and by his own admission) was proffer the idea that the administration would suggest that the Cuban men who broke into the Watergate were somehow connected to the Bay of Pigs debacle. It was a lie, of course.

The second break-in was a John Dean operation, stem to stern, to retrieve a Black Book of call-girl contacts he knew was located in the desk of Spencer Oliver’s Secretary, Ida Maxwell at the DNC. One of the names in that book was Maureen Owen Biner, who, at the time was dating John Dean. Talk about “the plot thickens!”

When the men who broke in were arrested, they had in their possession the book, and the key to the desk. Dean wanted the book because he knew how damaging it would be for news to ever leak that he – counsel to the president – was dating a DNC party girl. Wail!

It’s very telling that We the (90 million+) American People were not swayed in the least. After Watergate, the Republicans suffered their worst electoral defeat in a generation, and many people wondered if they would EVER recover a modicum of public trust. After this charade? The Republicans immediately regained control of the body-politic doing the investigation which tells you all you need to know. The End!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did She know it?’ …

The January 6 select committee never intended tact as a truth-seeking mission but rather perform a cover-up for what actually happened.

The January 6 select committee finally released its long-delayed report late on December 23 after most Americans had happily turned away from politics to enjoy the Christmas weekend with family and friends. The Friday night news dump, a common tactic when government officials want to bury something controversial, was not exactly a vote of confidence in the panel’s ultimate work product.

As expected, the bulk of the 845-page document spun a well-worn tale that portrayed Donald Trump as the sole villain in a so-called “insurrection” the committee wants us to believe was engineered to keep him in the White House. Page after page included dramatic interpretations of snippets from witness testimony intended to bolster the committee’s preconceived conclusions.

Analysis of how law enforcement and intelligence services failed to prepare for the “attack,” a promise made by the committee in its original sell job to the public, is buried in a relatively brief appendix at the end. And despite confirmation the government was aware violence might occur—the FBI used a threat tag, “CERTUNREST2021,” purportedly to categorize in advance information related to January 6—federal and local agencies did not prevent what the Biden regime branded a terror attack comparable to 9/11. (FBI Director Christopher Wray’s name is not mentioned once in the report and it appears unlikely he sat for a transcribed interview.)

Even so, in the face of extensive evidence that those agencies were on high alert, committee members still faulted Trump: “Few in law enforcement predicted that the President of the United States would incite a mob attack on the Capitol, that he would send them to stop the joint session knowing they were armed and dangerous, that he would further incite them against his own vice President while the attack was underway, or that he would do nothing to stop the assault for hours,” the report dishonestly stated. [-]

[Fast-forward and…]

[+] …  The exchanges detailed in the House GOP report contradict the narrative that congressional security officials were unprepared for the events of January 6. So, too, does the appendix buried in the January 6 select committee document. Not only was the FBI allegedly collecting scary posts before the Capitol protest, Pelosi’s underlings engaged in deep discussions and planning efforts weeks beforehand without the involvement of Republicans. What exactly those conversations entailed, the public still does not know.

Regardless, as of January 7, 2021, Irving, Stenger, and Sund were out of a job, forced to resign at the demands of irate lawmakers. Were they the fall guys in a carefully “choreographed” operation to permanently oust Trump from office and subsequently criminalize his movement? Did they willfully participate or were they duped? Why didn’t the January 6 committee cover this as extensively as House Republicans?

The answer is obvious. The January 6 select committee never intended to act as a truth-seeking mission but rather perform a cover-up for what actually happened, which is becoming more obvious every day. House Republicans produced a more serious report that requires rigorous follow-up next year. [end]

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Pelosi potluck shenanigans:Jan6fail. DemoMarxocrats & willful fascism. UpChuck tumor show himself please…

Those of us in the know back then were well aware that the demoMarxocrats and their allies had a monopoly on the mass media. Political dirty tricks had been a part of the culture for decades, and even Nixon’s own doctor’s office was broken into in 1972 with his medical file riffled all the way through. Did it make for a national news scandal? No.

At the time, the Senate Watergate committee’s minority report was ignored, and the media could get away with that. In the 1960s it was well known and publicized – including in the New York “Slimes with Times“, that MLK’s telephone conversations had been tapped by Kennedy and Johnson. It was even controversial; but no-one talked of impeaching anyone over it. Today at least, Republicans have some way of getting their own story out – for what it’s worth, that is!

The REAL J6 committee needs to start January 3, 2023 and right out of the gate issue subpoenas for every single member of the prior committee, everyone in the Biden White House, and everyone plus others hiding within plain site of Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, OBO#44, Chuck-Up Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, and all the other deadbeat hangers-on awaiting their call-up to prison. Pelosi potluck shenanigans:Jan6fail. That BUNCH!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump quietly waiting to put all the miscreants away in jail – MAGA! – KAG! … Glory!