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The erudite commenter Tony Petroski with yet another brilliant intro on matters of great import: Professor Victor Davis Hanson demonstrates in this insightful, powerful article why he’s called America’s finest polemicist. And he ain’t playing ping-pong: “We should take Pelosi’s blunder as an 11th-hour wake-up call to agree that unfettered free-market capitalism with China has been a suicide pact. Pelosi never gave a reason why she was going to Taiwan, except to note after the fact that as a child, she used to like China and at the beach would dig in the sand to reach Beijing.” Mmmmm….

(Cue: Harry Belafonte and “Mary Ann.”) “All day, all night Nancy Ann. Dug in the seashore, siftin’ sand. Nancy was frightened by what she saw. She dug right into a big rickshaw…”

Professor Hanson on the other hand, gets to the very heart of the matter: “At this late date, we need to drop critical race ideology and return to meritocracy, the rule of law, and see problems of inequality in racially blind class divisions rather than through superficial appearance. Americans must pay more to ensure that critically important industries are based in the United States, whether those be vitamins, antibiotics, batteries, or scientific instruments.”

Pelosi no great arbiter of anything. Consequences have consequences…

Nancy Pantsy-Pelosi aside, this is how we commit national suicide. The traitors aren’t ever punished and certain people make tons of money off the backs of We the (90 million+) American people who aren’t responsible for the crimes of traitors or the corruption and failure of those who hold the power – the likes for instance, of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Wray, Soros etal, to stop the sell-out of this country to a nation that is the polar opposite of our United States founded on individual freedom and rule of law.

Criminals and subversives within our institutions have intentionally caused the damage. We don’t just need adults, we need honest, ethical, and moral Americans with spines in public office. The Uniparty will definitely fight long and hard to maintain the status quo, but thank GOD for the fact that President Donald John Trump is definitely on the side of We the (90 million+) People for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” !

In truth for those of us “in the know” – we’re caught in a trap of our own making, no thanks to our own government pols and their masters in BIg Everything. Those Western Oligarchs most definitely love the Communist Chinese system while fighting like crazy to settle this model within our own Western World with those of us on our side riding a bucking bronco !. The Commies and selected RINO’s appear to be hell-bent to “brung it here”, as Castro’s son up in Canada continues to  deliver Canada big time to the Commies. And to think yours truly once lived up there. Sad, very sad…

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘Pelosi’s America’s Childlike Posture Toward China’ …

Either the commissars prevail at great expense to the safety and liberty of the nation or they are defeated. And the closing chapter is being written right now.

The Chinese have done and will do a great deal of damage to America, but not nearly as much as we have done to ourselves.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sin was not in going to Taiwan per se. Rather, after announcing her destination, the California Democrat then sorta kinda hesitated in deer-in-the-headlights fashion under threat from the Chinese.

So, by her back-and-forth media announcements, she added to the endemic strategic confusion at the White House and Pentagon that opposed her visit. Pelosi never gave a reason why she was going to Taiwan, except to note after the fact that as a child, she used to like China and at the beach would dig in the sand to reach Beijing.

In other words, in her eight decades since infancy, Pelosi has not yet learned the difference between Chinese Taiwan and the Chinese Communist mainland and has come up with no greater affinity with the Chinese than remembering as a child vainly digging in the sand to reach them.

The internal administration discord reminded the Chinese that the Biden Administration can still become even more inept than it has been since its inaugural humiliation in Anchorage, Alaska.

And lastly, Pelosi showboated with loud freedom rhetoric while carrying a mere twig. [-]

[+] … The United States has plenty of oil, natural gas, coal, rare earth metals, ores, and almost everything else a modern society needs to become strategically independent. The question is not whether such assets will be developed, since Americans will use them whether produced at home or not, but rather where and how these necessities will be exploited. A new paradigm should remind us that we extract and utilize natural resources more environmentally soundly than those from whom we import what we demand.

Begging the sloppy Venezuelans or crazy Iranians to pump oil for us is not a viable strategic policy. Nor is worrying whether the virus-exporting Chinese will sell us our Cipro. It is nihilistic to wonder whether 2 million illegal aliens will crash our borders and break our laws in ways that would put similarly entering Americans in jail.

We need adults running foreign policy, not a Lloyd Austin who is unsure whether to criticize, approve, or stay mum about Pelosi’s trip; not a Joe Biden talking one day of defending Taiwan to the death, the next day not so much; or even a Nancy Pelosi mindlessly bouncing around Asian capitals, reifying her childhood dreams at the beach.

The Chinese have done and will do a great deal of damage to America, but not nearly as much as we have done to ourselves. [end]

Pelosi no great arbiter of anything. Victor Davis Hanson the raisin farmer…

How’s this from the Raisin Farmer? “Reciprocity is a far better paradigm. Are there 330,000 American students in China? Do Americans buy farmland in China? Are there hundreds of CIA-affiliated professors and graduate students planted in Chinese universities? Do U.S. companies steal Chinese research and ignore copyrights? Did an incompetent Western virology lab unleash a biblical plague upon the world and then lie about its role?” Hear, hear Professor Hanson !

We the (90 million+) People have been plunked-down, face-first into a vast vat of Egg-drop soup without chopsticks. And it makes it even worse to know that we were plunked there by our own Uniparty. We’re now at the end of the beginning. Professor Hanson’s powerful polemic presages a sea-change in our Chinese relations. No longer will we be content merely to sift sand like Ms. Pelosi. And no longer will we permit a shadowy politburo, aligned with the communist Chinese, to install a senile Sino submission-sack-wearing profligate as our “president.” Never !

Pelosi no great arbiter of anything. After all, we already have a president who appears to be about ready to come back into action, once a few more “trivialities” have been put out to pasture. One Warrior-President Donald John Trump and his commitment to the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and keeping America great again !

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!