O’Reilly And Black Lives Matter…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

We all have our moments of contention with him at times, but giving credit where credit is due, Bill O’Reilly is showing a level of courage on the “Black Lives Matter” debacle that we will never see from any other media figure. He definitely does deserve a lot of credit for being willing to take on such a rabid, ruthless bunch of homicidal racists. His lack of fear of Patrisse Cullors and her professional racists will infuriate the Left and doubtless get them even more money from the treacherous Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his many cash-cow endowments.

#BlackLivesMatter has nothing to do with valuing black lives. It is a lie designed to devalue white lives and the American culture that leftist blacks see as exclusively white, despite the huge black influence in music, sports, the language, pop culture, etc. They will insist that blacks built America, then claim blacks are excluded from the culture. It is moronic, but seems to work on a surprisingly large number of blacks.

For decades, white leftists have inculcated blacks with racial hatred of whites, intertwining also a subtle message that they are inferior to whites. The liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-Left made whites the tar baby that blacks can’t free themselves from, not because they are oppressed by whites, but because they were made to believe that they have no identity separate from their oppressors, the “superior” whites. Their lives only matter when they lose them to a white person, which means they can never matter if they remain alive. Their emancipation can only come by killing whites. It is insanely twisted thinking that turns frustration to homicidal rage, and the Left is constantly agitating for that rage to turn deadly, using black lives that don’t matter to them as cannon fodder in their assault on American culture and the white majority. It isn’t just black lives that don’t matter to the Left; no human life matters to them, witness the 20th Century.

Then there’s this line from Daniel Greenfield’s piece we will segue` into shortly, from today’s FrontPageMagazine: “There are more gang members in Chicago than there are officers in the Air Force.” Powerful words.

Race-bait Cabal...

Race-bait Cabal…

I wonder how many of the politicians supporting these racists have ever had to put bars in their grandmother’s windows, install a kick plate for her door, hurry from the car to the nearest building every time they turn off the ignition. I wonder how many have ever really interacted with someone who lacks basic language skills because they have not been parented –  how many have ever met the feral children who, I firmly believe, gravitate to crime because they know that the trajectory to arrest and incarceration will lead them to being cared for by someone – the police and the courts and their jailers?

And yet this race narrative is the most powerful thing in America. It has fundamentally transformed us, and there is no escaping it. Those people desperately need dead young black men – they literally need blacks to be murdered by other blacks because without the “in-extremis” of the inner city, their narrative would lose power. Black killing blacks is a small price to pay for the empowerment of the narrative. What would black studies majors do without it? How would white NPR hosts and law professors justify their six-figure salaries without those bodies? How could Ta-Nesi Coates possibly make a living without enough dead black people? They have set this thing in motion again and it will take decades, if ever, to bring down the murder numbers again. “Black Lives Matter” happens not so much as for the prophecy it conveys … and kudos are due to O’Reilly for getting the discussion going.

We had all better find a way of getting along, and quit letting liberal white guilt and black grievance peddling make race relations worse. As a nation, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Now on to Greenfield’s piece…


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

When do black lives matter? When white people take them. That’s the theme of #BlackLivesMatter, a racist movement which claims to care about black lives, but actually helps take them by weakening the police officers who are the only thing standing between armed gang members and black urban residents.

Bill O’Reilly’s willingness to take on #BlackLivesMatter’s greatest hypocrisy, its lack of concern for the victims of black crime as it not only ignores them, but enables their killers, is important.

#BlackLivesMatter claims that police shootings are black genocide. The closest things to black genocide can be found in Planned Parenthood and prison. The lawyer who helps put criminals back on the street is responsible for more black deaths than an entire police department.

As O’Reilly pointed out, black lives can best be saved in Chicago by “flooding the zone with officers and stopping the madness. Yet those people will not do that, because they’re only interested in condemning white society. That’s all.”

By standing up to #BlackLivesMatter, the major broadcast anchor with a number one rated cable show was taking a major risk. Not only Democrats like Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton had bowed to the hate group, but some Republicans had joined them as well. The violent racist group specialized in disrupting events and had just threatened to attack the Republican National Convention.

Bill O'Reilly...

At a time when no one in the media was willing to do anything except praise the racist hatemongers, O’Reilly once again spoke up to condemn them and call them out for their self-righteous hypocrisy. While not all Republicans and conservative anchors have bowed to Black Lives Matter, the fact is that O’Reilly remains the only major figure in the media who is willing to place responsibility for the miseries of America’s inner cities and the violence that plagues them squarely where it belongs – on the destruction of the black family by the liberal welfare system. He is also only the major media figure who will not be backed down in defending law enforcement as the thin blue line that protects inner city minorities from the attacks of lawless African Americans who are encouraged in their lawlessness by liberal politicians including the president and attorney general of the United States. O’Reilly is more than a TV anchor in the battle that is being waged against our country from within. He is an American hero.

We know who is doing the shooting and we know who is being shot and they are the same people. 83% of those murdered in Chicago in one year had criminal records. Chicago has an estimated 70,000 gang members.  There are more gang members in Chicago than there are officers in the Air Force.

Pro-crime policies advocated by #BlackLivesMatter and implemented by Obama and the mayors of big Democratic cities have actually taken more lives than police shootings.

Baltimore’s murder rate has hit its highest level in 43 years. 70 more people have already been killed this year than last year. 166 more have been shot. Even Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted that, “Recent events have placed an intense focus on our police leadership, distracting many from what needs to be our main focus: the fight against crime.”

But #BlackLivesMatter is a pro-crime movement aimed at fighting the police. When politicians pander to it, black lives are lost.

And another fine mess you've got us into...

And another fine mess you’ve got us into…

Baltimore police did not shoot an extra 70 people this year. The thugs of the city did. And Rawlings-Blake helped make it happen by ordering police to give them the “space to destroy” that they needed.

#BlackLivesMatter didn’t just bloody the streets of Baltimore. The Ferguson Effect has spread around America. Shootings are up 500% in an East Harlem precinct and it’s not the terrorized NYPD, two of whose officers were murdered by a #BlackLivesMatter activist, who are responsible. They’re up 39% in St. Louis where the pro-crime racists of #BlackLivesMatter were particularly active.

The first victims of this crime wave are black people. By the time it has a significant impact on white people; it will already have become a new reality in urban areas.

These are the extra rows of graves and morgue cabinets filled with black people that #BlackLivesMatter and its local leftist allies like Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Mayor Bill de Blasio have made.

O’Reilly has rightly talked about the scourge of black-on-black crime and it’s a topic that most of the media chooses to sidestep because there is no way to blame it on white people. Every petty altercation between a white cop and a black suspect caught on body camera now dominates the national news for a week, but the constant shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York don’t go national.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors accused Bill O’Reilly of fueling “anti-black racism” and giving ammunition to the likes of Dylann Storm Roof, but her movement has been the one to fuel anti-white racism while helping kill more black people than Roof did.

It isn’t racist to point out that her movement is racist. It’s the truth.

And the biggest threat to #BlackLivesMatter is the truth. This is a racist movement based on lies. Its tactics rely on shock and hysteria. Its activists terrorize others while making a spectacle of themselves.

O’Reilly accurately noted that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is guilty of thuggish tactics, but intimidation has been the movement’s only real tactic all along. Its activists don’t participate in conversations, they shut them down. Even while they claim to care about the suffering of black people, they are far more obsessed with what hurts white people than with what helps black people.

The truth about #BlackLivesMatter is that it is the newest brand of an old radical template. Its worship of cop killers like Assata Shakur leads to the murder of police officers. Its appetite for destruction leads to riots, burning buildings and rising murder rates.

When O’Reilly states that #BlackLivesMatters is trying to “tear this country down”, he’s only echoing Cullors at Netroots Nation chanting “burn everything down”.

When you chant “burn everything down”, your message isn’t constructive, it’s destructive. Cullors and her racist crowd were urging more Baltimore style riots at a progressive event.

Shark bait...

Shark bait…

Did 70 more people dead in Baltimore help black people? Did the murders of Latino and Asian police officers in New York City help black people? Did the end of policing in many urban neighborhoods help black people? When has burning everything down ever helped black people?

The only people that black racism ever created a future for were black racists. Al Sharpton concluded his long dirty career with an MSNBC show. Jesse Jackson got sensitivity training gigs, Farrakhan got money for a soap factory and one day Cullors will be yelling about racism at the miserable employees of some corporation which paid dearly for the privilege of her brand of racial enlightenment.

Meanwhile the dead in Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore will stay dead. The black lives taken by #BlackLivesMatter will be added to the terrible toll of black lives lost to liberal policies in the inner city. The gang members will go on shooting each other and occasionally their bullets will claim the life of a child. The police officers will retreat into safe routines. There will be tears and blood until the horror touches enough lives that it will become a national crisis and then history will repeat itself once again.

These are truths that are rarely spoken to black power which is motivated less by pride than by hate. The evidence of that can be seen in the black lives it has taken and will go on taking until it is exposed.