On who exactly is running the show

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On who exactly is running the show. The problem isn’t that anyone has lost faith in their fellow citizens to do the right thing. Most of we Americans already voted for the right President for the right reasons. What everyone has no faith in is a system that cannot afford assurances that the election will not again be stolen.

In November of 2020 Americans experienced what they considered to be a bloodless coup. Only exposure through the courts, where evidence can be presented, viewed and reviewed can satisfaction be obtained. Which is why every attempt to get the evidence before a federal court, followed by the SCOTUS, represents the real germane issue.

America remains lawless and her Courts have failed her. Even if the Courts replace the idiotic Brandon with Trump the ramifications would be earth-shattering. Replacing Jackson on the High Court would be but one example and there would be thousands more.

On who exactly is running the show. Consequences have consequences…

One could argue (sadly, to be sure) that any American presidency has become totally meaningless. Although our fearless Trump attempted to overcome the bureaucracy, he didn’t (or couldn’t). They either slow walked directives or ignored them altogether. One could argue a fatal mistake was turning over control to Fauci during the Plandemic and hopefully at some point the truth will come out that the Covid “faux-vaccines” are more deadly than helpful. “If and’s and but’s were candy-nuts we’d all be millionaires!”

No, the fact is that any president testing the milieu of today has to rely on advisors since no one person can be an expert in all the areas the federal government controls today. If those advisors have hidden agendas, it’s definitely too, too easy to manipulate information. In hindsight perhaps, Grouchy-Fauci should’ve been fired by our fearless president right after the first “15 days to slow the curve” fell apart.

But that was then and this is now – so what next? Who rules? American Marxists rule because they’re organized, unified, and willing to do anything to obtain power and control. The mindset has infiltrated every government institution. The bureaucrats are nearly impossible to get rid of, and any attempt to investigate corruption can easily be squelched by their comrades in the Intelligence Community. Big Tech and the MSM control information.

Few really cared when the President of the United States was ostracized from social media. That left news outlets free tell any sort of lie without rebuttal. Millions of Americans remain willfully ignorant or are OK over government control of their lives. And millions of them are part of the permanent bureaucracy undermining the very Constitutional rules of law.

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Who Is Running This Show, Anyway?’ …

Things boil down to a question of “Who rules”? Is it the people or a hive of bureaucratic would-be experts?

Some people, including me, are inclined to disparage social media as an insidious and anencephalic force. Insidious it may be, but it is not entirely brainless. As proof, I offer the fact that I just learned the valuable word “quockerwodger” from a Tweet proffered by a friend. Who or what is a quockerwodger? It is, my friend observed, the perfect word to describe the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, to wit, “a puppet figure or individual whose strings are pulled entirely by someone else.”

Everyone knows this. Who or what that “someone else” is remains something of a mystery. As I have had occasion to observe in this space and elsewhere, I am wont to refer to this puppet magisterium as “The Committee.” I do not know who populates this agency or even whether it is a deliberate body or merely an anonymous aggregation of shared sentiment.

It could certainly be more expert. If it were, Joe Biden’s verbal emissions would be less incontinent and more truthful. He would not, for example, say that he had “flown over every major wildfire” in the country. The puppeteer would have pulled up on the mouth string when Biden claimed to have traveled 17,000 miles in the “foothills of the Himalayas” with Xi Jinping. [-]

To cut to the chase and spare your dignity …

[+] … And this is where that strangest of strange messengers, Donald Trump, comes in. Trump understood—and more to the point, he articulated for millions of Americans—what was at stake in the battle between constitutional government as traditionally understood and its technocratic doppelgänger. Challenging the hegemony of experts requires a widespread reassertion of that “common sense morality” to which the founders appealed but which is regarded by our would-be masters as an impediment to utopia. A key problem, as Ellmers sees, is that “what is left of public morality is now understood in terms of ‘values,’ or subjective preferences based only on individual will. Even in the small handful of healthy institutions in civil society, the political and civil rights of the ordinary citizen rest upon a precarious foundation, threatened and undermined by the powerful claims of social progress.”

Those claims are nearly irresistible, as anyone who has dared to question the dominant narrative on issues from “climate change” to COVID policy to race and identity politics will know. The question, as I have put it elsewhere, revolves around the location of sovereignty. Who rules? The people, articulating their interests through the metabolism of ordinary politics? Or the bureaucratic elite, who claim to discern the inevitable direction and goal of history and are prepared to marshal the coercive power of the state to prevent anything from cluttering up that highway to enlightenment? [end]

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On who exactly is running the show. Consequences have consequences …

The only way our fearless president could govern again would be if all the corruption and collusion of the Left is fully exposed before 2024. That means exposing Clinton/DNC collusion for all of the Russiagate scams, the coordination of trumped-up charges for the sham impeachment trials, the connections between DNC operatives for coordinated attacks with the press, the collusion of Fauci and others at NIAID, NIH, and CDC with the CCP to develop bioweapons, coordination by Fauci and others to cover-up.

As is always the case, the trick is to balance powers. We don’t want an Imperial Presidency nor do we want a useless president. And to drain the Swamp you have to break-it up and eliminate large chunks of it at a time – a tough job no doubt, but one that somebody has to come up with. We can’t despair at this stage. Let’s despair after we go through World War III under the “leadership” of – Gulp! – President Harris. On who exactly is running the show?!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!