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Any politician who has been in D.C. for more than one term has totally forgotten who they represent; after the newness of the office wears off, it all comes down to party, donors, lobbyists, caucuses, quid pro quo, enriching themselves, and making sure they get re-elected. Our forefathers never envisioned the unprincipled louts who would be running for elected office with the idea of turning that office into a career with all of the benefits that have since been voted for themselves (which is proof enough that they have little or no regard for their office or the people they are supposed to represent.)

As to the latest set-back, Trump behaved as a President should. He fully supported in public the Bill his party came up with and did all he could to get it passed. He did not act as a dictator. The GOPe had their chance and demonstrated once again why they are in decline. It’s past time for Ryan step down and let someone who supported Trump during the election get to be Speaker.

To put a fine point on it, the founders of this country probably never imagined a scenario in which certain people would make a career office in Washington DC scamming “we the people,” all of the time.

Don Sucher, in American Thinker and “Bringing the Classroom to Order”… 

I read with interest the many articles, columns, and social media comments over the last several days that spoke with great regret, or in other cases unmitigated joy, about the “failure” of President Trump to quickly and easily nix Obamacare.  I see the entire affair rather differently – and this for several reasons.

The first is how the unfolding of things illustrated how silly have been the charges and fears that Donald Trump is some sort of Attila the Hun – a man looking to seize power and do away with our nation’s democratic and republican ideals.  For, in fact, he demonstrated just the opposite qualities: flexibility and willingness to work with Congress and a demonstrated understanding of where the responsibilities of the executive branch leave off and those of the legislative branch begin.  This is something the nation had almost forgotten under the sorry reign of King Barack.

Secondly we saw – and what a refreshing change! – once again a president who sees himself as a representative of the people who elected him, not of a political party.  “Winning” for the Republican Party was not key.  Standing by what he promised the people was.  (That the media somehow did not/do not see this – or, as likely, do but wish to squelch it – has been rather amazing.)

And in Trump’s doing both the above, something else was lit up in bright lights: the degree to which the president’s own amazing words at his inauguration are really true – that we “are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.”

The President didn’t lose anything. It wasn’t his Bill. Congress is the maker of laws and this whatever-care was theirs: the Democrats, the Republicans, the “Uniparty.” Holding the Presidency, the House and the Senate, suggests there is unity and agreement in the direction they want the country to go. Trump is the trump card (pun) in this deal. All the other players, be they senators or congressmen, are compromised by deals struck to enrich themselves with money, position and power. Trump isn’t compromised; he is working for the American people, not for the Republican Party, a very big difference. To quote John Paul Jones, “Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!”

The President simply did everything he could do. The Establishment found the ball in their court, did exactly as they always do, resorting to political infighting and the blame game. The Conservatives realized the bargaining position they temporarily held, but overplayed their own hand, giving a win to of all people, the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. What a shabby display of politics it has been.

Political pressure – greatly added to by the sniping and sneering of the media and the various party elites – did not deflect the president one iota.  He was willing to bend, but not fold, on what he understood the people needed and/or from what he himself promised.

Instead, he swallowed his pride – something his critics told us he would never do – and simply walked away.

Legislative responsibilities belong to the legislature.  President Trump has placed the ball back in their court – just where it should be.

No, the story does not end here.  In a sense, it just begins.  That is exactly as it should be.

If we blot out the noise and stand just a bit above the fray of the moment, something becomes very clear: we have a man – a true leader – standing above the boys.  We will now see him, step by step, take control of the unruly classroom and bring it to order.  And that for all our sakes.

We should not be LOSING when we hold the Presidency, the House and the Senate.


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  1. Go George you. R 100 percent correct the last president I served under was JFK I thought he was great he was the last one till our man in white we have now he tell it like it is ( go Donald clean that swamp) John McCain should quit now. He was a joke last vote trying to hurt trump

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