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Here’s an excellent analysis from one of my favorite thread commenters with the handle ‘truebearing’, leading us into Daniel Greenfield’s latest masterpiece unraveling the Mueller mess of obstruction of justice:

This is yet another brilliant analysis of the left’s coup-in-progress. The combined arrogance and desperation of the left is now exposed beyond any attempt at deception. Other people are going after Mueller but I haven’t seen anyone dissect this criminal obstruction conspiracy with such clarity.

Alan Dershowitz recently suggested that we are headed toward a constitutional crisis. This article proves we have been in one from the time Trump was elected.

Trump can’t let this go on any longer. He has to re-establish the rule of law if he has to fire every department head in the FBI and half of the DOJ. And he needs to replace Sessions immediately. Someone is going to have to go after Comey, Mueller, Weissman, Strzock, McCabe, and who knows who else. As far as obstruction of justice goes, Sessions isn’t that man.

Welcome to the ‘never Trump’ survival tree…

This is a national crisis…kind of like the one created in Honduras back when Obama, Hillary, and the UN meddled in the internal affairs of a country that was following its constitution when it threw out President Zelaya, a Marxist wannabe dictator.

This is a coup, plain and simple. The FBI has become a criminal entity that persecutes political opponents. Our intelligence agencies are being used to spy on us, or those who we elect. The media is feverishly trying to obscure truth. We are in an ongoing constitutional obstruction crisis and headed toward a civil war.

Trump was elected to wield the power of the executive branch. He must do it now before it is too late. He has to put down his tweeter and pick up a baseball bat. He needs to start firing people like his life depends on it. If the people he appoints to replace the crooked left are blocked, he should invoke the power available to a president during a war. Everyone on Mueller’s team should be investigated and then arrested on the grounds that they were involved in this massive conspiracy to obstruct justice, deny justice, and overthrow a duly elected president.

Either we stand and fight for all we are worth now, or forget it. The ball is in Trump’s court and his presidency hangs in the balance. We likely won’t have another chance to defeat the evil entrenched in our government, especially while having an ally in the White House.

And just for some perspective on how bad things have gotten, we are being threatened with nuclear war by a proxy of China, yet the left continues to undermine the nation in a critical time. That alone should be considered treason.

And with that, on to Daniel Greenfield and “Obstruction of Justice coming from inside the FBI” …

Daniel Greenfield…

“There’s always conflicting recollections of facts,” FBI Director Comey said.

It was a year ago and Comey was explaining why Hillary’s close aide, Cheryl Mills, not only received an immunity agreement in exchange for turning over her laptop, but a pass on lying to the FBI.

The FBI Director claimed that Mills had to receive immunity because the laptop might be protected by attorney-client privilege. Mills, like Hillary Clinton, had worked as a lawyer. But they were both government officials working for the State Department. Hillary wasn’t Mills’ client. The government was.

Comey and his people knew the law. They chose to ignore it to protect a key Hillary aide from rolling over. Mills was the woman Hillary would send in to clean up her dirty laundry. Mills had taken point on the email server cover-up. If anyone knew where the bodies were buried, she did. Instead not only did she get an immunity agreement, but the FBI also agreed to destroy the computers after the search.

Mills had told the FBI that she didn’t know about Hillary’s email server. But the FBI had notes and emails proving that Mills was lying. And when Comey was asked about it, he came out with, “There’s always conflicting recollections of facts.”

No doubt.

That is what the lawyer of the woman who had been caught lying to the FBI might have been expected to argue. But there were no charges, instead the FBI Director was presenting her defense.

George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn were charged with lying to investigators. But lying to investigators isn’t a crime when you’re Hillary Clinton.

Or one of her associates.

Hillary Clinton had told the FBI that she had no idea that the “C” stood for confidential. Instead of laughing in her face or arresting her, the FBI boss testified personally to her truthfulness.

Hillary Clinton, Mills and Huma Abedin made what appear to be false statements to the FBI.

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From Daniel’s closing paragraphs: “It’s hard to imagine how this investigation could have been any more partisan or tainted”.

“The endgame for this is to go after President Trump on obstruction of justice. But you can’t obstruct a justice that was already obstructed. Both the Clinton and Trump investigations were tainted by blatant partisanship. While the Clinton investigation did everything possible to protect her and her aides, regardless of the evidence, the Trump investigation did everything possible to destroy him and his associates without producing a single charge relevant to the actual investigation”.

“The Clintons and their allies have obstructed justice. And it’s time for a real investigation”.


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