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Stolen election, open borders, closing of our life-blood oil resources, negotiating for a nuclear Iran, and now bankrolling the Ukrainian conflict. If these actions don’t legitimize an impeachment process for Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, I don’t know what does. Department secretaries have always been figureheads with their permanent SAS and civil service staffs doing the real work from administration to administration.

Most department secretaries are pretty good in the “fake it til you make it” sweeps, and are good actors, talkers and able to pivot deftly. But the BiteMe/OBO#44 cabinet heads are particularly raw and don’t have a clue. It’s almost as though they were hired for that explicit reason. So much for 54 painful seconds; on to the next.

Switzerland. Home of Pfizer and their blood clotting vaccines. BigCorp has lost its cred. So has BigMed, BigUni, BigPharma and BigGov. But People, not corporeal institutions, do the bad things. It’s the employees and the leadership. There is a term for this. It was unknown to me before yesterday and it describes the legacy pathology that plagues institutional, corporate and governmental leadership.

OBO44BiteMe ability to F things up. Overpowering stench of deceit.

The corporeal governance culture: “The Pathocracy.” The malignant employee championing and policing the culture of wrongdoing: “The Pathocrat.” The preening minions soldering and enforcing the wrongdoing: “The Pathetics.” It’s a plague of Pathetics and Pathocrats driving the onset of global Pathocracy. The New World Pathocracy is just the latest iteration of the Old World Order coming back for more. Pathocracy. Got it?

On to Deb Haaland and 1. Are you okay? 2. Can you tell me what year it is? 3. Can you tell me what month it is? 4. What day is it? 5. Do you know where you are? 6. Who is your president? Answers matter, after all. But: These people in BiteMe’s cabinet are all incompetent ringers who do nothing but what they’re told to do. There could literally be one communist nutjob in a room somewhere who has dictatorial power over the entire executive branch for all we know.

On the other hand, this is one of the data points that shows BiteMe isn’t serious about punishing Russia. The way to hurt Russia is to crash the price of oil and displace Russian oil and gas in Western Europe. BiteMe isn’t going to do that, instead he’ll virtue-signal with toothless sanctions and line his pockets with foreign aid kickbacks. Just like a good “trans-Atlanticist”. That type.

OBO44BiteMe ability to F things up. Overpowering stench of deceit.

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1 + 2: Make identity politics the primary qualifier for cabinet positions, and this is what you get. For those who don’t know, the interior department is in control of domestic oil and gas resource development. Comrades, Dear Leader Joe Biden cares about your well-being. Today, the United States government is proud to announce the first ever emergency food shipments from international relief agencies to help feed American citizens. Let that sink in.

White House – Today, the Department of Defense (DOD) is sourcing the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s request for Operation Fly Formula to transport Nestlé S.A. formula from Zurich, Switzerland to Plainfield, Indiana. [-]

3: [+] … The Great Pretense of Biden.

CTH has been preparing to write about this for a week. Today a serendipitous event took place which highlights the dynamic within the current Biden administration.

During a Senate Energy Committee hearing today, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a woman specifically appointed for her progressive identity as a native American indian – with no skills to be interior secretary, was questioned by Senator Joe Manchin about a press release [LINK] from the interior department that took place in real time as Secretary Haaland was giving testimony.  Secretary Haaland had no idea what the press release was about. [-]

4: [+] … Montana Senator Jon Tester is deeply connected to the corrupt and multinational Big Agricultural (BigAg) lobby.  As a democrat connected closer to Wall Street, he is not a supporter of American farmers overall as it pertains to America First food security and domestic food prices.  However, that said, what Senator Tester says in the first two minutes of this interview is correct.

As Tester notes, the food “supply” issue is not as big a deal in North America as it will certainly be in food dependent regions.  Between the U.S, Mexico and Canada we produce more food than we consume, and with excellence in industrial farming we export food products to the world, eastward and westward.  The issue for the U.S. population is going to be massive increases in food prices in later summer and fall as the cumulative increase in costs at the field reach the stores. [-]

5 [+] … Earlier today, the installed occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, flanked by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, said the two countries would “make NATO stronger.” With great enthusiasm Biden called their applications to join the NATO pact a “victory for democracy,” as the proxy war in Ukraine continues.

Meanwhile, according to the same people, Russia putting a military base in Cuba is an existential threat to world peace. [end]

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OBO44BiteMe ability to F things up

The demoMarxocrats aren’t fit to lead anything, totally destroying the country and its citizens. BiteMe is a shining example of someone who is totally unfit to be the senior dishwasher, never mind the faux president. We’ve always assumed that it’s OBO44 and Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros calling the shots, but that doesn’t excuse any of them for this total destruction. While real President Donald John Trump was in office, great jobs were everywhere – no problems with food, water, oil or gas, all being profoundly available.

President Trump also had total control of the border, which BiteMe and his bunch of morons never ever had; nor, matter of fact any control of anything, period! Illegals continue flooding the border, bringing diseases never seen in this country for decades, yet another present from OBO44BiteMe ability to F things up and his band of idiotic fools.

They pulled off a coup in broad daylight which became their glorious revolution – fake as it was/is. From what they’re threatening, seems they can also cut off our energy and food on purpose and get away with it. Not sure how much longer We the (90 million+) People can take this aberration without bringing it all down. Talking of which, millions of other people are feeling this way. Where are the military and police in all of this – on our side, or being pulled by the enemy? En Garde!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!