OBO#44 & time for FJB explosion

Go ahead, make my..

MAGA Minuteman from the comments thread: “Sixty States Barry was never in charge. He’s not bright enough to do much more than read a Teleprompter. Yes. Thank you for saying it. Don’t look at Barry. Look higher. He came from the same scheme that brought us Pete Butt-G-G, both schooled/groomed in the same fashion/part of the same operation, both speaking the same bromides, sounding perhaps eloquent, realizing they basically don’t say anything meaningful.

“Barry didn’t arrive organically on the scene, more to the point being placed onto the scene by higher (previously invisible) powers who wanted him as the first “black” president. His skin color was weaponized and used as a shield to protect him from attack while those higher powers who placed him there could “fundamentally transf@ck” America.

“President Trump didn’t challenge his birth certificate and risk his reputation for no good reason. He knows. He just realized most Americans were still asleep and not quite ready to hear the truth so he dropped the issue. Fortunately many Americans are now waking up.” THAT! [end]

OBO#44 & time for FJB explosion. In the grand scheme of things:help!

Mmmmmm …. This could all backfire on the planners from way-back “subterfuge hill“, but here goes …

Consider the schemers were serious about running a compromised and controllable Hillary in 2016. All the spin and gaslighting could not take the sewer stench off Hillary even for the low info voter. Were they to take down FJBiden for corruption -as seems to be the plan- then the matter hitting the spinning device would spread further than envisioned. There are several possible scenario events which would serve to turbo-charge the awakening of the populace.

A corruption scandal would be one; a scandal which gets out of control with plenty of loose ends, aka, say with OBO#44 Barry Soetoro’s actual history and Hillary’s level of corruption which has to match – if not even overtake – FJBiden’s in order of magnitude. The Bush/Cheney families dirty closets or any number of Republicans’ dirty laundry to include the pinnacle of China DitchMitch and his –GULP-. Chinese wife would definitely need to be sanctioned, or else. THAT!

Throw in the fact that so many don’t yet get the 1) Uniparty aspect, 2) the iron fisted scipt, 3) the MSM following, 4) the clown world angle, 5) the fascist big corp control, and ultimately 6) that all of DC is a stage to pillage and where hiding all the ill-gotten gains takes place.

Millions of us view this as a very dangerous time, and if the planners feel the control slipping out of their grasp due to a rapidly-awakening public led by a very strong army of sorts, then what are their motives? Yours truly wouldn’t take anything off the table. Just my humble thoughts….have a good day!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘OBO#44 timed to explode FJB fireworks’ ….

If you think about Joe Biden’s 4-year term in office as an intentionally constructed single term with no limits or consequences to the cascading damage inflicted; and if you think about the ideologues behind the plan to use cognitively challenged Biden as a tool to achieve their agenda; then everything from the way he was selected in 2020, to the disconnected and fragmented policy and Biden’s interpretation of them, just makes sense.

As our friend Lee Smith summed up in early 2021, “Joe Biden is an avatar for Barack Obama’s third term.”  That is what we have been witnessing.  A term in office where every policy wish list and far-left agenda item could be triggered without any care or consequence of political damage.

The people behind Biden are ideologues using this unique opportunity to further the “fundamental change.”  From that perspective every single granular move during the Biden term makes sense.  However, this also means there’s no term two in the design.   The damage will be so great, there’s no way for a second term.

Again, if you accept that background, and ignore the puppet presentations, everything currently underway that seemingly makes Biden look vulnerable and disposable makes sense.  It’s not Republicans trying to take him down, it’s Democrats – who will use republicans to assist them. [-]

[+] …  Biden’s attorneys met at Justice Department headquarters in downtown Washington last week to discuss the case with U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, according to the people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing criminal investigation. Typically, that sort of meeting — in which defense lawyers urge prosecutors not to seek an indictment of their client, or to seek reduced charges — comes toward the end of an investigation.

Every single conflicting point reconciles, if you accept the Biden program was a one-term disposable effort. The timing is up, now the removal leverage is deployed with enough time to present the branding needed for the Biden replacement.

Assets like Susan Rice are pulled from the White House.  The Obama embeds position to avoid damage, and the circumstances for Biden’s removal are created by the same people who control the collection of the evidence against him.

There isn’t going to be a Joe Biden DNC nominating convention in Chicago.  There isn’t going to be another presidential race by Biden; it was never the intention from the outset in the 2020 plan to use him.  Biden is in the process of being excommunicated from the party.  His usefulness exhausted, this is the disposal phase.

The only thing left to negotiate are the terms of the exit. [end]

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OBO#44 & time for FJB explosion. Left hunkering down to steal it all

One thing about the Left: they employ tactics and craft strategies. This allows them to move forward with devastating effect. Who can deny they’ve been the hands-down victors for 20 years? Whereas the Right tends to gather behind mellifluous grifters. We’re buried in media monetizers. The results speak for themselves.

“As our friend Lee Smith summed up in early 2021, “Joe Biden is an avatar for Barack Obama’s third term.””

This fixation on Obama as some kind of puppet-master is wooden-headed. Obama himself was an installed community organizer. To equate his excelling in his installed role (which he did) with morphing into a Master of the Universe misunderstands the generational money that constitutes the global tippy-top. Has Obama been deployed as a trusted lieutenant to keep Biden somewhat on the rails? Of course. He does have a personal rapport and knows Biden’s capacity for screwing up. Obama instigates and architects nothing. He simply executes his orders with greater facility.

What happens when the very corrupt Joe decides to pardon Hunter and family and himself for all crimes, past and present? Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have very serious consequences. OBO#44 & time for FJB explosion. Pray for America. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!