OBO#44 tan-suit ‘uppercrust man’

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Daniel Greenfield with his usual brilliant analysis, with perhaps another factor to consider, that once the roving OBO#44’s and their siblings got a taste of power – real power and fame – they immediately opted for the good life following politics. Which of course, meant looking out for the interests of the liberal-left elitists while in office, who would subsequently provide them with easy money-making opportunities and financial support for their post-White House “initiatives.” Mmmm.

As Jeff Bargholz expresses it: We both know professor Robert Fisher wrote “Transformative Politiics” and Barely There Obama just signed his name to it. He’s no academic but he is lazy and opportunistic. His entire life seems to have been arranged and enriched by benefactors like Fisher. “Dirtbagocrats” sure love racist economics and subversion when it’s gifted to them “au-contraire”.

OBO#44 tan-suit ‘uppercrust man’. JoeBamaHarris Overpowering stench of nepotism …

OBO#44 (and his sidekick) both hate America – always have – and his identification with blacks has always been suspect since he really doesn’t care about blacks, simply just hates ‘whitey’. If he cared about blacks, he would’ve honored his campaign slogans and improved their lives around the world. Yet instead of that, blacks in America had the lowest of education, employment and home ownership in history, and the black South Sudanese continue to be enslaved by the racially mixed (mostly white) Islamic North. Or so they pretend!

Could someone perhaps please explain to the assembly how he/she ever got elected the first time round? Were race relations that bad in 2008? Race, remember, is all this fraud-meister has ever talked about since he emerged from nowhere solving problems that didn’t exist! On the other hand however, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, and scores of others notwithstanding, gave real-time support to these transient gypsies, to the point where they’re now not just ‘wealthy’ – but multi, multi, multi, millionaires, with at least 4 or 5 or more of multi-gazillianaire “estate homes” dotted around the planet! HOW?!

Why a person like OBO#44 (who by the way, is more than fifty-percent white) hates “whitey” is a question for mental health experts. Most people simply mark him down as yet another one, weird, scallywag. Yet we can at least allow the fact that they’ve certainly achieved (if that’s the true description!) their dream of destroying race relations, setting that back some 100 years or more; almost like it was intentional.

Classic freeloaders. Just whatever have they actually earned other than proud contempt?

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Obama Wanted to Win Over White Working Class before Losing It’ …

For a guy who spent two terms in the White House and had multiple books written about him, it’s surprising how little we know and how incurious the media is about any of it.

This is a typical example.

“Mr. Obama left Harvard with a blueprint for remaking American democracy. Written with Robert Fisher, a friend and former economics professor, the 250-page manuscript had the working title of “Transformative Politics.”

“Life after graduation proved busier than either Mr. Obama or Mr. Fisher anticipated, and they never found time to whip their draft into publishable shape. As Mr. Obama became one of the most scrutinized figures on the planet, many of the manuscript’s pages gathered dust in Mr. Fisher’s basement. News of the abandoned book came to light only in 2017 after the publication of “Rising Star,” the historian David J. Garrow’s mammoth biography of Mr. Obama. Buried inside more than 1,000 pages of densely packed text, Mr. Garrow’s discovery attracted little attention. When I reached out to Mr. Garrow in the summer of 2019 for help getting a copy of the text, he told me I was the first person to ask.”

I’m not surprised. Garrow’s biography was the only serious mainstream media investigative look at Obama’s background. And it attracted a series of awkward shrugs. If a Republican running for president had a 250-page draft manuscript about politics sitting around, it would have been scrutinized and any damning material from it excerpted 5 days later.

But the rules were stunningly different for Obama.

“Mr. Obama and Mr. Fisher’s plan hinged on recruiting blue-collar whites back into a reborn version of the March on Washington coalition. According to Mr. Obama and Mr. Fisher, these votes could be won over with a platform that appealed to both the values and the material interests of working people. That meant shifting away from race-based initiatives toward universal economic policies whose benefits would, in practice, tilt toward African Americans — in short, “use class as a proxy for race.” [-]

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OBO#44 tan-suit ‘uppercrust man’. Overpowering stench of nepotism the clear & present danger…

More Jeff Bargholz who remembers “driving past a sign boasting of the act for YEARS on a major roadside in Omaha, Nebraska perpetually covered in weeds”. And D-Bag voters are still falling for outrageous fake promises. The Alzheimer Joe administration has wasted what, ten trillion dollars on pure, pure BS? Eleven trillion? Only morons and fanatics could support the D-Bags at this point.

OBO#44 coulda, woulda, shoulda. But he didn’t govern as he ran in 2008 and wasn’t a great President by any means, just a weak and divisive “somebody” who allowed his ideologies to govern his policies and actions. He was an ideologue long before he ran for President, and the so-called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” OBO#44 put his name on didn’t revitalize our infrastructure nor put millions to work on “shovel ready” jobs. Never!

That was his modus operandi – OBO#44 forever just seemed to be shoveling manure from one place to another, as always; to which people should definitely feel violated at the mess of it all. Period!I

Not so with our warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to preserve and protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and keep it out of the hands of the anti-American demoMarxocrat cabal.

As for the OBO#44 tan-suit ‘uppercrust man’ be sure and check the guardians of the deep with Daniel Greenfield link below.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!