Obamunism, Hillary & $6 Billion….

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Hillary Clinton and her Obamunism again the other day going after Donald Trump over his perfectly legal (and well within the law of the land) “business loss carried forward from prior year” provision of the United States Tax Code, a provision by the way, which has also been used by the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and even her shrill of a supporter, the New York Times. On page 17 of her own 2015 tax returns, for goodness’ sake, we find the righteously indignant Hillary claiming a nearly $700,000 capital gains loss on assets held for more than one year. And this from a (ahem!) “charitable foundation” cobbled together by her and her erstwhile “husband” from likely illegal contributions from crooks around the world.

Then of course, there’s the question of that $6 BILLION dollars that went missing from the State Department during her stay of execution that nobody seems to want to mention. Yet another malady of Obamunism. Talk about hypocrisy!

Since Communism, Obamunism, and Alinskyism are near and dear to her heart and mindset, the prima facie evidence of the Obama/Alinsky reign is to create so many crises that people aren’t able to focus on the frauds that are being perpetrated upon them.

It you step back for a second, it isn’t too difficult to figure out what must have been in those 30,000 emails and that $6 billion dollars. Since she never turned ALL of her emails over to be judged immediately, she has left herself open to any and all questioning of her actions and intentions.

She and Obama conspired to create, finance and arm ISIS. They arranged for logistical support to facilitate the emigration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims to Europe and America. A movement this massive doesn’t start on its own, nor is it self-sustaining. It requires hundreds of millions of dollars in food, water and shelter. It is highly likely that US taxpayers also paid billions of dollars to foreign countries to encourage their acceptance of said refugees.

Just too close for comfort .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

Just too close for comfort .. Hillary & Obama each hiding secrets from one another.

It’s also quite feasible that the “arms first, emigration second” trick was tried on a smaller scale with Fast and Furious. Create crises in Mexico, then open the borders. This is what Obamunism does. The end game is Jihad and Worldwide Socialism, but that’s the stuff for another post. Just keep remembering that money is never lost, it’s just that YOU no longer have it, but someone does. The question that needs to be addressed is who has the money? Rest assured that a significant percentage has found its way to Clinton coffers, just as a large percentage of all that Iran money, no doubt, found its way into the Obamunism account for ‘future use’.

Given her and the Obamunist mishandling (setting ablaze) of the Middle East and elsewhere, it becomes a matter of whether she and he were profiting from her bumbling around on the world stage. Given a questionable “foundation” with massive wealth gain from who knows where, they both should be sitting ducks for all questions and speculation.

How much money has been hidden away given the magnitude of the missing billions? And absolutely no accountability from anyone over at the State Department! With her record it’s well worth a look. After all, she’s just a lowly public servant who declared that she and her “husband” were dead broke when they left the White House!

Just wait until Rudy is running the FBI and Christie is the AG. (prayer upon prayer!). This is what they are terrified of. Prison is coming. And it can’t come soon enough for me. Justice after all, must prevail.

Now into the details from Daniel John Sobieski and “What Kind of Genius loses $6 Billion, Hillary?”

284px-American_Thinker_logoBehold Hillary Clinton’s hypocritical harrumph at the revelation from leaked private and personal tax records being published in the New York Times. Her umbrage at Trump reporting a carried-over nearly $1 billion loss on his 2015 tax return is phony and ignores that this is a common practice legally taken advantage of by many, including herself. Looking on page 17 of her 2015 tax returns, we find the righteously indignant Mrs. Clinton claiming a nearly $700,000 capital gains loss on assets held for more than one year.

The New York Times, as it turns out, also used the net loss provision of the tax code, and why not? The purpose of the provision is to let businesses survive in rough times and to keep their employees employed. Without it small businesses would die in infancy and larger businesses would teeter in tough times. This provision was put into the tax code to stimulate investment and encourage the risk-takers who create jobs. Trump was right when he said he had a fiduciary responsibility to investors and employees to pay as little tax as legally possible. The first objective of business is to stay in business, something which someone who never created a job or met a payroll might not grasp.

What kind of genius loses nearly a billion dollars? A genius like Obama buddy Warren Buffett reported a pre-tax loss of $873 million for tax year 2013. And, as the blog Flopping Aces reports, the New York Times also has used the ability to offset taxes with losses

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