Obama’s Mess : Regional Jihad In The ME…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Brilliant article coming up by James Lewis. It’s difficult enough to put this much detailed evidence into one piece, and if you follow the link it’s even bigger and better. It’s almost possible to follow a Sunni link from start to finish along with Lewis’ charge of “community activism” as a smaller branch of Obama’s communist background. Trying to assimilate all that, is hard to follow at best, since chaotic tendencies always play a part in any of the rogue fraud “president’s” forays into the destruction known as Obama’s mess.

As Lewis states, We The People are being run by the Chicago mob, which has been acknowledged here for some time. Valerie Jarrett simply shifted from being the consigliere in Daley’s mob machine to full charge with the community organizer. The regime is loaded with lawyers to allow the rogue fraud “president” to do almost anything he chooses; anytime, anywhere, anyhow, with little chance of repercussions against a black rogue fraud “president.”

There is a hint of scraggly lines of Obama’s mess as a Sunni aiding and abetting the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood (shuffling in and out of the White House multiple times per month) and ISIS/ISIL both in Syria and now Iraq. Anyone who thinks that the rogue fraud “president” will use our air superiority to destroy what is probably one of his strongest allies, ISIS, is dreaming. Any surprises now that the four released “Talibandidos” traded for a traitor was all negotiated in Qatar? It’s all starting to make more sense and fall conveniently into place, let alone what the whole Benghazi weapons trade was all about. And no wonder they wanted to blame it on a “despicable” video to cover up Obama’s mess.

Obama is only lightly bombing ISIS now due to falling poll numbers that hurt his ability to out-fund-raise the Clintonista, both of whom are now arch enemies in the open. Ironically the DemoMarxists will not split, since they stay united no matter what or who; a strategy the Republicans need to learn and quickly apply, to highlight Obama’s mess.

As we prepare to segue` into Lewis’s analysis, here’s a telling paragraph which succinctly frames what this rogue fraud “president” and his sycophants are all about:
“This administration has constantly made things worse rather than better, seeking to stir up regional instability, on the theory that it could then reshape a Middle East according to Obama’s liking. This is what community agitators do in real life. It is not an accident. The results are easy to see in the City of Chicago and its infamous murder rate, in the State of Illinois under Obama’s political mentor, Emil Jones, and in the Obama years, at the national level. As Dr. Michael Barone has pointed out, the United States is now run by a national mafia. Better face it, or we’ll never be able to change it.”

Now to James Lewis and his insightful piece on Obama’s mess…

284px-American_Thinker_logoSince the start of this administration, Obama has plotted with jihadist forces in the Middle East to stir up conflict — not, repeat not, to build stability. That is an essential point to understand about this administration. This column (and others) have covered the evidence for that shocking fact in great detail.

The first and worst example of Obama’s irresponsible meddling was his public attack on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, who kept the peace between Israel and Egypt for four decades, ever since Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Instead of backing the peace party in Egypt, Obama actively supported Sadat’s MuBro assassins in taking over Egypt — until, by a miracle, mainstream Egyptiansthemselves rose up in protest against a reactionary, anti-democratic, women-hating jihad regime. Egypt fears the jihadist past. They’ve seen it. They don’t want to go back to it.

Today, General Al Sissi, who desires peace with Israel, is in a war-to-the-death with the Muslim Brotherhood, the fundamentalist party that spawned Hamas. Israel and Egypt now have Hamas in a military nutcracker, Egypt destroying 1,600 Hamas tunnels going into Gaza from its territory, while the recent IDF campaign destroyed more than thirty attack tunnels under Israel. Egypt enforces an arms blockade against Hamas in Gaza, while Israel tries to block the flow of arms and terrorists to the best of its abilities. Meanwhile, there are reports that Hamas is hiding the leadership of the MuBros, fleeing from Al Sissi’s revenge in Egypt.

Repeat that: Obama knowingly pushed over the government of Egypt, the greatest pillar of stability and general peace in the Arab Middle East. As a direct result, the shifting kaleidoscope of Muslim alliances and enmities simply shattered. The Saudis freaked, because the U.S. defense guarantee against a nuclear Iran was callously betrayed by Obama. They prepared to import nuclear weapons to counter the Shi’ite fanatics of Iran. Using their huge oil wealth, the Saudis have supported nukes in Pakistan, which are now available to ship to them off the shelf. The Saudis also funded mainstream Egypt against Obama’s good buddies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudis are now trying to buy Russian support through oil swaps, because America has betrayed their trust.

The more Obama meddles, the less influence we end up with. No sane regime trusts the United States anymore, simply because we have betrayed them.

The kaleidoscope of shifting alliances keeps rotating, and so far the ready-to-explode Middle East has not found a new, stable state. It is teetering precariously on the edge of something much worse.