Obama The Shrinking Exit Glacier

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Full disclosure before setting off on this latest venture to unravel the delusional narcissistic tyrant parading around America and the globe as if he were an imperialistic Genghis Khan, or a male version of Mata Hari, or something even more sinister – Yours truly is going on record as knowing more about the fallacy of this whole Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change poke-in-the-eye than even he and the other delusional narcissistic tyrannical “experts” keep throwing down as “facts” in supporting and mollycoddling this ineptitude of leadership.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, a few facts and figures confirming that ice actually MELTS in the summer, and FREEZES again in the winter. God is actually the only one who turns the cyclical weather patterns to keep a steady balance on the earth so that it maintains its ability to support myriads of life forms, the apex of which is humankind..

Obama Global Warming Alaska Sep 2015

1) The Sun is 1.3 million times the volume of the earth. The slightest hiccup in the Sun’s solar fusion, of as little as .01% is still overwhelming to the Earth’s relative size compared to the Sun. There were several documentaries made over the past 15 years discussing the Solar cycles. Soil core samples taken in Greenland confirmed some of this theory but I have never seen this in the media. I guess biased reporting has trumped investigative reporting. See “Horror of Horrors, Global Cooling is Here” ..

2) 10 to 15,000 years ago a massive glacier covered the whole of North America – and Obama and his henchmen “scientists” are blaming the industrial revolution for its demise? See “Obama Paints Doomsday Scene” ..

3) There are thousands of scientists who have different perspectives on global warming/cooling/climate change, far more nuanced than the administration and its sources. I’m one of them. Here’s what we have: CO2 is correlated with the 1.4 C increase in temperature. A correlation is not even causation—causation means we can definitively say: if we change the concentration by x, then the temperature will change by y. No one has a model that good—although some may claim they do. Nonetheless, it’s clear that we can indeed mess up the atmosphere, the real argument is whether it can be fixed. All I need say is “entropy” and any scientist worthy of the name, after some reflection, will realize our chances of mitigating climate change are somewhere between slim and none. There’s a lot of denial on both sides of this question. As to the truth on Carbon Dioxide, be educated here…

4) Alaska Volcano Observatory Orange Alert – Yes people, there are scads of Volcanic activity in Alaska, plus elevated surface temperatures detected in satellite data – but they won’t tell you the truth. Plus, web camera and satellite images over the past day detected a few very small earthquakes in the past 24 hours at the volcano. Shishaldin Alert Level=WATCH. Aviation Color Code=ORANGE. As of Sep 1, 2015, 11:41 Low-level eruptive activity likely continues. Seismicity remains above background. Weekly elevated surface temperatures detected in satellite data. MOUNT McKinley is an Active Volcano that has erupted within the last 6,000 years and that “Glacier Snow” is more of a Snow Cap than it is a Glacier Cap. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way right? See “Global Climate Scam” …

5) Back when there were REAL schools of learning, especially in my early years in England right after WWII, we were actually taught history, particularly of the geographic, geological, and meteorogical kind, which is why statistics like these stay in the learned mind. True science would eliminate all possibilities before coming to a conclusion, so I ask is man really the cause of climate change considering the follow possibilities:
A) The sun; B) The changing tilt in the earth’s axis and orbit; C)  The prior 10 ice ages and warming trends over the last 2 million years; D) Earth has been “warming” for over 10,000 years, since the last ice age ended; E) Volcanic and plate tectonics; F)  Changes in current-flow; G) Changes inside the earth’s core; etc.etc.etc. I believe we don’t know diddley-squat about God’s mathematics and organization. See “Watts Up With That?” …

Obama Global Warming Alaska Sep 2015

Told you I had more of a grasp on this fallacy of the entire scam of wealth re-distribution didn’t I? The rogue fraud “president” must really think we’re a bunch of dweebs if he thinks we’re gonna fall for his spurious claims. He truly needs to be put away in a padded cell for a long long time; and what a great example he sets, flying up there in Air Force One producing more pollution in one day than a million cars. But as the world’s biggest liar that’s no surprise. Exit Glacier, by the way, has been melting for the last 1,000 years, same as all of them, that’s what glaciers do. But this one glacier is “proof” of “Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change?”. This idiot is grasping at anything he hopes will resonate with his supporters. Sorry Charlie, doesn’t work in Alaska. Go try and sell your snake oil somewhere else, California, New York or Chicago maybe.

Meanwhile, back in the realm of reality…

Obama on Tuesday taped an episode of NBC survival television show “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” set to air later this year.

So to recap the State Of the Union so far under the auspices of a BARACK rogue fraud “president”:

B) ISIS is raping torturing setting on fire and slaughtering thousands as they take over the Middle East; Christians being genocidally extinguished as per “Hitlerism”.

A) Iran is punching in the codes and calculations to their newly purchased ICBMs they have aimed at Israel, The United States, and every other Infidel Great Satan State.

R) People are being bankrupted, losing their homes, going hungry and haven’t worked in years while millennials with masters degrees are frying up burgers at Mickey D’s.

A) Americans are being murdered at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals brought in and financed by Obama the rogue fraud “president” and his economy-imploding treasonous co-conspirators.

C) Blacks incited to violence and hatred by rogue fraud “president” Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the rest of Obama the rogue fraud “president’s” tribalizing professional race baiters, are marching in the streets calling for mass murder of police.

K) The Civil Tribalizing Race War Obama the rogue fraud “president” has so carefully cultivated and scheduled to break out before the next election, and in which tens of thousands, mostly blacks will die is eminently imminent, while Obama the rogue fraud “president” is flopping around in the woods chugging down his own pixx.

Got it?

And finally, for what it’s worth, here’s the link to the Drudge headline that started me on my rant “Obama: The Shrinking Exit Glacier” …