Obama and Spurious Lies on Islam

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Already Muslims are a privileged group. Just as the Obama administration interprets freedom of religion selectively as it wants to force a Christian baker who finds a gay wedding immoral to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, or a Christian florist to provide the wedding flowers, the same Obama lawyers favor Muslims. The government seems to believe that a Muslim truck driver must be “accommodated” if he doesn’t want to transport alcohol, or a Muslim airline steward must be “accommodated” if he doesn’t want to serve alcohol. Abercrombie and Fitch, a clothing chain that was selling clothes via sexual appeal, was told it had to hire a Muslim who didn’t fit the A-F image. If you can’t do the job, don’t apply. ~ Arnold Steinberg in his piece titled “Reality TV: Obama At The Mosque” coming up from The American Spectator.

But first a few observations of my own on the way to the topic.

As I have stated many times in numerous posts, Islam is utterly antithetical to Western Civilization and particularly in relation to the Constitution of the United States. Anyone who denies this is either wildly uninformed, too stupid to become informed (ie reading any 20 pages of the “glorious” [in Pickthall’s version] Qur’an) or a flat out liar. Religious bigotry is not in our nature but neither is Islam a religion. It is a totalitarian brutally-ideological doctrine with barbaric “laws” regarding banking, female subjugation, mutilation and rape, slavery, court procedures, war, divorce, stoning, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Obama Islam domination...

In the eyes of the Islamists, there are no moderate Muslims – there exists only the barbaric monsters who follow the Qur’an as the direct transcribed word of a god, delivered via a malicious murderous child raping epileptic psychopath named Muhammad, with multiple delusions of grandeur; or apostates who must be killed. Don’t believe me? Just read the Qur’an if your stomach will allow. Muslims brag continuously about Muhammad’s devilish behavior and there will never be any reformation or enlightenment in Islam. It will either be crushed and marginalized by the warriors of Western Civilization or it will not. God help us all if it is not at least quarantined. These are people whose technological enlightenment ended with the wheel. Every other scientific advancement credited to Islam was stolen from conquered cultures. More books are translated into Spanish each and every year than have been translated into Arabic in the history of mankind; and that is indeed a fact. In the eyes of liberal progressive leftist lunatics however, opposing this insanity is not politically correct.

It doesn’t take long to understand the repetitive incestuous multi-generational first-cousin marriages that give Muslims in the Middle East the highest rate of genetic disorders on the planet, a simple generational fact of controlling wealth and family holdings. Brother against brother; brother and brother against cousins; cousins and cousins against neighbors; neighbors and neighbors against infidels etc., etc., etc., yet another wonderful Arab statement of intent which only a fool would suppose is not heartfelt.


Like it or lump it, Obama along with his fellow-Leftists (like David Cameron in Britain for instance) is ultimately a symptom of a deeper problem of cultural and moral relativism, self-hatred, excessive Islamophilia (as opposed to “phobia”) and anti-Semitism (which is why he hates Bibi Netanyahu so much); Canada of course, having just entered into the same mind-set by recently electing their own version of the Obama clone, Trudeau Jr. Once Obama has left office, the self-hating Islamic radical-loving Left (and that’s the truth of it) will march ever onward. They will not change, simply because they are too far gone and are literally insane with deep-seated hatred as their defining characteristic. The Left is in open and broad alliance with those who seek the destruction of Western Civilization and Israel. Leftists are way beyond being reformed as their ideology is too rotten and too far gone, and one only has to view the entire OBO the Clown Prince of Fools’ administration to see what I mean. Obama will never ever express any remorse for the seeds of destruction he has sown since he crawled out of the South Side of Chicago snake pit in 2004.

In closing, the State of the Union Address last month had Barack al-Ameriki using the phrase “peddling fiction” to those who would deny the “tremendous improvement” in our economy under his direction. This “peddling fiction” phrase is rather more in tune with his declaring “Muslims have always been a part of the fabric of America” which truthfully transcends fiction all the way to an outright lie. Unless, of course, you want to consider the Barbary Pirates as part of the fabric of America. Jefferson’s war against the Muhammadan Barbary Pirates lasted eight years from 1801-1809 until they were finally subdued by what would later be described as the United States Marine Corps (or “Corpse” as Obama would say). The only part of “the fabric of America” Muslims have been involved in is when they have been severely defeated, both then and now.


It is way beyond time to put a cap on the political correctness allowed towards our hated “enemy within” who are on record as declaring war on us, the “Great Satan” and avowing that they will destroy Israel as declared in the Qur’an by Muhammad as: “The Prophet said: the Jews will hide behind the rock and tree, and the rock and tree will say: oh servant of Allah, oh Muslim this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! Why is there this malice? Because there are none who love the Jews on the face of the earth: not man, not rock, and not tree; everything hates them. They destroy everything, they destroy the trees and destroy the houses. Everything wants vengeance on the Jews, on these pigs on the face of the earth, and the day of our victory, Allah willing, will come.” ~ Shaykh Ibrahim Mudayris, Palestine Authority TV, September 10, 2004

The opener from Arnold Steinberg…

american-spectator-logo1“Thou doth protest too much.” That’s my reaction to President Barack Obama’s visit to a mosque yesterday.

There is no national attack on Muslims that requires Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and major Democrats in Congress and in state legislatures, and Democrat governors and mayors, universities, mainstream media, to dignify a problem that doesn’t exist. They are projecting Obama’s enthusiasm for Islam.

Let’s stop demonizing Donald Trump as an excuse to accelerate the Islamization of America. Trump deserves credit for his blunt denunciation of political correctness, where a San Bernardino County resident did not report suspicious activity among the terrorists because of Obama’s chilling environment of political correctness.

Nearly a decade ago, a high-ranking German military officer predicted to me there would be more Muslims coming into Germany because, he said, Germans felt guilt and remorse about the Holocaust, so the government would go overboard with Muslims to show religious tolerance. Now Angela Merkel is trying to save face, so she won’t repudiate her misguided policy of mass importation of Muslims, but she must privately regret the disruption of Germany. The ultimate hypocrisy of the so-called women’s movement (in Germany and here) is its refusal to confront, for example, the attacks on women in Cologne, indicating that in Germany and (sadly) here in the U.S. multiculturalism takes precedence over women’s rights.

Why don’t we have a president who says that today’s Muslim immigrants are not the same as past Muslim immigrants, instead of his inaccurate portrayal of Muslim immigration as benign or beneficial?

Obama at the Mosque Continues right here…

Arnold Steinberg is a strategist, analyst, and author of two classic graduate texts on politics and media. He founded the Fund for American Studies’ Institute on Political Journalism.