Obama, Pope, Imams=Suicide Pact.

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

It is a well-known historical fact that Adolf Hitler cavorted both with the Pope of the Catholic Church, and with the highest Imams of Islam, a relationship which ultimately resulted in the genocidal slaughter of 6 million Jews plus countless hundreds of thousands more of assorted Christians. Currently (give or take a few) there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Even if only 5% of them were orthodox (I prefer that term to “radical”, because orthodox Islam is what is on display in the Middle East) that is still 80,000,000 people, or ten times the population of New York City; all 80 million of them rabidly convinced that as Jihadist Soldiers of Allah, the world must be forced to submit to Islam or die. Which means “Death to America and Death to Israel”. Unfortunately, we have a current rogue fraud “president” who is willfully plotting that strategy right before our very eyes – and with a complicit Congress, no less.

Interesting, too, that with the progressive liberal leftists, certain flags and symbols must be purged and banned because they might influence a handful of people to react violently. Guns must be confiscated and outlawed because a relatively tiny minority of gun owners commit crimes with them. Government has to dictate that we drive aluminum cars, burn CFC lightbulbs and tells us how much water we can use per flush because we could be helping the planet warm one or two degrees. Creches and public prayer to the Judeo-Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob must be outlawed lest government decide to create a Christian theocracy.

Yet Islam is staunchly defended by these same people, who keep assuring us that only a minority are “radicals,” even as Islam tells them in no uncertain terms that they intend to subjugate them or kill them, and place them under an Islamic caliphate, amply demonstrating their willingness to do so daily. It is maddening in its insanity.

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A study published some years ago pointed out the fact that racial/ethnic diversity destroyed the bonds of trust that keep normal societies together. In other words, the native society disintegrates and ultimately disappears. But truth is no defense to a charge of racism or xenophobia. Neither is the fact that history demonstrates that these reactions are universal among humans at all times and in all places. Leftism is all about outlawing all normal human behavior. That’s why it always results in totalitarian regimes, because only totalitarian control can even pretend to replace inherited, innate, and immutable Human Nature with Political Correctness (and reality-based incorrectness).

Importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic Jihadist Muslims is an effective strategy of the continuing War on the White Man. Let the white nations pay for their own destruction by supporting an ever-increasing Islamic Jihadist Muslim threat from within. Muslims are not compatible with western civilization and should not be permitted to transform our countries and our world into an Islamic Jihadist Muslim nightmare. “Alarmist” you call me? (as I was during an existential debate in Manchester, UK, in July of 2001). Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists are not immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers. They are invaders. And like all invaders, they will need to be repelled. Period. Over. Out.

Joe Herring on his thoughts from today’s American Thinker, which he titles, “Importing Our Own Destruction” …

284px-American_Thinker_logoThe 1,400-year-long cycle of Islamic violence is fed not by injustice or fresh new assaults on sovereignty. Rather, it pre-exists the rise of Western capitalism by several centuries, and it constitutes the heart of the Muslim world.  The cycle is fueled by Muslims’ fundamental organizing principle: Islam.

There is no place on Earth where a significant population of Muslims are present that does not also live with regular Islamic-inspired violence and disruption.  This applies to both Muslim enclaves in Western democracies and Muslim-dominated nations around the world.  Where Islam is, violence and civil tension follow.

Are all Muslims like this?  No, they aren’t.  Just as all Catholics don’t abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, there is a continuum of adherence to religious principles found in Islam.  However, every religion has its universally accepted core elements – shared tenets that are foundational to the faith.

It is the “supremacist” core element of Islam (note: this is an aspect of Islam, not a perversion or interpretation) that ensures the reliability of the cycle.  The battle is the aim – the jihad that cannot rest until the Earth has submitted entirely to Islam.

Illegals giving it to Americans ... See how young they are?

Illegals giving it to Americans … See how young they are?

What does this mean for the United States?  The Obama administration is pledging to accept tens of thousands of “refugees” from Syria and Iraq.  Recent reports indicate that this number may rise exponentially in coming months.

The United States has already accepted hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from around the world, and to date, their assimilation into American society is proceeding at a snail’s pace, if at all.

Warnings have been issued by European governments that terrorists (elements of ISIS and al-Qaeda) have inserted themselves into the stream of Muslim migrants currently invading Europe.

This warning, while important, misses the larger issue entirely: that the importation (en masse) of Muslims brings with it an ideology bent on the destruction of the host nation.  Islam arrives not to “blend in.”  It arrives to take over.

By some estimates, the composition of the “refugee” arrivals is upwards of 70% males of military age.  War refugees flee their countries with wives and children, while migrants traveling for economic opportunity or other reasons typically send a father or son ahead to prepare the way for the rest of the family to follow.

There are certainly some war refugees amid the masses currently flooding Europe, but they are just as certainly a minority of the whole, and the likelihood that these Muslim men, coming from Muslim-dominated nations, intend to culturally assimilate into the societies of Europe is statistically nil.

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands - literally

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – literally

Over the coming months, America will be asked (then told!) to accept “our share” of “refugees.”  Incomprehensibly, these “refugees” will be almost entirely Muslim, despite the fact that it is the Christian and other non-Muslim residents of the region who are truly in danger, with tens of thousands already slaughtered and enslaved as a part of the current pogrom of subjugation under the heel of Islam.

It has been said that just because a group of Sunni Muslims is fleeing extermination from a group of Shia Muslims – or vice versa – that doesn’t mean that either is innocent in the conflict.  Should the pursued become more numerous than the pursuers, they will immediately turn and put their former tormenters to the sword.  Each flees from each other, but neither is really a “refugee.”

It is important to ask, if this is indeed a refugee crisis with hundreds of thousands fleeing their war-torn homelands, why now?  The Syrian civil war has been going on for years.  ISIS has been operating for nearly as long.  It seems reasonable to conclude that the genesis of this migration lies elsewhere.

If you are a well-informed reader, then you have heard the term “civilizational jihad,” the process by which Muslims seek to overwhelm host nations through immigration and the exploitation of Western values of religious tolerance and liberty.

The present surge of Muslims into Europe is not a spontaneous response to deteriorating conditions in the Middle East.  Instead, it is a carefully orchestrated migration to swell the populations of existing Muslim enclaves in Europe to the breaking point.

The subsequent social disruptions will have native Europeans calling for action to bring the migration to a halt by any means necessary.  In the mind of the Muslim Brotherhood (at whose behest this “migration” began), it is a win-win.

Ideally, the Europeans will grow so uncomfortable with the influx of Islamists that they’ll support increased action to remove Assad, thereby restarting the “Arab Spring” and handing the Brotherhood an essential jewel for their planned caliphate crown.

They are already here and waging war on the Constitution...

They are already here and waging war on the Constitution…

At the very least, the cause of civilizational jihad will be advanced more in a matter of months than it would have progressed in decades of orderly immigration and high birth rates.

Either scenario is catastrophic for the West and is functionally equivalent to giving Typhoid Mary an unlimited EuroRail pass.

We screen new arrivals at the border for diseases because we don’t want to permit the importation of infections to which we have little or no natural immunity.  In the case of Islam, we are indeed importing the infection itself, subsequently refusing to quarantine the carriers from the native population out of a misguided sense of tolerance.

Germany has committed to accepting millions of Islamic “refugees” over the next ten years – 800,000 this year alone, followed by half a million more each year thereafter – in the hopes that the infusion of new laborers can offset the ridiculously anemic birth rate of native Germans.  Combine migration at such extreme levels with a government so enamored of multiculturalism that they will prosecute their own citizens for speaking against the policy, and you have the stuff of an invasion.

Under what circumstances has any nation permitted an influx of a different culture at such extreme levels and remained sovereign?  I’ll give you a hint…it hasn’t ever happened.  Ever.

Unless Germany reverses course, it will become a Muslim nation within 15 years, and native Germans will live under the rule of their new Muslim overlords, dhimmis in their own land.

Remember, someone asking for political asylum is not guaranteed to be deserving.   Each of the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was an asylum seeker when they arrived on our shores.  How’d that work out?

Joe writes from Omaha, Nebraska and is the communications director for the Global Faith Institute.  www.globalfaith.org.  He welcomes comments at communications@globalfaith.org.