Obama Keystone Crony Hypocrisy..

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Mark this day in your books ladies and gentlemen – Friday November 6, 2015 – after 7 years of humming and hawing, when gas prices are finally at their lowest, President Too-Little Too-Late, OBO the Clown has decided, against zero personal consequence, to take a stand. Please no applause… No doubt he will be the heart throb of the climatic ball as his followers gasp in amazement at such a self interested Nobel TNT Peace cause. Like Don Quixote, he has a fascination with fans, big fans, little fans, pretty fans, and now, in a moment of sheer courage, flanked on one side by a plagiaristic incompetent idiot, and on the other by “Jenjis” Khan Heinz Baked Beans Kerry, he stands before the mighty pipeline and says, “begone, it shall travel by trains and trucks and come overseas from Iran”. Who can help but be in awe.

There might well come a day when a cost effective alternative to fossil fuels might be found, but that day is not today. To move forward with a plan which essentially attempts to eliminate today’s energy source with the hopes that an alternative will magically become viable is national suicide. To say nothing of it also appearing as hypocritical grossly-corrupt crony capitalism in the person of one Warren Buffett (and countless others, no less).

That’s our boy BO, all facade and no fact. Does OBO the Clown really care about his “Legacy”? Considering all the things he has done to harm Americans and others around the world, we all know that OBO the Clown is already becoming known as “Obama the Destroyer”.. That’s how history will remember him. Sorta like we remember Hitler..

On the other hand, however, the US, through new technologies, has recently increased its known and exploitable energy resources to unprecedented levels. This has occurred largely on private lands, but the Federal government, under Obama, has made exploration and utilization of resources found on public lands almost impossible. The privately controlled new production is responsible for the price reductions which have benefited us all.

Didn’t Hillary Clinton’s State Department give their approval for this pipeline? More than anything this seems to be OBO the Clown paying off Warren Buffet since he controls the railroad cars now transporting oil across America. Buffett will continue to make billions from transporting oil, and you can betchya that OBO the Clown will get his cut. Oh wait! OBO the Clown has already received payback from Buffett when he gave credence to OBO the Clown by endorsing him early on. He has literally taken it to the bank ever since.

Were we to actually aggressively develop the resources on public lands, the job and wealth creation in the nation could be staggering. Given the nation’s precarious fiscal situation created by our gigantic and growing debt, it is irresponsible not to take advantage of this God-given bounty. Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources, estimates that through royalties alone the US government could over time take in 18 trillion dollars in revenue. Simply put, we can not afford not to choose this route.

As you probably are already aware from my previous posts on the sham of “global warming/climate change”, I reject the AGW theory on its face because there are simply too many peer-reviewed experts on such matters who label it all a corrupt sham scam. However, even if it is true, the band aids contemplated do virtually nothing to slow or halt the advance, yet they would cost untold trillions, both directly and indirectly in foregone wealth creation. It is this wealth which will build a bridge to the future, when who knows what problems the world will face. One thing for sure, we will need financial resources to face those yet-to-come obstacles, and national bankruptcy would hardly make that task any easier.

Warren Buffett's forever crony lifeline...

Warren Buffett’s forever crony lifeline…

Now on to the Bloomberg piece…

The saga of the Keystone XL pipeline seemed to come to an end Friday when U.S. President Barack Obama officially rejected TransCanada’s request by saying the oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast would “undercut” American leadership on climate change.

But the pipeline isn’t completely dead. Because of falling oil prices, it’s mostly a partisan issue. If Democrat Hillary Clinton is elected president in 2016, she won’t reverse Obama’s decision. But if a Republican is elected, he or she might well make the opposite call, and be supported by a Republican Congress.

Canada’s Oil Sands

So how much difference does Obama’s rejection make? How much harder would it be for a Republican to reverse the Obama decision than it would be to make a positive decision on a blank slate?

Politically, there might be some added cost to a Republican, because an official presidential kibosh stops the project’s momentum. Legally, however, the barrier to reversal probably isn’t very high.

The reason is that the administrative review process that led up to Obama’s decision initially came out in favor of the pipeline. The State Department’s environmental impact review concluded last year that the pipeline wouldn’t have a meaningful negative impact on carbon emissions.

Relying on this report, a Republican president could almost certainly reverse Obama’s decision by saying his or her political values and judgment dictated a different result. Secretary of State John Kerry, to whom the permit decision was delegated by executive order,concluded that the pipeline didn’t serve U.S. national interests. A future secretary of state could conclude the contrary.

If that happened, environmental groups would undoubtedly demand another environmental review process and argue that new circumstances demand it. But it seems likely that a court would reject that claim.

So if the State Department previously concluded that the pipeline wouldn’t have a negative environmental effect, how could the secretary of state and the president decide that the pipeline would be bad for climate change?

The answer reveals something significant about executive power and administrative decision-making.


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